February 29, 2008

Photo Update 2/29/08

Here are the photos of Hailey at her tap/ballet class yesterday. Note: Hailey has just turned 2 1/2 and these girls are 4 or older. Also she is the only child in the class that changes her own shoes at the half way point. She hates to leave the class once she is in there - Yesterday she fell and cut her lip and her teacher had to come get me to come in because Hailey wanted to keep dancing! It was just a little nick and did not bleed much but did need to be wiped off.

Today I took the girls to have lunch at the park and play a little while after school (half day) we came home and Hailey crashed! Lauren got busy creating at the table and Hailey snoozed on the floor!

Mouse? What Mouse?

Here we have hit Friday. A half day at school, followed by lunch at the park then Team Night at the dance studio for Lauren. Grandma and Grandpa are off to California for the next 10 days - admittedly I am jealous - warm sun, beaches, hotel maids, room service to name a few!! Spring Break can't get here soon enough for me! It will be our first real vacation with Hailey and I looking forward to it and hoping all goes well! We will be traveling to AZ! For Warm sun, pools, room service, family fun with Grandma and Grandpa, Brad and Anna - Todd might golf a day or two, I might hit the spa for a massage and Grandma and Grandpa plan to babysit at least once so Todd and I get to have a quiet evening! What a treat! Our friends from the dance studio (Alicia and Scott) will also be in AZ while we are there so maybe we will be able to get together with them for a bit too!

Lauren started her very own blog last night. I don't know how often she will get to it but if you got an invitation to view it is legitimate and if you did not get an invite but want one post a comment here or email me and I will make sure you get one. It will be really great if she uses it. It can be a good outlet to vent, reminisce or just plain write to write. I am a co-author on her blog so I have as much control over it as she does, it is private like this one so every Tom, Dick and Harry can not just find and read her blog and it. It will also be a good, controlled, lesson in Internet safety as we can talk about not providing personal information (numbers addresses etc) not using people's last names when posting and more! Her first entry was a poem she penned in about 5 minutes it is cute! This weekend I will show her how to load pictures and more. You can even add a blog post from your cell phone (though I haven't taught myself yet) but she can take a picture, write about it and send it to her blog once we learn how so that could be cool!

Hailey was up before the birds today (not uncommon in the least) but the shocker was I took to the potty and laid her back down and she actually stayed in bed! Might even be sleeping, allowing me to ramble on here with my thoughts and steal a few moments to myself before I have to press on with the day! YEAH ME!

Did you hear about our mouse? No! Well, read on...we had a visitor in our window well on Monday morning. Thank goodness it was in the window well and couldn't find a way in (though it nibbled a nice hole in the screen that will need repair). Anyway, there was no getting him out alive (HA) and no leaving it there to creep me out for weeks so it was greeted with a lunch of mole/vole killer (no DeCon available at that moment) and now Todd gets the treat of disposing of said mouse this weekend. YUCK! Anyway, I have to wonder, if the mouse was in the window well it was clearly trying to get close to the house and of course inside where it is warm and cozy. How many friends followed it? Where are they? EEEEK. Why can't they just stay out in the open space where they belong, support the Eco System and let the Hawks hunt them down in a natural way? So, now when I enter the garage, the basement or any dimly lit room I have to pause and pray that I don't see anything scamper in front of my feet. Creatures and I just are not friends and if one gets in here I just might lose my marbles.

Well it is 6 am now and I am sure Miss Hailey will bless me with her presence any moment now so I am off to make coffee, empty the dishwasher and basically get back to reality. I took pictures at her tap class yesterday and if the day or evening permit I will post them later!

Wow, thank goodness this blog thing has a spell checker, I really am horrible. Hope it found them all because I am going to hit publish now.

February 28, 2008

Grumpy Scissors Day

What a wonderful day! Though Hailey has been a bit grumpy! Lauren woke up with a very low fever that faded as the morning went on and she is feeling great! We started the day with showers, sheets and laundry. Aired out the bedrooms, cleaned the bathroom and wiped down all that Lauren has touched (because I am a germaphobe through and through) - then we started a little craft at the kitchen table.

The goal was to let Hailey use the much coveted scissors and yet have something to show for their efforts. So we cut big strips of green paper. Then the girls just had to "snip" them into confetti size pieces to glue onto Shamrocks for St. Patricks day.

Well...Hailey tried:
and tried -

And when all else fails: RIP IT!

Regardless they both had fun - They glued and giggled most of the time! Then they left the table and mom got to clean up. Yeah Me!

After the craft was done and on the counter to dry - we spent the next 45 minutes listening to Hailey ask, and beg, plead to be taken to the park. So eventually we went! Off to the park for us. THE PARK? Wait...Wasn't Lauren just sick. SHHHH. Don't tell her teacher - it turns out she is just playing hooky today. The fever is in fact gone and well, she felt like she was on top of the world - They climbed climby things, slid down slides, played a little in the sand. Hailey even came down the fireman's post (several times in a row - she is strong!) Lauren did the monkey bars high and low and had a blast. We stayed about 45 minutes. I think they had a great time.

Ok, enough is enough for today. For your reference though, if you click on one of the slideshows it will bring you to the Google Picasa Photo Site and you can view all the pictures in that slide show at your own pace and a little larger. If it asks you to sign in you should be able to use the same login and password you do to access the blog and your other google accounts!

If you have ANY trouble post a comment here or e-mail me and we will figure it out together!

Happy surfing and thanks for reading.

February 27, 2008

Wed. February 27th I think

Lauren is still home sick. She has a permanent spot on the couch reserved for just for her at this point. The poor thing gets just a couple hours of reprieve between fever spikes! She is sad and tired of being sick and I don't blame her.

Funny though...She had plenty of work to do from missing school and she sat at the table this morning for about 90 minutes and did it all. Two days of school work crammed into 90 minutes. Makes you wonder eh?

Ms. Hailey went off to school this morning and though she cried a little before we left the house and in the car when it came time to drop her off she sucked it up and said good by like a big girl! They even said she made it through the day without tears! YEAH HAILEY!

Thought of the day on Hailey... I wonder if at 2 1/2 you know how to fake sick? I mean, we know she is pretty bright for her age, her vocabulary is amazing "Probably" is her favorite word. But last night she claimed to have an ear ache and today she is cold with a tummy ache - I have to wonder "did her cold move into her ear, do I need to get it checked, is she getting what Lauren has or does she just realize that it will get her attention from mom?" Hmmmm. I will be pondering that for the next 12 to 18 hours to see if it is real or if we need to see the Doc? With my luck by the time I take her in she will have a double ear infection and appendicitis or something HA! Lets hope not!!

February 26, 2008

Tuesday Dance Day and Lauren Home Sick

Here we embark on Tuesday. Hailey has her regular Kinder Rock class that she LOVES. If Hailey could go to dance every day she would. She is the only 2 year I know that even enjoys a private lesson every now and then! She is attentive, passionate and truly loves her dance classes. On Sunday she was pretending to be "driving" I asked if she going to Disney Land to which she turned and looked at me and said "No I going to DANCE" duh, mom!

Lauren was up around midnight nursing that fever. She had some Tylenol around 9 when it spiked and she was doing her classic "freak session" Lauren has a tendency to sleep walk, talk etc and it is always heightened with fever. When she is up sleep walking she often "freaks out" it is best not to communicate with her at all and just get her back to bed but that doesn't always happen because it is often difficult to tell weather she is awake or asleep. We call it her ghost walking - the only way you can really tell is to look in her eyes if she looks possessed she is asleep. Sometimes though it is dark and you engage in conversation only to regret it when she starts running from you or yelling at you!!

Anyway, I am hoping she sleeps late this morning and wakes without fever...we will pick up her school work this afternoon so she can stay on top of it. She hates missing school and will be crying, no matter how sick, that she can't go. She will also be missing Ballet tonight, that is a wholenother Oprah...with 18 students in her class at a studio that I love I am having a mommy struggle - 18 is just too many!

As the day moves on...(HA it is only 7:40) Lauren came down stairs with her fever at 104 - yes 104! Can you say TYLENOL. Looks like this could drag on for a while. Hopefully the Tylenol Will bring it down enough that she can venture out o Hailey's dance class because Hailey will be very sad if we have to miss it.

I bought a new computer last week. and I am NOT liking my keyboard. it doesn't take the keystrokes well and I have to backspace A LOT and even the back space key is not great. SONY HELP ME!

We are off to tackle our day now. I will update later if time permits!

We made it to dance! Hailey had fun.

Lauren was a trooper. She did several pages in a work book til her fever crept up again - but look she is still beautiful even when sick! I sure hope this adding pictures thing is working. I guess I will see when I hit post! Anyway I thought I would throw in a shot of lazy old Riley too - just for grins. SO. Lauren's fever has topped out at 104.4 and she has had Tylenol. It is coming back down now but I sure feel sorry for her! The rise and fall of the fever is really hard. Because when the Tylenol is at it's peak she feels pretty good then goes downhill as it wears off. She is in pretty good spirits though. Just wishes she could go to school.

February 25, 2008

First Post

Well here goes nothing! My first attempt at the Family Blog. Since I don't find time to update the website anymore (I know shame shame). Well, anyway, you can shame all you want I will get it done someday.

In the meantime I have a friend that uses this method to stay in touch with family and friends. It may take some learning on my part, but I suppose I should learn now anyway because pretty soon Lauren will blogging and I won't know what she is doing!

So...today is Monday February 25th and we have moved Hailey into the Healthy Zone and Lauren into the Sick Zone. Just a fever so far. A couple sneezes. She is currently sitting on the couch drawing (coming in at 102.8) while I lay here trying to figure out this blog stuff.