January 30, 2009

Friday, Lovely Friday.

Just as we came home and Lauren knew she was in fact sick even though she tried to ignore it all day this is what she said:

“can I have a wet wipe for my hands and then my computer”

A wet wipe first huh, guess I am always a bit OCD when it comes to someone being sick in my house. I am at my worst when someone is throwing up. I have been known to literally walk around the house with Clorox wipes in both hands so everything I touch gets wiped and I touch nothing.

My poor daughter will be scarred for life – thinking that germs are the death of a house, computer, door handle, flusher, light switch, remote control, telephone, and the list goes on. I am Terra and I have OCD tendencies…just not in all the right places.

The bright side is she is all better already. It seemed to be a 24 hour dizzy/fever bug. There were only 4 kids in her class when I went to pick up her work today so it really took out the class. But they should all be hopping healthy on Monday ready to make up science tests, spelling tests and give I have a dream speeches!

Thanks for all your kind words!


Grams said...

So glad it was one of those quick viruses! Laughing at your "having OCD tendancies in not all the right places" comment! :)
Me, too!!

Bonnie said...

I can just see you running around with a wet wipe in each hand..lol Hope Lauren is feeling better tonight.

whoopsadasie said...

Never thought of going around with Clorax wipes when the grandkids come! Thanks for telling me that! ;-)

Glad to hear that Lauren is felling much better. She has something to look forward to on Monday!? LOL!

BrandyEllen said...

I am so happy to hear Lauren is feeling better!


Kim H. said...

Glad Lauren's feeling better - and we could be "germ" sisters separated at birth. And my Molly is already a Lysol wipes junkie...and I LOVE IT!

Courtney said...

so glad she is feeling better!

Lindsay said...

Glad Lauren is feeling better! Man it def. took out the whole class. I love the OCD confession.. I am OCD but about silly things like alphabetizing my DVDs and those important things ;-)

Laura said...

Throw up cooties...even from adorable family members..are still throw up cooties.

Laura said...

More important...I'm happy she is healed.