May 29, 2009

Simply Sisters

Never Talk to Strangers

I reviewed this book earlier this week at Tales from the Nightstand and because I feel so passionately about it I am posting the full review here as well, I am not even going to make you link over to read it!
By Irma Joyce

This book was a family favorite when I was a kid! There was a huge push in the schools to get the word out about strangers and parents and educators took it very seriously. We even role played scenarios to drive the message home.

However, nothing made a lasting impression in my brain more than this book. With its zany illustrations and giggle worthy rhymes it is sure to make an impression on your children as well.

From the Back Cover

A classic Golden Book is back in print!

If you are hanging from a trapeze
And up sneaks a camel with bony knees,
Remember this rule, if you please --
Never talk to strangers.

First published in 1967, Never talk to strangers relays a message more timely and important than ever.

I am certain you and your family will enjoy and learn something from this wonderful children's book from Golden Books. It will not teach about all the cautionary things within our world but it is a great stepping stone and conversation starter. When I first shared it with Hailey (3) she interrupted after about 3 pages and said "mommy why should be never talk to strangers?" and I knew at that moment that she would never forget.

Never Talk to Strangers is a must have for your children's library!

May 28, 2009


On the back patio, supremely sheltered from the weather

Is a nest, and in that nest is a bird
I would love to get a peek at this mama's little eggs. We are pretty certain she is a Robin and they have the prettiest little eggs!

But she is a very protective mom, even an air horn wouldn't send her from her nest! Maybe we will get lucky and get to meet her babies when they hatch?
We got lucky - They hatched Saturday night (well, all but one) and the Mama is leaving her nest often BUT it is really hard to get the camera up there to get pictures - and I am terrified that she is going to fly in and peck at my head while I am on the ladder....

Glad no one thought to take a picture of me taking a picture of the babies because that would have been a site about as pretty as that baby.

Is he thirsty?

Are you looking for a practical yet funny Fathers day gift? You have to check out these sandals by Reef - they call them the Reef Dram Sandal but they affectionately been dubbed -

Flip Flop Flasks!

Because yes they hold an ENTIRE shot right at your fingertips OOOPS I mean - Foot Prints.

Now tell that disgusting or brilliant?

I think it WALKS a fine line -

but it is a line I am not willing to cross!

May 27, 2009

Pain. What Pain?

After a rocky start to the day with spitting instead of swallowing and choosing not to talk the rest of Hailey's day was really no different than any other day. I don't know if was pain management, the new Cool Temp Laser surgery that is supposed to result in less pain or perhaps Hailey is really just a strong cookie!

She said when she ate pudding the first couple bites hurt then it was easy eat (each time) she is loving "snow" from the snow cone machine and Gatorade - but she also ate Macaroni and cheese, a half a bagel, a slice of toast (with Jelly), rice and a Hershey kiss.

The most amazing part was the nap she took in my car (on our way to get Lauren from school). In months past people I was on the phone with could hear Hailey snore. Today - SILENCE. I am not kidding. It was so quiet I almost cried (again).

From what I read the "worst" could still be coming for her, but I am glad she had a good day - and I am glad we did the surgery because I can tell it is going to make a difference in her life.

Thanks again to everyone for all your kind words and well wishes!

Be sure to take a minute to check out Justin's Blog as you can win a free book just by sending him your address by Friday noon...AND he extended the contest deadline so please please please enter (he has some hints on his blog...check them out)

May 26, 2009

Before, Durring and After

It's over, sort of. Hailey did fantastic. I bawled my way out of the room surgery room. The Doctors and nurses were all in shock at what an amazing patient she is. The Anesthesiologist actually said she should be in medical movies because she is so calm. Kind of a weird thing but sure makes a mom proud! This was Hailey this morning BEFORE we left the house. She had just opened a new puppy Grandma sent for her to take with her

She named her Puppy - "Puppy Joe" and I don't know why but I just love that name.

Here was Hailey after the surgery. After fighting to wake up as fast she could - (I knew she would) she succumbed to rest when they placed her my arms. Only to wake once and ask "did he take my tonsils out" I told her yes and that she did great and she drifted off to dream land again.
And here she is at home. When we first arrived home she threw up all over this couch, me, her and the floor. and not just any throw up either - but I will spare you... Then she proceeded to eat and drink any and every thing we would let her have!

When Grams and Gramps brought Lauren home from school, Hailey was a bit giddy, she even got up and did a JUMPING SOMERSAULT - We all freaked and scared the crud out of her...she cried and then we felt so bad.
Grandma Mary sent these wonderful balloons and flowers and Hailey felt so special. She walked over to them many times, wanted to talk about the flowers and the colors! What a nice thing!

At 6:00 Hailey asked if she could "go upstairs and brush her teeth and go to bed" we haven't heard from her since. But I have the monitor on and I plan to check in on her soon. She really was a great patient...from what I understand the worst is yet to come for her - but thankfully her memories of today are good ones!
Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and support! It means a lot!

Today is the day

What I learned this week is hosted by JoLynn over at Musings of a Housewife - Stop by and check out all the great posts! I really have enjoyed this week after week and am glad she started it.
Today Hailey is having her tonsils and adenoids removed. By the time you read this she may be done. Surgery is scheduled for 9:30 (MST) and we had to be there at 8:00 this morning. We will be at the Hospital for a minimum of 6 hours and the surgery is expected to take one hour.

I am not a wimpy mom, a sappy one yes, but wimpy no - however this has been tough for me. Lauren had anesthesia once when she had to have some teeth pulled. She is very fearful at Dr's offices and the safest course of action was to put her under. I cried when they put the mask on her face, I cried as I left the room and I cried in the waiting room. But the worst part was actually watching her wake up. Lauren is a very serious, black and white kind of gal. When she was up "enough" she said "What happened? Where did the time go?" she knew - she knew she had been "gone" and that broke my heart.
I don't expect the same from Hailey, in fact I expect to POP up rather than then waking real slow - I expect her to be in more pain though and that breaks my heart too. I have cried a few times just thinking about it. I know it is certainly in her best interest that we do this today - but I have to say it also flat out sucks.

What have I learned?

That sometimes being a mom flat out sucks.

I will try to post tonight with all the final outcome details - In the meantime - Lindsay's adorable 2 year old son is going in for surgery tomorrow (Wed) - he needs tubes and I am sure Lindsay is feeling about as fabulous as I am so please take a minute to drop by and give her and Sammy a little love.

May 25, 2009

TPT? or just resourceful...

Yes, we are blessed to get to spend time at Grandma and Grandpas mountain home...Most of the time the girls "swim" in the hot tub...but with summer approaching and dreams of diving boards in their heads we had to make some changes.

In comes the pool in the truck...
And the lawn chairs seated near the car with music blaring for entertainment
And the pool on the driveway

and the Size 3 Kate Mack that is STILL being made for diaper wearers

thus creating a very attractive sags in the rump

Hey at least we clean up well...

Take a hike

Or at least a walk up the road.

Coming to the mountains really forces me to slow down and appreciate the beauty and wonder. I could live here, I really could.

I love the sound of the rushing River, especially in the spring when it is so heavy from the winter runoff.

The girls love to go for walks when we go to Beaver Creek - the road my parents house is chalk full of cool things to discover. Sometimes it is a brown bear looking for lunch, other times it is simply a marmot squealing to protect their young. There are Deer (complete with babies in the spring), Elk, birds, the occasional Owl or Wild Turkey...but more importantly to the girls this year is there is an abundant crop of

YUP. Dandelions! I am SO not kidding. These things are EVERYWHERE and they are huge - and quite frankly they are actually kind of pretty!

They are great for wishing on too!

and if your lucky you might even see a cute "sister" moment

But watch of them is sporting a TAIL!!

May 24, 2009

Brain Noodles

Do you have pipe cleaners? Is that what everyone calls them? Well, in case you don't they are those fuzzy things on a metal strip that bend and curve and make all kinds of crafty things!

When we arrived in the mountains for our weekend with Grams the girls were greated by a box of these Brain Noodles

I swear they are nothing more than Pipe Cleaners on Steroids! But they have enormous playing power!

If you have a little Diva in the making she might make jewelry out them

Lauren quickly served up a Cheeseburger then got busy making a fishing rod and fish...

The girls were enjoying them SO much we picked up an extra box so there were enough to go around with all the creative things they were doing.

For only $14.00 I highly recommend these Brain Noodles - Great fun for a rainy day or any day!
My mom finds the coolest stuff! Way to go mom!

May 23, 2009

Have you met my brother?

I have mentioned him before...he has even commented a time or two - Brad is my "baby" brother he is 5 years younger than me (bummer) but he is awesome.

He and his wife Anna recently bought a house, on top of a mountain (literally). It is simply beautiful up there and I am so jealous I threatened to put a shack somewhere on his property so I could live their too.

Brad has always been a GQ kind of guy - Armani, Polo - dressed to the T at every turn. He is also a gadget guy - Loves his "toys"

but I wonder if any of us know the REAL Brad?

Beacuse this weekend he had this delievered

and its tires are as big as Hailey

and it sits in his garage next to this

And it makes for great photo opps with the girls...

But something didn't seem right. HIM with TRACTOR?

So we did a little investigating and we found this cozy air cushioned seat inside the cab
and upon closer inspection one can find AC and HEAT controls as well...

You might say this is the GQ Tractor, the BMW of John Deer - whatever you want to call it - my brother owns a tractor and that makes me giggle - but in all fairness to him the GIANT snowblower attachment is going to be a MUST have in the Colorado Mountain winters!

However, I am left wondering if my dad is going to have tractor envy? Because this is his Mtn Property Tractor