November 29, 2008

Black Friday = Sick Friday

Oh my goodness. What a treat. We never go shopping on Black Friday, I am not sure there will ever be a sale so good that would get me out into that madness. We got up and prepared to take Hailey in to see the new Dr. Young to get that ear checked. When Lauren got up she laid on the couch like a lazy bum, refused breakfast and in general just seemed way off. I took her temperature but it was normal. So I sent her off to the shower and took Hailey to the Dr. Hailey's ear infection had in fact returned - a quick chat with Dr. Young, a prescription for the pink stuff, a brief mention that I might be back with my oldest daughter and we were off to Walgreens for the drugs.

In the meantime daddy sent me a message letting me know that Lauren had just been dozing in and out of sleep since her shower but that she claims to be fine, just tired. Now, I knew that just wasn't right and was starting to plan a course of action for her as well. Hailey and I got home and we chatted with Lauren who's temperature was still normal but looked like a ghost. We decided to trust Lauren and move on with our day - it was time to get ready to go to Build a Bear with Grandma.

Shoes on, Coats on, Everybody ready? Lauren? "I think I'm gonna throw up". So three head out the door for Build a Bear and two take the shoes off, the coats off and settle in with a bucket. She was sick but it was not stomach flu sick it was major nasal congestion sick...Called the Dr., took her in at 12:30 to find out that she too has a double ear infection, major congestion and all this time her temperature was rising and was now settling in at 102.5 - Oh my goodness. Another quick chat with the Dr., another trip to Walgreens for more Pink Medicine - you know the stuff. and we were home for the day!

Daddy, Grandma and Hailey brought Lauren home the moose she wanted from Build a Bear that was VERY Nice. We spent the afternoon checking on Lauren, putting up Christmas decorations and watching movies (Fred Clause and Wall-E). Lauren was up ALL night doing her classic "Ghost Walking" and Hailey has apparently slept all night.

We did have a WONDERFUL surprise though when at about 7pm, contrary to the DRY forecast, it started snowing, and not just a little either. We probably racked up a good 2 or 3 inches and it was beautiful with the Christmas lights on! The sad thing is the girls are going to want to run and jump and play in it but with 4 infected ears the answer is going to have to be no.

So, to recap -

2 Trips to see Dr. Young (who I have decided is probably not too bad but I still prefer my regular doc)
4 Infected Ears
2 Trips to see the nice people at Walgreens Pharmacy
4 Bottles of Pink, must be refrigerated, Medication
3 People went to Build a Bear
2 movies were watched
3 inches of snow to make me smile
Don't know what today will bring but it is sure to be better than yesterday!

November 28, 2008

Lovely Thanksgiving

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. How about you? Started out the morning baking pumpkin pies, followed by helping daddy finish hanging lights outside while Grandma played with the girls inside. A quick lunch of cocktail meatballs and weenies and with veggies and dips - a yummy hot cider and a nap for most!

Hailey woke up from her nap SCREAMING, Hitting her right ear saying "make it stop mommy" she was totally out of sorts and since she just had an ear infection exactly 4 weeks ago I figured we must be having a relapse. Well, the screaming was too much so we hopped in the car and buzzed up to Urgent Care to find them closed. Yup. Guess they get to celebrate Thanksgiving after all. Home we go, because I am not going to ER for an ear infection. Call the Dr. on call....and whom might that be? The recently referenced New Dr. Young. Yup. The good thing? She is who we saw 4 weeks ago right...maybe she will just send in a prescription over the phone. NOPE. The diagnosis - "Oh, it sounds like an ear infection for sure, I will be at the office at 8:45 I would like to see her then, for now alternate Tylenol and Motrin and use warm compresses if needed" Yippee. So we do the Tylenol and push on through the day.

Turkey, green been casserole, stuffing, Waldorf, rolls, broccoli cheese casserole, cranberry sauce and Mashed Potatoes...followed by pumpkin pie, homemade fudge and ice cream!

Wii Bowling (Hailey played and she did quite well...not scoring just the fact that she could play! She slept most of the night only up twice - not sure what the New Dr. Young will have to say when we show up this morning because I have a sneaking suspicion the ear is OK but maybe not - those screams were awful!

Off to Build a Bear sometime today! An annual tradition with Grandma Mary. The girls are really looking forward to that! Don't know what else the day holds for us but I am sure we Will enjoy all of it except the Dr. office!

(no black friday shopping for us - I can't do the crowds!)

November 26, 2008

ThanksGiving Eve...

Thanksgiving Eve…
Do you call it that? Hmmm.

Grandma Mary made it safe and sound!

We had a yummy afternoon of Mini Tacos and buffalo chicken (unless your under the age of 8 in which they chose BBQ Chicken). Followed by a little round of Wii Bowling. He whom would rather not be named got Turkey after Turkey after Turkey…Lauren told him we were going to cook him for dinner!

Ready for the big day. Somewhat! Gotta get up and make the pies! Fun Fun!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and eats too much doesn’t eat too much!

Wordless Wednesday

Not so wordless is what it should read!
Make sure you check out this mornings post too!
Here is a sign Lauren made for Grandma Mary! She did it last night when I was busy in the kitchen! It is TOO cute!

We can't wait for you to get here! Just a couple more hours! We are ready!

November 25, 2008

Books books...everywhere books

Amending the previous post:

Imagine my dismay when my friend Bonnie mentioned this in her comment "I thought maybe you were going to tell about her "organizing" her books." OH MAN, I totally meant to and I totally didn't. Do I have a brain?

Then, to top it off another blogger commented that she liked our bookshelves because her books are EVERYWHERE...

Well, now it is time to Share the story of Lauren "Organizing the bookshelf" and time for me to come clean about books at our house...

It starts like this: When I clean up the books I arrange them Left to Right, Tallest to Shortest taking great care to make sure they line up width, height Lauren cleaned the playroom she also "organized" the bookshelf. I went to put a book on the shelf and was SHOCKED to see this

As you can see...they are not organized by height or size at all. I stood there silent for a moment and Lauren very proudly announced "I organized the by Alphabetizing them, well only by first letter not all the letters but the A's are together and the B's are together you know what I mean mom"

Mom takes a deep breath and beams a BIG smile and says "That is GREAT Lauren, wow that was a lot of work" I find a place for my book, leave, turn off the light and start to contemplate how long I have to wait before I redo it! Oh Lauren, I love you dear! I love you I love you I love you but...I can't do alphabetized bookshelves for long!

Now for the confession. Books, neatly on the shelf, Well yes...but you have to see it all...

In the play room we have the above now "alphabetized" book shelf as well as these two very cluttered shelves:

This shelf is mostly for Holiday books but also stores some "to do" books!

This shelf is mostly EDU Books (homework helpers!) - Oh shoot I forgot to get a picture of the shelf with the encyclopedias from the 1970's on it...oh well..if you look at the previous post they are at the top of the built in shelves!

In Lauren's Room we also have these shelves with books on them:

Junie B Jones, Beverly Cleary, Box Car Children, Heidi and more

American Girl, Russian Ballet Diaries

Shell Silverstein, Charlottes Web, Giant book of Madeline and more...

Just books, I have no idea - one looks like it is American girl though!
Right across the hall in Hailey's room you will also find these books:


(ok, think bah bah blacksheep now...)
Ma Ma Dear-est have you anymore? Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three bags full:
Three big bags stuffed full, tucked in the corner of Hailey's closet
because I can't find anyplace to put them...

Down the hall a little further you can find a some books in my closet (and under the bed but it is too dark down there for pictures:

I think this shelf was meant for Sweaters or some other wonderful item of clothing but instead it houses books, some of my books!

Now, for the grand FINALE - My favorite place in the whole house to keep books. I can't believe I lived 35 years without this awesome book storage spot...

I LOVE MY Kindle 2: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation)
! I have read 27 books on it since June and look how much space they take up! You just can't beat that. There are books that I will still buy for me because I want to have hard copies but NOT MANY!

OK - so that is it...for now. Lauren IS amazing - cleaning, organizing, whining, picking fights with her sister, helping mom in her times of need!

My Books are not that organized no matter what my 8 year does...we have books EVERYWHERE and probably always will!

Thanks for reading!

November 24, 2008

Lauren did the most amazing thing

It all started in the bathroom. Yes in the bathroom at Hailey’s bedtime, when I made a comment (in my nicest mommy tone) “The house is very clean right now and all the rooms are picked up, tomorrow I need to do the playroom and I want you to help me keep things nice through Christmas don’t forget, Santa is watching! That means if you play with it, put it back, if it goes in the garbage make sure it finds a can – I got sweet little nods from Angels (knowing darn well they had no intention of actually keeping it up).

So we went about our evening, put Hailey to bed, Lauren went off to the playroom and I was downstairs doing what I do best (a whole lot of everything and a little bit of nothing).

When it was time for Lauren to go to bed, we ventured upstairs to the CLEANEST playroom ever!

Lauren you rock! I tucked her in and told her thank you and so much more and she said “I wanted to clean it for you so you could nap while Hailey is at school” – hmmm that is so Sweet but it also implies that my daughter thinks I need more sleep –
Instead of napping I will be cleaning this:

And this

And I will be getting ready for Turkey Day, I will be contemplating the state of the universe as only a mom can do and I will be doing it knowing I don’t have to clean the playroom!!! I don't have to clean the playroom, nanner nanner nanner!

Thanks Lauren!

Love mom!

BONUS: Grandma is picking Hailey up from school today! My 2.5 hours alone just grew to at least 4 hours! No more excuses…time to "Getter" done!

November 23, 2008

Weekend Update

Don't you just hate it when you hit caplock instead of shift when you are typing? Maybe you don't, but I do it all the time and it always leaves me wondering why caplock is just above shift in the first place. Argh.

Nothing great to talk about today, Lauren came home sick from school on Friday. It was a strange, sudden yuck. We were standing in line waiting for our Turkey lunch that the dads prepare every year when she got real pale, said she had to go home, was dizzy and couldn't walk - off to the office we go to find a 100.00 temperature. Pack it up, call it a day, drive through McDonald's and we are home. Sick child and all. She was better as of last night, had to miss rehearsals yesterday but wants to go today! Glad it was a short lived virus!

He who would rather not be named hung some more lights on the house yesterday. Winter is taking its sweet old time arriving this year and while that is driving me CRAZY it sure made for good Christmas Light hanging this year! We will turn them on next weekend! The girls are excited! We also decorate the house next weekend and I can't wait. The house takes on a whole new feeling once the garland goes up!

Grandma Mary comes on Wednesday! YAHOO. Everyone is very excited and we are ready! With the exception of the food of course! I can't remember when Zoo Lights starts at the Zoo - maybe we can all go? Better go google it!

Have a lovely Sunday!

November 21, 2008

Pile of TuTu's

So Poetry Tag was fun but still hoping for most poems!! Also - the sweet treats recipe swap is still open for submissions!

But in the meantime...
How do you spell/write Tutu? Who cares, I had a pile of them in my house this week...helping a little with some repairs before the big show! I have to admit, my job was SUPER easy - tacking the top layer of Tutu tool to the next layer of Tutu tool. Needle in, Needle out, Knot, twist 10 inches, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat - Hey do you remember Peat and Repeat? Oh, What a flashback I just had.

Pete and Repeat went into a store Pete came out and who was left?


Peat and Repeat went into a store Pete came out and who was left?

You get the picture, sorry for the stray...anyway - I like helping when I can and this job was super easy...Much easier than when my mom tackled making entire costumes for me 28 years ago - I will have to hunt down some of these photos for your enjoyment!

Well, here is my pile of Tutu's:

November 19, 2008

Poetry Tag

Bonnie had a great post about her missing deck that started a flurry of comments and poems...I thought it would be fun to play a game of Poetry Tag...I will post the first 4 lines you all comment with 4 more (ignore others and just post your own 4 or more) and I will put them all together and post the final poem soon, very soon. Please play!

I haven't wrapped a present yet
I don't know when I will
My kids will surely faint, I bet
When the tree is empty still


you can add 4 or more to it or make your own first 4 or more lines of a holiday poem - whatever feels right to you, just do it.

Wordless Wednesday

The Hailey you may not have seen...
Waking up on the wrong side of the couch

November 18, 2008

Remember this? Someday Story

When Lauren wrote a "Someday" story for the Wellsfargo Someday Story Contest? Well, she wasn't eligible to win but I submitted it anyway...


Today she got a package in the mail from Wellsfargo! Imagine her surprise to receive a package from the bank? It even came addressed to Ms. Lauren Emerson. Inside was a very nice letter from an executive at Wellsfargo Bank that took the time to acknowledge Lauren's submission! The package also contained a very nice metal stagecoach bank!

Lauren was grinning from ear to ear. She knew a long time ago that she didn't/couldn't win, and NEVER expected anything from it but it sure does feel good to be acknowledged every now and then doesn't it!

A great big shout out to Wellsfargo for going the extra mile!

November 17, 2008

Going Green - Or Not??

Did you know I actually had a Walgreens store clerk ask me if I wanted to buy one of there canvas bags for $1 and when I declined (because I have my own bags just didn't have them with me) she then proceeded to say "will you be needing a bag for these items then?" meanwhile I had a scattering of about 11 small items on the counter and a toddler securely on my hip, juggling my wallet to find payment and I said "well, yeah - I don't think I can carry these without one" I wish I would have thought quick enough to say "are you going to carry them to my car for me?"

So with all the ads on TV, the initiatives on ballots, the songs on the radio (even Miley has one) and the clerks at the stores begging, pleading and even insisting - just about everyone is trying to go a little more green today than they were in the recent past.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am listening - I get it - and I even believe about 50% of what I hear about global warming and going green...but sometimes and somethings just won't trump convenience for me.

So I ask you NOT what are you doing to contribute the health of our environment but rather what WON'T you give up for the green team?

For me, sadly, My list is rather extensive - but I have my reasons :)

1. Bottled Water (I have tried the brita filters etc. and they are cumbersome, bulky and annoying)

2. Soda in cans - my addiction far supersedes my desire to help global warming

3. Paper Towels - I just can't bring myself to use the same rag to clean the counter where I lay my toothbrush with the rag that just wiped the toilet. Nor can I manage to remember which rag I used for what - and I can't stand the thought of one of these things sitting near my kitchen sink breading bacteria.

4. My Car - though I do try to combine trips more so I drive less

5. Store bought cleaning products - I am far to unmotivated to MAKE my own cleaning supplies and stick to it for more than a week - I mean cleaning is no fun anyway adding more work to it just seems ridiculous.

I do have grocery sacks that I love and try to use whenever I can but I don't bring them into fast trip stores, I did buy some Green cleaning products last time I was at the store but riddle me this one: CLOROX? Green? Hmmmm. We do have energy efficient appliances, we try to keep lights to a minimum and we installed new thermostats to reign in the Heating and Cooling - though that was more for the pocket book than it was for the environment!

Ok - Tag your it...What are you not willing to give up for the green team - at least not yet?

November 16, 2008

Sunday Sunday

Or was that song Monday Monday? I don't know, but I do know Thanksgiving is just 10 or 11 days till Thanksgiving! Grandma Mary is coming and we are all very excited! The girls are almost giddy to have someone else around other than grumpy old mom and dad.

He "who shall remain nameless" is planning to put up our Christmas lights today (we won't turn them on yet but if we don't get them up it will start to snow and they won't make it up)

I need to make a final grocery list - I have been picking up things along the way and my butlers pantry now looks like this, clear all the Christmas gifts out of the guest room, clean off my counter (the one I am sitting at now) and manage to keep it that way for while, place a scrip order for school, sew tutus for Nutcracker (more later), stock the fridge in the basement oh - this list could go on for ever but I will stop here, Pause and take a moment to say YAHOO, someone else is cleaning my house on Friday! Now, that is just plain fabulous.

The girls have been mighty feisty lately, the time change, countdown to Christmas, impending substitute teacher for 8 weeks, Nutcracker anxiety all seem to have things in disarray - but we will live.

Last night my friend Bonnie was struggling to find words for a blog post, but wanted to post so I suggested she do a "what I learned this week" I love what she wrote and I must use my own idea sometime. Stop by and see her and her lovely family, comments are always appreciated.

I have said so much, yet so little here. I think I should stop now but I have to mention Hailey's Moment from yesterday. Little spitfire and I are having a chat in the car about listening and doing as were told, not exactly a June Cleaver moment but I told Hailey it would makes things easier if she just said "OK Mom" instead of whining all the time - to which she replies "I don't know how to say OK mom..." So I say in my best duh voice "You just did" and she replied "Oh, I surely do know how to say OK mom, ok mom". when I shared this moment with my own mother she reminded me of the time she was asking little me to keep my hands off the wall and I responded with "Whats a wall". We all know I knew darn well what a wall was...I guess we are all little stinkers eh?
Coming soon: Pile O' Tutu's, Things your own parents never thought they'd see, a little about little me and a lot about the girls!

November 14, 2008

McDonalds Surprise

Hailey and I had to run a couple of boring errands yesterday. Off to Bed Bath and Beyond to exchange a table cloth I bought in the wrong shape...Yes I know what shape my kitchen table is but no I did not manage to buy the right one. Then Safeway for some Tide and Bounce two of favorite to blow 30 dollars on (not). So after that we hit McDonalds for a little Health Food again...

When we walked up to the door Hailey ran to the window, I couldn't figure out why at first because my eyes were looking down at her, as soon as I lifted my eyes I knew...Ronald McDonald was at McDonalds! WOW! What a treat! She waved at him, I smiled and rushed in hoping to get the worlds cutest picture of Hailey with the worlds most famous Clown...
Mommy hopes crushed once was kind of like at Disney when Lauren did this

But at least above I was there to take the picture of Dad and this case we had to ask a stranger to take a picture with the famed BlackBerry...because....Hailey would not go any where near Ronald once we got through the doors. He was perfectly fun and perfectly safe through the window but LIVE and IN PERSON inside - NO GOOD.

But Ronald Rocked and made Hailey this lovely note, and she did tell her his name (6 times in a voice a mouse couldn't hear)

And back at the table, safe and sound with Nuggets, Fries and a Sprite - Hailey couldn't take her eyes off him.

But he left - Returning Next Friday at 5:00 (the 21st) for a magic show and more (Town Center McD for those who want to go)

November 13, 2008

Calling all my BlackBerry friends...

OMG I think it is the coolest thing since the Kindle! And you all know I love my Kindle! So Todd (who would normally prefer to be left out of Blog conversations) found this new BlackBerry feature today called Vlingo! It rocks!

With Vlingo you can talk to your phone and it understands you. Yes you read that understands you and you don't have to talk like a robot either you can just talk!

Send an email without typing, send a text without typing, search the internet without typing. Are you catching on. HOW COOL IS THIS! Just speak, verify and send.

This is sure to save a lot of thumbs, track balls and maybe lives (texting while driving for example!)

Here are some screen shots courtesty of "him who would rather not be named"

And for those of you still in the dark ages still - grab your PIN number and email it to me so we can pin each other (faster than email and free unlike texting)

Oh, Another dark ages update...took me weeks to take the time to do it but it is worth it! take a moment to go into your BlackBerry Web maintenance site and delete your email account and then put it back in...why? Because if your email host has imap relay you will start to get your emails instantly rather than 15 or 20 minutes delayed! Now, that is pretty darn cool too! How do you know if yours worked or not? After you add your email account back in click on EDIT then on Advanced the top box if it looks like this (xxxx being your email server)

then you are HOOKED UP! If not...sorry you wont get instant emails.

Ok once again a shout out to "him who would rather not be named" because he is the master behind all things BlackBerry. He has even mastered the art of creating your own CUSTOM themes...if your interested $7 will get you one!

I am sorry my BlackBerry might be AWESOME but it does not hold a candle to this phone found by Becky! Enjoy: but then come back...

Now if only BlackBerry would call me up and ask if we would like to preview cool new BlackBerry's and software for them! Know anyone?

November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Holiday Time 2003

November 11, 2008

Greeted by Moonshadows

I walked out into the fridged night tonight and was greeted by the most beautiful moonshadows ever. We have a fantasticly clear sky with a full moon tonight. I called Lauren to share in the views and immediately started singing a favorite Cat Stephens song...She didn't know it of course so I had to find it on U-tube for her and now I want to share with all of you

November 10, 2008

Giddy Up Cowgirl

Or at least cowgirl wanna be! She was having fun though and that is all that matters when you are three.

Recipe swap follow up

Sadly only one kind person participated in my recipe I am going to post her recipe and one of mine (my moms) just so I can have some closure from the original post. If you're interested click here

I did get a lot of feedback - people saying they would love to post a "sweet treat" so I will take another crack at it now:

If you want to post a favorite Holiday Sweet Treat Recipe please email it to me or post it in the comments and I will create a sweet treat soon.

I know I am a glutten for punishment - but I have faith that my friends and their sweet toothes will come through on this one


November 8, 2008

Somewhat public apology to Grams...

Grams did take another picture with her blackberry and it was much much better. I am always proud of my mom when she does TECHY things and the only reason I poked fun at her first picture was because I almost peed my pants laughing when I got the first one! So mom, I have to thank you for the BIG LAUGH at the end of a long day AND for the great picture you sent a few minutes later showing me how much fun the girls were having.THANK YOU! OH, and by the way, next time you mock me for mocking you maybe you should also notice that I called you Grandma of the Year for your unconditional love and commitment to the girls this week (and always)

Maybe I should have called this post "somewhat public, partial apology to Grams"

November 7, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

So, you know I have been looking forward to 3:00 Friday since, well since Sunday when it was decided the girls were going to get to Grams house for a night of DU Hockey, Grandma, Grandpa and loads of you also know the plans were almost axed as early as Monday when Hailey got a fever. I felt so bad for myself because I was not getting a night off for Hailey because she wasn't feeling well and was so looking forward to going to Grandmas. Well, she quickly overcame her fever and moved about the week in deeply hiding an impending ear infection and bronchial trauma perfect health!! We were all very glad the girls were getting their night out and mom and dad were getting to enjoy a quiet house and perhaps an opportunity to get some things done for Christmas! Yes, Christmas...I am anal, psychotic and more when it comes to figuring out Christmas...what comes from who (if you know what I mean) how many, how much etc. etc. etc. so I couldn't wait to get a chance to assess the situation and plan out a clear path of progression for the next six and a half weeks!

Friday came...and boy did it come! Friday started out very early and very approximately 5am I started trading emails with my friend Becky and quickly ended up throwing on some clothes and rushing of to the Vet ER to support a friend in her time of need.

After returning home I had to have a quick conversation with Daddy about whether or not Hailey should attend school even though she seems to have Laryngitis and most likely we will find out she has croup if we take her to the Dr. We decided, "no fever, healthy appetite" might as well head off to school, so I rounded up the troops to rush off to the SUPER QUICK shower, dry the hair, throw on the clothes and rush off to school. After dropping Hailey off we got to
make a slick U-turn and head back home for Lauren's D@^^n retainer!

On my way home from school #2 (insert mommy guilt here) I called the Dr. to grab an appointment so Hailey could get checked before she goes to Grandmas house...after 10 minutes on the phone with the nurse that rubs me the wrong way and finding out that all the "good" Dr's are out today and I was going to have to face the "new" one...after telling Nurse Rub Wrong that I was not happy about that and I could not believe she could not offer me a Dr. that already knew my children and listening to Nurse Rub Wrong say "Oh, Mrs. Emerson I remember you"
ha ha ha seriously she hates me, anyway I got an appointment for 20 minutes after preschool lets out.

At 11:30 I picked up Hailey and headed to the Dr's office to face Nurse Rub Wrong and New Doesn't know my child Dr...waited in the waiting room for 30 minutes (D@^^m) with a hungry, voiceless, tired child (insert more mommy guilt here). Finally we got to see the New Dr. Her name? Dr. YOUNG. That is SUPER encouraging! Well, NEW Dr. Young looks in right ear, says it is PERFECT, looks in left ear and says "Oh she is quite infected" (Mommy guilt mounting) - listens, looks, pokes, prods...Prescribes Antibiotic for Ear Infection and Steroid for Bronchial trauma. OMG. I keep telling you that mommy of the year award will never be mine. Do you believe me yet?

Quick, call Grandma and beg her to still take the girls for the night, ask her kindly and give her plenty of opportunity to back out. Feed Hailey at McDonalds the picture of HEALTH FOOD for my sick child, drop into Walgreen's where the fantastic pharmacists know us by name and pick up DRUGS!

Once home, it took both mom and dad to give Hailey 1 1/2 pills that have to be crushed and mixed in yummy food to get down...Hailey can not be tricked she knew what was coming and it was more like restraining a horse than a 3 year old. Not sure how much of that steroid she got (probably ok though since GRANDMA OF THE YEAR said the girls could still come!)

Now comes the GOOD part...I picked Lauren up from school (Hailey slept the whole way) dropped two VERY happy, excited and barely looking or acting sick children off at Grandmas where GRANDMA OF THE YEAR had the most amazing snack plates on the table for them and I headed home, alone, in the car, listening to MY station...(not very much mommy guilt here)

I arrived home to box on my porch from my dear friend Becky...and in it: A beautiful tower of goodies from Harry and David. and the best part. I am Home Alone and I don't have to share, nah nah nah nah! YUMMY! Please go meet Becky if you have time, she is new to the blogging world and embracing it with open arms!

And now you know more about why Becky is one of my favorite friends and if you know me at all I have VERY few friends and they are all favorites because I am sort of picky, a little...maybe a lot.

Daddy and I headed off to dinner at Outback (THANKS GRANDMA MARY!!) for a quick dinner (sans children) and we did NOT get seated at a table close to screaming toddlers...we did get to sit very close to Lauren's second grade teacher though!

Home (still not very much mommy guilt) tackle the craziness of Christmas in the basement, jump on computer and type this only interruption came from Grandma of the Year when she sent this LOVELY photo from her blackberry. I think she was so proud, I can just hear here saying "let me send mommy a photo so she can see you guys are fine and having fun". Well Mom (Grandma) next time you might want to look at the picture before you send it!

So now, Friday night is almost over, The girls got to go Grams, I got some quiet time and I will head off to bed (insert mommy guilt again) thinking about my girls, my evening and pondering this fantastic thought:

"When did quiet time at home trump going out and having a blast with your husband?"

Thanks for listening (reading) if you made it this far!

Now go back and hit all those hyperlinks they aren't to be missed!

In Honor of Beau

Beau is one of Becky's dogs. Beau was a bichon almost 19 years when he was attacked in his backyard this morning by a coyote. Becky rescued Beau 9 years ago and gave him wonderful life.

Today we honor Beau's passing

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....
Author unknown...

November 6, 2008

Self Portrait....

Before you go getting all giddy with excitement this is NOT a self portrait of ME...No, not me. It is Hailey's. I was busy (goofing off on the computer) and told her to go draw a picture of herself for me and bring it back...approximately 2.4 seconds later this comes back...


Didn't take long enough though..


Oh and don't ask me what the parts in the middle are...I was too afraid to ask.

November 5, 2008

on moms and keeping it all straight.

Motivated by the thoughts of others I got to pondering (uh oh). What exactly is organized? I have 3 calendars on my for dinners (planned through January) one for every day life and one for hot lunch at school...I go through sticky notes as fast as I go through toilet paper and just today I left and came home TWICE just for ballet supplies for dance class. I have a spread sheet for Christmas gifts, a thanksgiving shopping list, a list of things to do before thanksgiving and a list for after - I have dentists, orthodontists, flu shots, hair cuts, rehearsals, shows, retainers, laundry, housework, work work and my brain is always buzzing, never quiet...I know I am not the only one, I know this list is way longer than what I typed, quite frankly I find it far to scary to type EVERYTHING that is in my brain, on my to do lists and otherwise dragging me down...but I am busy, I am a mom and I love every minute of it...


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