January 8, 2009


You have never seen anything like it. Unless of course you are a die hard puzzler too. Puzzles, puzzles, Puzzles. We do a lot of puzzles when we are in the mountains. Most of the family gets in on them but quite honestly my mom and I are the addicts!

We only do Springbok Puzzles. For so many reasons. The pieces are nice, they always stick together they are a FAR SUPERIOR puzzle to any other brand out there (I dare you to prove me wrong)
They start out a little like this (with a few edge pieces missing now and then)
This one is partially done...each family member contributing to areas of interest.
And the final product is amazing!
We also did the above 500 Piece puzzle but I didn't get a picture before we took it apart...

And this one was super fun, especially when Lauren noticed we actually have some of these ornaments in our collection! This was a Hallmark Keepsakes Puzzle by Springbok.
All three of these were done in just 6 days. Yup. We are certifiably NUTS.
We don't keep them when we are done, we pass them on to friends and family (who are all probably tired of getting them!!!) But we so enjoy putting them together!


Brandy said...

I have tried to do puzzles, but problem is my 6 y/o loves to do them and my 2 y/o loves to destroy the pieces and throw them everywhere...so we will get into family puzzles when the baby is a big older and 2 y/o is older so we can all enjoy it happily without an argument! Beautiful puzzles btw!

Kim H. said...

Wow! I've never really gotten the 'puzzle' thing - I'm sure it's because I have NO patience. I commend you. I think it's awesome - because I'm always amazed how people's minds work. May be mine just doesn't work that way and that's why I've never been good at puzzles. :)

The Hallmark one is super cute - now I'm always going to think of you when I see that brand. What about the Ravensburg (I think that's the brand) puzzles. I always look at them at Target and think they have neat puzzles.

My friend has a daughter who is 11 and she is a puzzle freak - like she does these amazing, bazillion puzzles all the time. She has a gift, for sure.


Becky said...

Pretty pretty puzzles! What a fun way to bring the family together.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I seriously LOVE puzzles. I have gotten my kiddos into it a little but now, too! I just buy whatever has a cool picture on it...but I will be on the lookout for those!

thecasualperfectionist.com said...

I LOVE puzzles and may or may not have an entire shelf in my closet devoted to my favorites. *ahem*


I did one of those photo-mosaic ones of the world? I LOVED it. My hubby was afraid I'd go blind. I matted and framed that one. It's hanging downstairs!

I can't wait for my daughter to show more interest in the complicated ones.

Back in a former life, every weekend, another couple and we would hang out. We'd grab a bottle of wine and a new puzzle from the shelf of the same store (in the Midwest, the liquor laws are a little more lax). The guys would geek-out and my friend and I would tackle the puzzle.

Those were the days... :)

Courtney said...

what fun! we need to start doing puzzles. well me and my husband, since the little one will just eat the pieces :)

Terra said...

So glad to know we have fellow puzzle crazed friends in cyberspace! I LOVED reading all these comments, some more than once!