January 24, 2009

DIY and major messes part 2

This project is the brain child of he who would rather not be named. Well, maybe that is not so true, it could be partially Lauren's fault. For about 2 years, off and on she has been asking daddy to build a book shelf with her. She wanted to work with tools. She has always enjoyed this a little bit, Grandpa has even taken her to a couple of the Home Depot Saturday Kids things to build something.

So after purchasing a new HP Home server to run our home network that would ultimately make most people cringe (with 7 computers, 3 printers, vonage, wii, direct tv and a sling box) "he" decided it was time to get all those routers, switches and other machines out of the office, off the beautiful shelves and into the broom closet for central location, ease of access etc.

It was time to build some shelves. Not a book shelf, because we don't have a single inch of space to add another bookshelf to the house but shelves in the closet to house the network. As a result two closets actually had to be cleared out (1 so we could cut holes in the wall to pull cables through and the other to make room for the new equipment room). Our living room and entryway became our coat closet for a couple weeks.

In the meantime daddy and Lauren have worked very well together and he took lots of pictures for me!!! Adams Family - this song is for you!!!

This new room will result in a lot more space on our office shelves for us to clutter up put nice things on and have them look presentable.


Alicia said...

That's SO cool! That totally looks better than some of our customer's network closets...in their businesses! That's cool that "He" lets Lauren help...I am not sure if Scott would be so generous. :o)

Bonnie said...

What a talented hubby and daughter you have. I loved watching the process. I love organization! So cool for Lauren to have a special project with Daddy. love it.

Becky said...

Kudos to Lauren and He! That is one hi-tech broom closet. I bet the two of them had a great time working together.

The Bailey Family said...

Geeze...good thing you guys are tech savvy!! Looks great -!

Lindsay said...

oo very cool! My husband and I both do IT work.. We are about to setup our server in our guest bedroom closet! :-) Looks great!

BrandyEllen said...

Sounds like something my husband will do soon here! We have a home server set up too, and have I believe 6 or 7 computers now if you count my laptop plus Comcast VOIP and well tons of other computer "Junk" I call it! My hubby's hobby is computer work and someday we plan on having it our full time "job" from home but I encourage him and our 2 year old to do this DIY things too!

Thanks for sharing your story girl!


Anonymous said...

thanks ma. he he opps i meant mom.


whoopsadasie said...