March 31, 2009

Where were Ficklets in 1981? **Giveaway**

It was the summer of 1981 when my family moved to Colorado from Michigan. I had spent the last 6 years doing everything with my friends and neighbors in Barnswood Lane and now I was living on East Long Avenue and getting ready to attend a new school, new kids, new teachers new everything.

This might shock the pants off some of you (ok most of you) but I was considered pretty smart back then, tested into the GT program with no problems. To go right along with that I had me a rockin’ pair of these

Oh yeah, in my mind I was Geek with a capital G on the outside! I so did not want to be Geek. My friends back home knew me when I got my glasses (age 5) they were just part of who I was on Barnswood Lane. I couldn’t see much of anything without them and they were a permanent fixture on my face.

Here, in Colorado I did not want to be that Girl – the Geek. I mean seriously, third grade – I was ready to be COOL – Because I so knew what that meant and being able to see definitely was not part of the definition.

I went to great lengths to not wear my coke bottles glasses at school. I left them in backpack, hid them in my cubby, put them in coat pockets even stuffed them in my pencil box once. It was so bad my parents had many discussions with the teachers about how I could not see without them and I simply must wear them in class.

As you can imagine that was FANTASTICALLY COOL – because now my teachers would ask me constantly “Terra, where are your glasses”, “Terra go get your glasses” thus drawing even more attention to the capital G on my face!

It got so bad that I was finally summoned to visit the school counselor (how “cool” was that?) can you say HUMILIATING? Well, it didn’t help much, I think I wore my glasses more after that but I was still so not cool! It was me, sporting my coke bottles glasses, walking down the hall to the GT classroom being the super geek that was I until I got contacts in middle school and got to ditch those glasses for a few hours of face saving grace during school!

Fast Forward to the new millennium…

A few months ago I saw an ad for these things called Ficklets.
I was so enamored by the concept of Ficklets that I mentioned them to a total stranger at Baskin Robbins that day. Yes I did. Then I put them out of my mind for several months.

Last week, however, my neighbor let me know that her youngest daughter just got glasses, her oldest already has them. We were emailing each other and this is how it went…

Paige: “Heather just got her new glasses”
Terra: “Ficklets, get some Ficklets
A couple hours later
Paige: “I just ordered Ficklets

Again, I was totally impressed by this product and decided to send the company an email and tell them so. I didn’t really expect to ever hear from them I just wanted them to know how much I liked their product concept.

I told them they were not just a fashion accessory but quite possibly a “self esteem saver” as well and that I was planning on telling "my story" on my blog...Knowing quite well that even Ficklets may not have been able to save my glasses!

The next day I had a wonderful email in my inbox and a new follower on Twitter. It was Ros – the founder of Ficklets! We have tossed a few emails back and forth and I am even more impressed with this company than I was before!

Ros offered me TWO sets of Ficklets to give away on my blog and sent me some samples! I am quite honestly bubbling over with excitement! To get to share these with another family makes me really happy! And of course I am secretly hoping they brighten the outlook of some sweet little kids with coke bottles glasses!

I will run the contest till Friday at Midnight and I hope you enter! All you need to do is leave a comment. Extra entry if you Tweet it and come back to leave a second comment telling me so!

Help me spread the word for this founder and what I consider to be a wonderful product for kids.

Even if you don’t have a child in glasses – you might someday or I am sure you know someone that does! Put a smile on their face – get them some Ficklets! They have hundreds to chose from these are a couple of my favorites:

PS - if your still with me - I think these would be great in an Easter Basket!!!

**And the winners are: - gave me numbers 21 and 7 after eliminating the 3 comments that didn't count or didn't want to be counted the winners are The Fritz Facts and Billie! Way to go ladies! Now send me an email with your address so I can pass it on to Ficklets and you get your goodies!**

I don't know why I swallowed that ... um ... NUT

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly Nut.
I dunno why she swallowed that fly Nut,
Perhaps she'll die.

HELLO - I ate this whole bag in the last 72 hours

and now I hear this?

Those who know me well know that I have major food phobias...this just stinks. My mom got a belly laugh out of it when she saw the news though, paused it for me so she could laugh as I watched it. Thanks mom.

ARTICLE QUOTE: Right now, the FDA is advising Americans not to eat pistachios but not to throw away their pistachios either. Basically, people should hold on to their pistachios until the FDA knows more about which products are affected.

Ok, Yeah - sure no problem - I hang on to them all the way to the GARBAGE CAN.

What I learned this week

What I learned this week is hosted by Musings of a Housewife

I learned so much this week and yet I probably learned nothing at all.

1. When the Comcast goes out mid-post nothing can save your work and the little notice at the bottom of the blogger screen that says your work is not saved is a devilish reminder

2. Leaving home "early" to beat the storm may not be a good idea

3. A young child can have a fever for more than 29 days and yet be diagnosed with "nothing"

4. Having a great big Bloggy party on Tales from a Nightstand for the month of April is a lot of work, especially when Comcast goes out and you can't save anything.

I am not bitter, Comcast, not at all.

March 30, 2009

Jingle all the way

Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride

In a Snow Cat driven Sleigh.....

We were off to Beanos Cabin for dinner on the mountain (this is also where "he" and I had our wedding reception 10.5 years ago)

We, didn't - but we have before! Porcupines as big an excersize ball, deer oh and have I mentioned the bears?

Hailey - Fever at 101.6 - on Tylenol - enjoying the view

Lauren getting ready for a yummy meal!

Grandpa teaching Lauren what "that" is and her hanging onto every word

The view while we were riding (there is a storm a comin)

March 29, 2009

The Thinker (the real story)

Maybe you already know the story behind The Thinker...
But do you know what he was REALLY up to?
He was doing a Springbok Puzzle!
Do you think Crayola thinks this hard when they make crayons?

March 28, 2009

All in a days work

Or maybe it was play?

Itty Bitty Snow Shoes -
Lauren calls it "Goof Walking"

And a new family member? A chilly one at that.

Swimming in the hot tub

They would do this all day if I would let them

Did I mention we started a puzzle Friday night and finished it today?

All in all it was a great Saturday. But can someone please put on their Dr. Hat and tell me why in the world little Hailey is still running a fever 100.6 after two rounds of antibiotics? It has been a month...I swear she has had the fever on and off all month (by on and off I mean every day but not all times of the day)

March 27, 2009

On the Road Again

What a difference a day makes
I do love Colorado

March 26, 2009

We were Ready, but the rest of the state wasn't

Tell me, please: If you live in a state notorious for large snow storms do you equip your vehicle with adequate snow tires or at least stay home when it gets bad?

If you answered yes, could you please educate Colorado?

If you answered no, shame on you!

We left at 9am (the storm was supposed to hit between noon and 9pm) we were trying to get out before it got bad...

We failed and this is what we faced:

When we left town it was not snowing, but shortly there after we saw this
So we slowed a bit, kept a nice distance and kept on going until we got stuck in this -

notice the cars in the wrong places? We were too far out of town to make an easy turn around so we sat...there were no near by exits.
60 minutes later - the four lane highway down to one - this is what we could see in the other 3 lanes...
So we sat tight and waited, a police officer showed up... what for exactly I am not sure - but at least he tried.
We eventually passed this only to find this up ahead
and this

After this, we finally hit an exit we could take to head home and so we did.
We had been in the car nearly 2 hours and only made it about 30 minutes away from home.
On the way home we got to see this (I don't think they were just friends chatting in the ditch)
And this: (these guys are in the right lane headed East on a Southbound highway)

Eventually we saw this
A total of 4 hours in the car and we are right back where we started.
But the girls suited up, one happy, one crying and out they went.

and we will try again tomorrow

Desperately Seeking LEGOLAND?

(Wordless Wednesday - the rest of the story)
Are you wishing you lived a little closer to a LEGOLAND? Or maybe you do and just don't want to pay the $85 admission price? Well, Do I ever a have a solution for you!
It is simple really. Just invite Lauren to live with you! Yup. Your Living room can be magically transformed to a mini LegoLand in no time!
Lauren LOVES Legos. Not just any Legos, but the hard to find, very expensive kits made for adults. She is currently building the Lego Town Plan and wants to do the Eiffel Tower next!

She gets pretty serious about her building, seperating pieces, laying it all out and then she gets down to building business
She has been known to work for 2 hours without a break!
She has made a gas pump island

To go with the Car Wash she built

A Central Park Bench with fountain

A fire truck (the doors work!)

A squad car (to pull me over when I don't wait 7 seconds at a stop sign)

A movie theater (this one is awesome)

And a....well - this is a? Hmmm. What do you call this?

Oh, I know - this is a "I have to make something for Hailey so she will leave my stuff alone!" (notice Rock is still in play here too)

March 25, 2009

Do they really mean it? ****UPDATED****

***UPDATE*** It is 5 am, we have NO snow but they have changed the warning to a blizzard warning - so.....

***UPDATE*** They just closed school.

No joke - this is one of the headlines from a local news station"

DENVER -- Grab your snow shovels! We're not kidding this time

Why do they say that? Because they have been teasing us since September and the snow never came, that's why.

Another online station says"

Denver will have its biggest snowfall of the season by far Thursday into Friday morning.

Metro Denver: 8 to 16 inches
Front Range Foothills: 16-22 inches
Douglas/Elbert Counties, Palmer Divide: 16-22 inches

We live in the Douglas/Elbert region!

We are FINALLY going to get snow. I should be dancing, I should be cheering I LOVE WINTER and old man winter passed us up this year...

Why am I not? Because we are supposed to drive to the mountains tomorrow for a week and I think our drive will either be treacherous or non-existent (ie: we have to wait out the storm and stay home)

I don't want to stay home, I want to leave. I am whining.

But to the snow I say BRING IT ON - I have been waiting for you.

Tweet this?

Ok, So many, if not all, of you know I am so on the fence with Twitter. I get it, I am on it, I don't use it much...for personal reasons..."he who would rather not be named" sent me this today and I laughed, and laughed and laughed a little more.

It did not sway my tweety feelings either way, I am still on the twit fence but thought you might enjoy this too!

Even if you are a twitter fanatic I am sure you can find the tweety humor in it.

Tweet Twitter Twit Ya'll

Wordless Wednesday (you tell the story)

Ok, You're up! Tell me a story about this picture OR why I might have picked this one to post?

(Hint: that is Lauren in there not Hailey)

March 24, 2009

9 Volts anyone?

What I learned this week hosted by Musings of Housewife -

So it was Wednesday Morning - 5:11 AM and I was awakened by a gentle little MA MA, MA MA (ok, it wasn't so gentle)
I rolled over to a devil child sweet little Hailey by my bedside "what do you need Hailey?"
"Um, Ma Ma, My clock is going crazy"
So I look over and sure enough mine is too...blinking 3:11am blink, blink, blink...OMG - grab the Blackberry, see what time it really is and say to Hailey "that's ok, mine is too. Go back to bed and we will fix it in the morning" (uh, it is morning but it worth a try to get her to go back to bed anyway!)
Off she toddles - and "he" moans "Just so you know it is not 3:11 in the morning" - Thanks for the reminder honey as if Hailey and her MA MA's weren't enough
SO I learned that I need some 9 volts so my clocks (or at least hers) won't GO CRAZY when the power goes out.
I learned that I SO can't stand being called MA MA over and over again...I love Jan and Stan but
Mama mama mama (inside outside upside down) comes to mind and I don't want to be MA MA.
And since MA MA has carried on through out the week and now "he" is doing his best Hick impersonation and calling me MA MA and himself PAAAA (with a big drawl) I am about sick of MA MA
SO there you have it. I need a whole lot of 9 volts and a little less MA MA.

March 23, 2009

The Truth about Yanni - Yanni Voices New CD Release

Remember when I posted this Yanni Anyone? and my friend Alicia made fun of me? (can you see me sticking my tongue out at her?)

Truth is I love pretty much all music! We have Eminem CD's and Amy Grant CD's - Steve Miller and Steve Chapman, Greatful Dead and the Garth Brooks - you get the picture?

Anyway the new Yanni Voices CD comes out tomorrow for purchase at major retailers and yes the One2One network has enticed me to help let world know.

Click here to learn more about the special Yanni Voices PBS Event:
Click here to see a PBS Special Teaser Video:

And the truth about that is - I don't mind because I have listened to the previews and the music with voices is beautiful!

And even a bit more truth - I am waiting for the new CD to arrive so I can listen to the whole thing and tell you about too.

So I guess the bottom line truth is - there is more Yanni to come on this little blog 'O' mine - and if you want to play with us on June 24th (Alicia) you better be nice!!

PS As of post time Amazon has the Yanni Voices [CD/DVD] for pre-order for only $9.99!!

Monday Monday


It is Monday and a good friend of mine is having surgery today and in less than 3 weeks another good friend of mine is having surgery. SO, I am in tummy churned, can't take my mind off my friends mode.

Bonnie has blogged openly about her surgery and has a great attitude. If you click over and read the post I linked to you should also go read her more recent posts about her impending surgery. It should be a simple procedure and she should be home tonight! Resting comfortably on the couch while her lovely boys and amazing husband dote on her for a few days!!! Bonnie, My thoughts are with you and your family today! Please shoot me a message when you are feeling well!

And to my other good friend...who only randomly reads my blog...I am glad you got it scheduled and please let me know if I can do ANYTHING when the time comes.

***UPDATE*** I heard from Bonnie's wonderful husband Mark and the surgery went well. Bonnie was in recovery at the time and he was going to get to see her soon! Thanks for all your well wishes!

March 22, 2009

Hide 'Em & Find 'Em Eggs (updated)

First of all, I have spent countless hours researching SEO for Tales from the Nightstand and can't seem to master it. At the same time, I have spent a grand total of 0 minutes trying to optimize this little family blog of mine. Yet, if you google "Hide em and find em eggs" Guess what? This little blog o mine shows up number 4 in the search! HA HA. Cracked me up when my mom told me that!

Anyway, The nice ladies on The View told my mom about these eggs (along with the rest of the viewing audience!) and my mom got all excited which in turn got me all excited and I blogged about them and got at least one other person all excited about them too!

Problem is they are harder than Wii to find. Seriously. Techno Source did such a great job Creating the Hide em and Find em eggs that they hide themselves and no one can find them at the stores.

They are supposed to be at Rite Aid, Walmart and Target except where I live none of these store managers had heard of them. Rite Aid keeps putting them in their weekly circular...but not in their stores? GO figure.

So my mom went on a mission - actually drove 20 minutes away and came home with these!

Wait? What on Earth are those? Mom, can you please send a better picture?

MUCH BETTER Thanks Mom (even though you called me "Picky Picky Picky" -Forgive me for wanting to give my readers the best picture possible and THANK YOU For hunting these down for me!)

Now we have eggs that talk...I can't wait till Easter!!!