March 27, 2008

Spring Break

Well we are finally just 24 hours from Spring Break! Everyone is so excited and this is going to be a much needed break for all. I have very little left to do before we leave, some light cleaning and laundry (always doing laundry), and finishing packing the carry ons. All the girls got their nails painted yesterday. Hailey sat still the whole time. It was amazing to watch such an active little girl settle into place. She knew she was doing something special!
Lauren has 2 tests at school today. Spelling, should be a no brainer. The science one is much more difficult - she just is not wrapping her head around "spitting the facts out" she gets all the concepts and can you give you a 15 minute dissertaion on everything but when it comes to reciting what the book wants you to...well...we will see.
I will try to pop out here at least once while we are gone. I plan to take lots of pictures, let's hope I do!

March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday 2008

It was a happy Easter for all. The girls loved finding all the eggs the Easter Bunny dropped when it was hopping around our house in the night. They were hanging from doors, hiding under tables and chairs and more. They also enjoyed their baskets full of pool toys, water shoes and some candies. I took several short videos and it is hard to choose what to post but I will only only post a couple here. If you are so inclined you can view them all on our website at later tonight, it will take me a while to get them up there.

At the end of the long day the girls wanted a bath in the big tub with the jets on. I decided to put in a tiny squirt of shampoo to try to give them bubbles because I don't buy bubble bath. WELL...shampoo and the jets makes a LOT of bubbles. The tub almost overflowed with bubbles. Hailey could not even sit down. It was very funny! They stayed in for a long time then it was off to the shower to get all bubbles off and get the hair rinsed (then we had a repeat of them trying to dry their own hair too)

March 22, 2008

5 years from now

Tonight I got a glimpse of what a bathroom in our house is going to look like 5 years from now + or - a little of the mess. 2 girls. Sisters. Drying their hair together. AHHH. Cute at 7 and 2 - sure to proove interesting at 12 and 7!!!

Everyone is excited this weekend. Neither girl was able to sleep well last night. First they were getting to go see Horton Hears a Who today with Grandma and Grandpa, second tomorrow is Easter and they think the Bunny is coming!!! and third we are now just 5 days away from our trip to AZ. AHHHHHH. I had a little chat with the bunny today and bunny thinks it is going to make here. Bunny is patiently (not) waiting for little ones to sleep so it can go through things and make sure it can put together baskets!!! We will have to wait and see!

I packed 3 suitcases full of clothes today. the corner in the bedroom is not so cluttered anymore. I still have two bags of which the contents need to find their way to AZ one way or another but at least we will be able to get dressed when we get their! We may not brush our teeth, wash our hair or wear sunscreen...but we will have clothes! The Four Seasons is not going to know what hit them when we arrive!

We are watching Enchanted tonight then off to bed to wake up in the morning and see if the bunny fullfilled it's duties.

Happy Easter Everyone!!

March 21, 2008

Another Friday

The girls are getting their hair cut this morning! Hailey is looking forward to it and has been asking to go all week! She loves getting her hair washed at the salon (not at home though!). Sparing you all the details as to why my hair is a creepy dark color right now...Hailey is going to be very disappointed because when she got up this morning she held out her hair and said "mom, look it" "I gotta get it black like yours". Well, we all know that ain't gonna happen. Why on earth would she even want That?

When I first went to get her from bed I gave her a kiss and Hailey said "Thank you Mom" and I said Thank you for what? to which she replied "Thank you for kissing me" how sweet is that?

Lauren went back to the other studio for Ballet last night and mom got disciplined. The rules say "The hair must be pulled away from the face and secured" so we pulled it up in a ponytail. Hmmph. Ms. Danielle promptly informed me that it has to be in a bun. Shame Shame mommy. But don't you think they could have said that?

Lauren and Hailey are going to see Horton Hears a Who with Grams and Gramps tomorrow. It should be fun, Hailey has been recounting her theater experience when they went to see the Chipmunk Movie back in December so I am pretty sure she is looking forward to this one!

I will be packing while they are gone and with any luck having a quick chat with the Easter Bunny to verify the plans and guarantee arrival of said baskets.

March 20, 2008

Lauren's Analogy

Background update: Lauren has "friend trouble" as she puts it. One of her many troubles is that they tend to hover (and I mean hover)...

So we are on our way to school today when Lauren announces "My friends are like Crows and I am a shiny thing"

To which I begin laughing out loud. Really giggling. I said "Lauren that is a fantastic analogy"

She says "whats and analogy?"

GO Lauren.

Favorite Photos over the Years

I will be adding more shows from 2000 - 2006 over the coming days. I am learning how to make them and post them. To click through the slides use the arrows on the lower left.

March 19, 2008

Wed. March 19th

1 week and 2 days till we leave. I cannot wait to go away and have someone make the bed, change the towels, serve me breakfast, lunch and with the girls in the pool and hopefully watch them play in the pool together some!

Hailey stayed home sick today. We went to school because I was supposed to read to her class and she was looking forward to that but we left right after. She really liked that though. She sat on her carpet square like an angel the whole time! It was fun~

Lauren is hard at work in her workbook phase again. Usually it means she is bored in school but I am assured this is not the case. She was not happy with the new books I bought for her apparently they were not ones that she had to "think" to her teacher sent me a million things to print off for her to do! Maybe those will be more her level? UGH.

The pile for the trip is growing in the corner of my bedroom. I should take a picture so everyone can laugh at me. Today I started adding medicines, sunscreens etc.

Diego is entertaining me in the background while Hailey sleeps on the cough, I mean couch...I have cough on the brain. Just hoping she kicks this one quick and the projectile sneezes stop soon...GROSS and that no-one else gets it!!

Well, Happy Wednesday to all who are reading!

March 18, 2008

Don't know what to call this one...

It is crazy how fast our days fill up and even when they seem to creep by the time is flying at lightning speed. We leave in 9 days for our trip. After spending that last few days obsessing about it I am finally feeling like we can actually go and not be naked! I have a whole corner of my bedroom dedicated to this trip right now - too early to pack but if I don't set it all out I am sure to forgot half of what we need. So I have stacks of Laurens clothes, Hailey's clothes, my clothes, a bag full of shoes and a bag that is starting to get filled with the other stuff (toothbrushes, shampoo, sunscreen etc). I find my wondering if I am the only one that spends this much time preparing for a trip? Do most people just open the closet the night before and pull and pack like my husband does? Pretty soon I will break out the lists - where I am constantly writing down things we need as I think of them and then crossing them off once I add them to the piles in bedroom...

Took Hailey to a couple birthday parties this weekend. She had fun. She was a little apprehensive on the way to the first one (the one she really wanted to go to) but she had a good time. The hardest part? Spending 30 minutes watching the birthday girl open her gifts. Hailey did great but I could tell she wanted a present too!

I wish I had lots of fun pictures to post I know you would rather look at the girls than read my ramblings but I don't have any new photos worth posting! It has been a little dull around here and you can only post so many pictures of Hailey and Lauren in leotards...

March 14, 2008

Is it Friday again?

Where on earth do the days go? This has been an exhausting week. Start with the time change...WHY? WHY? WHY? Everywhere I go people say how much they hate it and don't understand why we have to do it...yet we do and I suppose we go on but it is one of the silliest darn things ever concocted!

We got to go to the Carrie Underwood/Kieth Urban concert on Sunday night. We only stayed for Carrie because we brought the girls and it was a school night for both of them. She was great and the girls really enjoyed it. I took some pictures with my phone and will post them soon!

On Wednesday CIBER was honored at a Growth Conference for passing the 1 Billion mark this past year. My dad spoke, I brought the girls - again they were great! Hailey ate 3 cups full of ice but she stayed seated and quiet and was overall an incredible 2 year old! Mac's speech was informative and fun. He is a good speaker, makes you giggle, and it was nice to see some of the changes they have been though since I left ciber!

I eluded to the fact that Lauren was not happy with her ballet class recently. Well, we visited Colorado Academy of Ballet earlier this week and they invited her to come and try a class. Lauren does not like the size or the silliness in her current class. I have talked to the studio...but Lauren is clearly craving something more and after what we went through with her wanting to skip a grade and how happy she was after she did I am much quicker to listen to her now!!! So...we went about our week and along comes Thursday...the day she can try the class at the Colorado Academy of Ballet...We had to stop at the tailor on the way home from school because we can't find shorts that fit Lauren's little bitty when she asked, I told her we would try the class next week. We get done, head for home...and alas she says "Mom, I think I still have time to make that class if I go change now" so I call Todd tell him we won't be home when he gets home and off we go...

When class first started she was a little nervous and overwhelmed..she came out for a few minutes wanting to go home...but I sent her back in and she finished the 1 hour 30 minute Ballet class. What a difference. This was no nonsense, you want to be a ballerina or you don't want to be here kind of class. Classical music played the entire time, very little talking a lot of instruction, teacher repositioning bodies the whole time... 2 kids goofed off a little and the whole class had to do push ups - Lauren came out at the end, got in the car and said "that is the ballet class I want to take" It is obvious that while Lauren can be silly with the rest of them when she is supposed to do something she is there to do it - focus and move on. Just like in school, where she never has homework because she gets it all done in class.

So now enters the dilemma. We LOVE our studio. Lauren has to take 2 classes per week one of which has to be Ballet to be in the competition company, Lauren wants to take Ballet at a real ballet school - Ahhhh. Can't it ever be easy. (by the way who knew dilemma had 2 m's? I had to look it up several times it looks bizarre to me!)

My guess is she will do both for the rest of this year (only 2 months). And we will discuss with the studio in the fall what to do for next year.

March 9, 2008

Still excited...

We are still very proud of the girls and of Lauren! Today's post, however, is a past due post about Hailey!

On Friday she wrote her first WORD! She has been able to write her H for about 3 months now and just added the i for Hi! YEAH HAILEY.

She has also been working on her smiley face for about a week now!

She likes to draw the face with all the Hi's around it. It is cute and she is proud of herself!

Lauren was 29 months when she wrote her first Hi! Hailey is 30 months! Not much difference there considering the difference in personalities!!!

March 8, 2008

Dance Competition Update

What a day! AMAZING! We were there for 8 hours! The girls did great!

Lauren was in two dances Small Group Lyrical and Small Group Jazz they took FIRST PLACE IN BOTH! Lauren got to accept the trophy for one of the dances!

They also took 4th and 5th overall for Lyrical and Jazz small groups (a lot of the studios had a lot more groups than our so they took higher placement in the overalls)

It was great!

CONGRATULATIONS DUAL STAR!!! Many of their dances won a ton of trophys!!!

Here we go

Big Big weekend ahead. Lauren has her first dance competition today! I think I am the only nervous one around here. We have to leave at 12:30 and wont return till well after 7:00 maybe even 8. Going to be a long day! Then we get to set our clocks forward an hour depriving ourselves of an hour of much needed sleep. Still think this daylight savings stuff is bogus. Wish they would just quit it.

Spent much of yesterday feeling like I got ranover by a truck. Got one of the many cruds that has been going around - went to the Dr. - got drugs and actually feel somewhat human today! Hailey was a champ at the Dr. with me she slept in my lap for much of my wait then drew with me...she is perfecting her smiley faces and has mastered her second letter the letter i so much like her sister her first written word is Hi. I will take a picture of her master pieces and post them here later!

Tomorrow night we get to go to the Carrie Underwood Keith Urban concert with a bunch of friends and we are looking forward to it. I think Hailey is the most excited. This will be her second concert! Hannah of course was her first. Hailey can belt the Carrie songs word for word so she should have a good time!

Can you believe Easter is just 2 weeks away? I wonder if the bunny will be visiting our house?

March 6, 2008

Welcome to Thursday

Oh my Oh my..Hailey slept til 6:54 this morning! Praise the lord, Hallelujah and all kinds of other BIG thank God words!!! I can count on 1 hand how many times she has slept past 6:00am! YAHOO - now if only this could become a new habit.

Is it Thursday? The day before Friday? Of course it is. The problem. NO SCHOOL tomorrow. Lauren and I both knew that and both forgot. It was on our way to school that we had the DUH moment and panicked. She didn't do her spelling homework and today is the test! AHHHHHHHHH. Rush to school, borrow a computer, log in, print the spelling, sit in the corner, do the packet and pray that you pass the test! Mom feels like a heal, Lauren handled it pretty well and the test? She got an A! Go Lauren, Go Lauren, Go Lauren!!!

Next...we rush back home for Hailey's play date. The play date that I planned to take lots of pictures at. Hmmmm. Didn't remember to take a single picture! I would have taken 50 with Lauren...I am starting to think Lauren had a much better mom than Hailey has. What gives? Anyway, Hailey and Devon (not pictured) had a good time. They interacted together and played a little off and on. They were cute to watch! We will do it again soon! Oh, and I enjoyed Carol's company! Yeah, me...She is very nice and very real and the 2 hours flew by! (Carol of course is Devon's mom)

Afterwards...I did not feel like dealing with lunch so it was off to noodles for some potstickers (Hailey loves them!!) as we were leaving I had one of my many "Can I just crawl in a hole and disappear now" moments. A lady stopped me on my way to comment on Hailey. How nice. We chat for a minute and I turn to leave only to find Hailey with her Skirt, Tights and Underwear DOWN AROUND HER ANKLES! YES. OMG. AHHHH. "Hailey what are you doing?" "I fixin somfing" "Honey you can't take your clothes off in a restaurant" "I FIXIN SOMFING" I squat down to pull them up and she says even louder "I FIXIN SOMFING MOM" now the whole restaurant is watching us and Hailey reaches back, scratches her bottom (like a monkey) then starts to pull things back up. How quickly can I get out of here? I am sure my face is 10 different shades of red GET ME HOME is all I can think. Now I wish I would have had less humiliation and more brain power I should have videoed it and sent it off to AFV. Guess I flushed 10K down the toilet...

Well, I lived, she lived and I suppose a lot of moms and business people will have a story to tell at the diner table tonight. Glad I could help.


March 5, 2008

Is today ever going to end

Wow...this was one of those days with no end. It just keeps going and going and going...AHHH.

Nothing in particular just a day where each minutes feels like an hour.

It was a good day though. Hailey had a good day at school. She did not cry when I dropped her off. Though she wanted to - she looked at me, got that I am gonna cry look, looked at her teacher, took a deep breath, gave me a kiss and said good bye. I wanted to cry.

Off to school for Lauren then home to do computer stuff with a friend. Stopped at the gas station, became an almost hero to the girl who's car wouldn't start when she found out Todd made sure my car had jumper cables in it (no one there had cables) another man did the dirty work and her car started YEAH...bummer when her power steering light came on and though her engine was running her steering wheel was locked and she still couldn't go anywhere.

Made me ponder what good is a gas station anymore? they don't even have JUMPER CABLES...and then I found out they wont loan you a gas can if you run out of gas and make there to fill up and go fill your have to BUY a gas can! Nothing like getting slapped twice. I pay nearly $60 to fill my gas guzzling, piece of poop car at a gas station that can sell me candy and soda but can't help if I am in trouble. Hmmmm. I want to roll the clock back about 30 years and have some guy walk up to my window and ask what he can do for me today? So I can tell him to fill er up and check the oil please...meanwhile he will smile and whistle while washing my filthy, pitted windshields from the 30 mini snow storms we have had this year. Pipe dreams I know. But a gal has to have dreams eh?

Hailey got a gift from a boy at school today. Jackson gave her a pink clip for her hair and he was very proud of himself and Hailey won't take it out. Hmmm a glimpse of the teen years, perhaps.

I spent a fair amount time clearing the snow from last nights storm so we could safely maneuver our driveway today...the hard work paid off (if only for a short while) by the time we left for hip hop the driveway was DRY...YEAH MOM!

Lauren had hip hop tonight and Rico gave her the only high 5 because she was the only one that could do the whole dance with her eyes closed! Way to go Lauren!

Oh by the is snowing again

March 4, 2008

Tuesday March 4th

Not much going on today. Took Lauren to school, dropped by the salon to make an appointment and ending up going home with a bag on my head...(see later paragraph), took Hailey to dance...her favorite place, need to pick up Lauren soon and rush her off to ballet then home to make Pizza Puffs, convince Lauren to do her spelling tonight and hopefully settle down early with a good book!

Hailey got an invitation to a birthday party of one of the little dancers. I wasn't planning on attending because we have to go to another birthday party that same weekend. Well Miss Cutie Pie convinced me that she needs to go. In her own way of course. We were in the car and she was so proud to be holding her invitation... then she puts her finger to her head (her thinking pose) and says "I Have Idea" and I said "yeah what's that" and she said "I have to get Paulina a present and I have to make her a card" so I knew right away that she wanted to go. But, In a mommy kind of way I sort of sluffed it off with a quick "we'll see". So 5 minutes later she says "Do I have a present I can give Paulina?" Mom says "we'll see" - a few more minutes go by and Hailey says "Paulina is turning 3, there is a big 3 on this card" and I said "yes she is..."

So, we move on, back to the salon so I can tip Regina for putting color on my gray hair because of course I forgot to do that this morning (plus I didn't have any cash on me anyway...because I wasn't betting on her being able to do it at that moment...) and Hailey HAD to bring the invite in to show Regina, and she Can't wait to show Lauren..she is so proud of her invitation. It made me realize this is the first time Hailey has gotten invited to something that is just for her!!! She tags along to everything Lauren does and well, we will be going - because it is important for Hailey to get to do this.

Hailey has been napping on Fetch and Oaf for about an hour, fel off once, asked me to cover her back up and back to sleep she went....

March 3, 2008

Back To School

Everybody went to school today. Well, Lauren and Hailey anyway. Hailey was big, didn't cry! But also didn't eat breakfast...she spent the morning explaining to us how she was going to give me a big hug and say goodbye at school. She had so much anxiety, trying so hard to be a big girl, that she never ate. I felt so bad for her. But I am also very proud of her - she realizes her feelings and is working on them! What a lot of personal growth for a 2 year old.

Lauren had her first full day of school in a whole week. Think it was a good one. She had a science test. A small spat with a friend...Lauren often wishes she didn't have friends, but at the same time she wants friends. It is a constant push and pull with her. I understand her feelings completely and will praise the day that she finds that special friend that just loves her for who she is and whom she can give that same love back to!

This afternoon we made cheese bagels for a snack then the girls went off to play school. HA. Guess they didn't get enough. Anyway - Hailey sported a pair of Lauren's Fancy boots all around the house. The clicking of the high heel was enough to drive a person batty but she was so cute I just couldn't deny her the pleasure.

Tonight Lauren is working on a story for the Reading Rainbow Story Contest. She has titled it "Somebody" Always Means Me I have a feeling it is going to be a very cute story...keep you posted!

March 2, 2008

Weekend Update

What a weekend. Both girls fell asleep on the family room floor yesterday afternoon. For Hailey this is not unusual on days when she doesn't nap for Lauren...I have not seen her do that since she was 3 years old! She just laid in the middle of the floor and fell asleep in no time. They each slept about 30 minutes it was SO quiet! Wow. I suppose Lauren was still recovering from being sick all week. She is all better but she got hives on Friday. This is a new thing for Lauren, but Hailey has a tendency towards them. Apparently 3-5% of people have a tendency to be allergic to a virus they have had and at the end they break out in hives for about a week. Lauren's are mild but they are hives none the less and well...they itch a little but mostly we just giggle about them. It is weird to get hives from a virus and weirder to watch them come and go!

Other than that we spent most of yesterday outside. The temps approached 70 and other than the wind it was a very pleasant day.

Today however, is a different story. We woke up to a Snow and Blowing Snow advisory and are expected to get several inches of snow throughout the day and evening. Burrr. And we JUST GOT the lawn free of snow yesterday. Todd spent weeks snow blowing, shoveling, poking and scraping trying to free our front yard of snow. With no sun it had piled up a couple of feet of a snow/ice combination that probably would have still been their in July had we left it! It is funny when it is there and the rest of the neighborhood has grass! Oh well, that's Colorado for ya!

Then to top it all off Lauren fell asleep on the floor again today! This time she slept more than an hour! I guess she is still catching up from being sick. WOW! Hope she can make it through the day at school tomorrow without falling asleep at her desk!