January 5, 2009

Guess hooooo I'm sleeping with?

That's right. I am sleeping with the owls! Courtesy of my dear friend Becky who got me a pajama-gram for Christmas (along with some other goodies!)

This was the year of the owl for me! My secret got let out of the bag when I told Jo-lynn I liked owls and wanted them on my blog design. I suppose it wasn't a secret, just wasn't widely known. Well, because of it my mom and I are no longer the only ones that know how much I love owls.

My husband got me an amazing book about Owls and their behavior, habitat etc...my friend Alicia gave me an amazing wooden owl ornament, my daughter drew me a beautiful picture of an Owl, the book my mom gave me (Wesley the Owl) was wonderful and I was sad when I finished it and the PJ's well the PJ's are just the best! Sleeping with the owls is kind of how it all started...more about that later...I do plan to write the story of how, what, when, where and why the Owls...but not today.

THANK YOU! I will be smiling for years to come!


Kim said...

Those jammies look so comfy!!! I am looking forward to seeing why Owls play such an important part!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Cute cute jammies! I got a pajamagram, too....what nice presentation they make!

Will look forward to the owl-revelations soon!

Happy New Year!

Grams said...

Think you better tell the owl story soon, expectations may get too high!!

Bonnie said...

What is a pajamagram?

Terra said...


Becky said...

Glad you like the jammies! Maria was the size consultant and kept them a secret. I think you should model them with the Sketchers (a different color on each foot) and post the pic.

Yes! Yes! We all give a hoot about the owl story!

Courtney said...

those pjs are so adorable.