October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Our day started early. Lauren came downstairs dressed at 5:44 - not in her costume just in her clothes but it was 5:44! I guess she is excited! The girls got off to school in their costumes and were adorable! Mom had to come home and go back to school because we left the retainer case at home (argh) don't want to start off losing the retainer on the first day!!!

Enjoy our first photos!

October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight we carved pumpkins finally! Hailey wanted a "creepy" one and picked a traditional looking template, Lauren found a Dorothy and Toto and Todd found a scary one! I just helped!

Surprise: Both girls were great! No-one cried or whined or otherwise made me wish we hadn't started!

They are both excited for Halloween -

Lauren got her retainer today it was a tough afternoon. She cried when he asked her to say Mississippi (it brought tears to my eyes too). Then we took 3 U-Turns and headed back to the office after we left because she felt like it was going to fall out. Bless their hearts they are so KIND in that office and took her right back each time for Dr. Lindsey to check it - honestly it was just a "Lauren" thing - but they never told her that! She has been practicing saying Trick or Treat and Thank You and is feeling a little better about it.

Enjoy the photos:

October 28, 2008

Ghosts from Halloween Past

Halloween is almost upon us...spooky ain't it. How fast time flies when your having fights over pumpkins, costumes, candy consumption and more, FUN!! I have been revisiting old photos for several days, (out of sheer insanity) no, really because I was trying to organize a mess on the backup server. Anyway, it got me remembering all the pumpkins we have carved, the costumes we've bought and the fun we've had. Each year we carve pumpkins a day or two before Halloween, someone ultimately ends up crying, or throwing a fit about something (usually mom!)
Halloween night tends to be BITTER cold and the kids end up looking like abominable snowmen instead of the Halloween characters the intended to be - but it is always fun. Grandma and Grandpa come over for Pizza and hand out candy while Todd and I get to take the girls trick or treating! That is a treat for everyone!

The first year we took Lauren trick or treating we went to the 4 closest neighbors and called it a night, the first year we took Hailey trick or treating she tried to barge into every house...Door Opens = Hailey Enters! It was cute. Anyway this year it is supposed to be like 60 degrees
Halloween night - I am pretty stoked about that!

We don't have pumpkins yet, think I better do that tomorrow! Probably carving Thursday night this year (the day Lauren gets her retainer - not such a treat!)

In the meantime I thought you might enjoy some pictures from years past. Can you guess who is who?

Dorfus Bubblehump

My friend Bonnie forwarded me a silly email today - I don't often read them but today the subject line caught my attention! It was an excerpt from a children's book, Captain Underpants And the Perilous Plot Professor Poopypants, by Dave Pilkey, in which the evil Professor forces everyone to assume new names... Well the code to assume new names is rather easy and ultimately rather entertaining. Under this code my family would become the Bubblehump family rather than the Emersons. Our names are as follows:

Terra is now Dorfus Bubblehump
Lauren is now Dipsy Bubblehump
Hailey is now Dorky Bubblehump
Todd is now Cheesy Bubblehump

But perhaps the funniest name I got from the code belongs to my Brother who becomes

Snickle Frickenfarkle

Which just makes me laugh! And laugh, and giggle a little more....wish I would have thought of that when we were younger! How fun would it be to run around calling your little brother Snickle Frickenfarkle?

Want to play along? I will post the code later this evening so come back soon!

Click here if you want to play along! Find your name and post a comment! I can't wait to read them all!

October 27, 2008

The girls finally got to REALLY jump in the leaves! If you missed round 1 I really suggest you visit it here then come and back to watch the video of the real event!

I hope you enjoyed the video!

If you are lucky enough to be viewing this when it posts as scheduled I am currently at the dentist, laying back, mouth wide open, in some pain (at least mentally) getting a crown put on...Big Fat Bummer for me!

October 25, 2008

Hailey surprisingly Shy

Where did this come from?

I don't really know how to explain it and yet I know all kids go through shy stages but Hailey has always been our spotlight seeker. With a need to be the center of attention she chimes in on conversations she has no idea about, she repeats what others say and makes up her own versions. She tells tall tales about what happened at school to match Lauren's stories and overall just craves the attention of others.

Until recently. When she started burying her head in my shoulder each time someone tries to talk to her, grabs my leg and wants "up" if we have to walk by strangers, refused to bring a toy or book to school to share during her "star of the week" last week and literally shutters (like you do when you get a chill) when she is demonstrating her shyness.

There are two ways I can look at this:

1. She is going through a toddler stage and really does want to hold on her to mommy a little longer before she takes more control of her little life...


2. This is yet another way to remain the center of attention. I mean of course when she is being shy people keep talking to her, "Hailey, what's the matter don't you want to come play" etc. Then she shudders and they say "oh poor thing..." So wow, she gets a lot of attention though it appears she doesn't want it.

I am going with Number 2. I think this sweet little innocent toddler knows exactly what she is doing and is enjoying every minute of it. I think she should be an actress someday (not really) because her ability to fool those around her is really quite a skill!

I am certain "this too shall pass" and I am certain I will be very sad when it does (part me loves cuddling her when she is "shy" while the other part wants to just say "get down and go play you little booger" but for now...

Hailey is being shy.

October 24, 2008

Wishing for a Kindel?

If you have been looming in the background, wishing, wanting, waiting for a Kindle! Now is the time! For 7 days only you can get your Kindle for $50 less than everyone else! Thanks to Oprah!

You all know I love my Kindle. It takes some getting used to ( I call it the 2 week break in period) - there are some things that you will miss about "books" and there are some books that you will likely still want to own in hard copy BUT....Nothing beats the Kindle! I read more, I read faster, I read comfortably I read!

Finish a book at midnight? Can't sleep, click on the Kindle wireless and buy a new one!
Too tired to hold your book but your at the best part? Prop your kindle up and read away!
It is small, it is lite - carry 1 Kindle on the plane rather than packing 2 or 3 books!
You can GOOGLE
You can get EMAIL
You can ask questions via NOW NOW and get answers in 10 minutes
You can listen to music while you read
Subscribe to newspapers, magazines, BLOGS!!!!

I am telling you nothing beats the Kindle!

Ok...sales pitch done. Coupon Code: OPRAHWINFREY - 7 days only!!!!

Favorite Holiday Recipe Swap

My mom just called and we were talking about how hard it is to find certain "favorites" at the grocery stores anymore. In this case it is the Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Cubes - we like the cubes not the crushed stuff and we mix a bag of herbed with a bag of country...well in the last few years they have been tough to find and the cube size has shrunk...PF if you happen to read this get your act together and start making things the way I like them again (please)!!!

So that got me thinking about all the holiday food I love and I even started my Thanksgiving food list so I don't forget anything!! While doing that I stopped to blog...because I decided it would be fun to swap favorites with friends! I figure by doing so now we may even have time to try a few before the big days and possibly change things up a bit?

Ok...not the sweet yummy delicious highly fattening deserts (we'll do those in December!) but the yummy Delicious dish that just makes every holiday perfect to you.....

Email me (or post in comments) by Friday October 31st and I will post them here for all to see and share!!! If you have a picture please include it too!

October 23, 2008

We got new PJ"s We Got New Pj's

AND SLIPPERS TOO! Thanks Grandma!

Daddy and I have one big rule - NO MATCHING CLOTHES on these sisters....however Lil Sis is going through a HUGE want what Lauren has stage....and since virtually no-one ever sees the girls in their PJ's I broke the rule today!

Hailey and I were off to Hannah Anderson today for Christmas PJ's! We ended up with 2 pairs of PJ's EACH and each got a pair of slippers! Hailey wanted the Pink SnowFlakes....I wanted the more Christmasy ones....so thanks to the SALE we made out pretty well. You will have to wait for the Christmas PJ picture but for now...Enjoy the girls showing off and thanking Grandma:

October 21, 2008

This is what happens when

This is what happens when Big Sister helps Little Sister create a Christmas list:

Little sister wanted a radio for her room and Pink Retro phone from American Girl....

Little sister now wants, a pair of flowery clogs, an American Girl Just like You doll, Table and Lamp set, Snuggly snow pj's, toasty pink boots, 5 outfits for the bitty twins, a diaper bag, a ballet barre, spinny dresses, build a bear, Sleeping Beauty Movie,

The funniest part? Big sister only had 5 things on her own list.

Is it too early to start telling them that Santa is watching?

Art Project

Last week Lauren had to do a fall art project for the school Auction. Each class has to something. In our case one of the moms is taking the art and turning it into a quilt to put up for auction. She also decided she might do an individual project and turn each child's art into cards for Thanksgiving...because we all send out Thanksgiving cards don't we? But they would be fun, and they wouldn't have to be Happy Thanksgiving Cards - they could be thank you or I miss you notes...so I actually think it is a good idea and since someone like me is more likely to purchase a bundle of cards with my child's artwork on it over a giant quilt with the whole classes artwork on it (that I have no place in my to put) I actually encouraged and even offered to help with the cards if need be...

Lauren had an unfair advantage over her classmates because we played a little hook on the afternoon they were painting at school and headed out for the Mountains at 2:00 - so she got to do hers at home!! The instructions were - Water Colors (The real ones not the crayola in a tray kind) not very much black, Fall theme, whole page colored, one large item in the middle.

Lauren decides right away that she wants to paint a cornucopia - a cornu-u-what? Are you kidding me? That is no easy task...so we got out the paints, the proper paper, some scratch paper and set up the kitchen art studio (ha ha). Lauren drew 3 rough drafts of her cornucopia...count them 1,2,3. Then she painted the paper, drew on the paper and set off to paint it. Stupid mommy did not get a picture of the final product - but I will when we get it back or buy the cards!!!


Painting the background

Creating second draft of cornucopia

(removing detail so it can be painted in)

Penciling the cornucopia onto the background

The innards are painted starting on the actual cornucopia

Close up...

Hailey was painting too! This picture actually turned out pretty. When I update the post with the final product for school I will add one of this too!

October 19, 2008

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas OH MY

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas - oh my....I can't believe how close these 3 holidays are looming!

We are virtually ready for Halloween - We have costumes anyway.

Thanksgiving will be here rather quickly and Grandma Mary is coming to visit - we look forward to this every year!!!

After that then we run head on into Nutcracker - Thank you to all of you who want to come and watch Lauren dance!! Her face lit up like a candle when I told her who all was coming!!! And we all know "beaming with joy" faces are not Lauren's specialty!

and then....Christmas is just a hop skip and a jump away from that!

Wow, the things that need to be done - the list would be pages long if I wrote it all down (which you know I will)

So my questions to all my Internet friends are:

1. Have you started preparing for the Holidays yet or will you procrastinate until the last minute on each?

2. What is your favorite thing to do each December?

3. What is your least favorite about these last 2 months of each year?

October 18, 2008

If the snow wont fall

I am a winter girl, I love the snow - I dream of the days that my girls will be old enough that I can have lazy winter days in front of the fire place with a cup of hot cocoa and my kindel and just watch it snow. Winter used to arrive a little earlier here in Colorado - or at least a teaser for winter. We would often get our first snow in September and if not then, then in early October. The past several years though, Old Man Winter has been taking his time arriving in Denver.

So what do you do when it wont snow?

Make your own! Compliments of Steve Spangler Science!

The girls had a blast and we really didn't even make that much. Now, I will admit the snow like substance left a lot to be desired - It was not cold, it wouldn't make a snowman, and it felt funny in your hands...BUT it looked like snow and the girls had fun and that is all that matters.

So as the weather is predicted to be in the high 70's this weekend...All I can do is enjoy these pictures of the fake snow and keep waiting for the real stuff to arrive!

October 16, 2008

Volcanic E-what?

The volcano that wasn't really. It always makes me laugh when smart people act really stupid (sorry). The cheap $10 kit from USToys was molded on Monday and set to explode on Thursday night. We got all ready, set up the table - and discovered we needed Club Soda! I suppose I just figured it was going to "blow" without much assistance.

Helmets on, Mounted Bikes, Dad took them for a bike ride while I set out to purchase club soda - "Hey, Dad - Walgreens will have it won't they?" Of course, he says - it is just Club Soda...Well, Walgreens does NOT sell Club Soda - so I headed to the grocery store, bought the soda and went home to create a volcanic explosion...


The girls panicked - wouldn't even sit close (smart people acting dumb) they actually thought it was going to spew hot molten lava all over the place. Question for the kids "Do you really think I would be doing this in the kitchen if it was going to spew hot molten lava all over the place?" Apparently they did.

They kept their distance, we filled with soda, added tablets and watched it



BUBBLE. Yes it bubbled for about a minute

Rinse, Lather, Repeat -

and you have the least exciting volvanic eruption that has ever occured.

Lesson Learned: Next time buy the expensive kit or at least do a little research first.

What was I thinking?

What was I thinking when the vacuum wasn't working well and I thought it needed to be cleaned?

I was thinking I could take the whole thing apart, use the air compressor and blow all the nasties out. That is what I was thinking...when over an hour later (and help from daddy) I thought to myself..."Hmmm, I wonder about the roller brushy thing on the bottom" so I pull the freshly blown out vacuum out of the closet again to turn it upside down and EWWWWW. OMG there was so much hair wrapped around the roller brushy thing you couldn't even see the roller brushy thing - no wonder it wasn't picking the big things up anymore! It was just skating right over them on a smooth bed of hair. So I set out to give the Dyson a Hair Cut.

45 minutes, gross dusty fingers and a bag full of nasty girly hair later...The Dyson is like new again...so what do I do? I vacuum. Dirty it all up and wait to repeat the process again in a couple years.

What was I thinking when I set out to make my own Christmas Cards?

I was thinking that even though I never had a single artsy fartsy bone in my body with the help of Archivers I could do anything.

That is what I was thinking...When 3 trips to the store, 2 color choice replacements, a very sore shoulder from the stupid little rub off things that come with Popsicle sticks, a little help from Lauren and yet - still I sit here defeated...staring at a really pitiful effort at card making wondering what on earth I will do with all the supplies?

What was I thinking when I decided to blog about what I was thinking?

I was thinking that if I wrote it all down perhaps it would make it all better? Perhaps the Christmas cards would magically get done and look just the way I wanted them to. That is what I was thinking.

When 10 minutes later I sat typing on the computer thinking I should probably end my pity party, pick something better to do and move on.

So for now, I am moving on. Archivers and I have a date tomorrow at 9:30 to find out if I can salvage this mess, the Dyson is still working well, and now I will blog about the things you care about - Lauren and Hailey and all their adventures!

Thanks for playing,

Midweek Update

I saw this delicious, easy recipe on a neighboring blog earlier this week and just had to try it with my girls. Let me simply say YUM! OMG, these little turnovers took a total of 30 minutes (prep and bake) and were absolutely delicious! We tweaked the end version just a bit because of my sweet tooth and during the last 5 minutes of baking I brushed a little melted butter on top followed by some sprinkled Cinnamon and sugar and voila - amazing. This is something I will now keep the ingredients in the house for because it was easy, delicious and fun for us to make together! Unlike the other mom I did not photograph the experience so you will have to click over to her page to see them in action!

Today is a BIG day for Lauren - she gets her expander out at 9:30! YEAH! That thing has not been a pleasant part of her young life. Once it is removed she will do impressions for her retainer to help correct the overbite and the orthodontist is placing a small spring in it to also push her two front together a bit, though the fact that the two teeth beside her front teeth are finally joining the outside world has already helped with this a lot! Lauren is not looking forward to the retainer but I keep telling her "it comes out!!!" you don't eat with it in etc. The expander was a permanent fixture in her mouth - ick. Next week she will visit the good ole dentist and see what kind of damage was incurred while while wearing the expander for several months...that appointment will likely be slightly unpleasant...

I have plenty more to talk about: Lauren's water color painting for school, making our own snow, Hailey becoming SHY, the impending Holidays, the Dyson getting a haircut and more...but for now I am off to start Thursday and hope to make the best of it!

More later...

October 10, 2008

Gone Fishing

The girls (mostly Hailey) have been wanting to fish for weeks. We really have no idea why...Hailey had it all thought out how she was going to fish, where she was going to fish, what she was going to sit on, and what to do with the fish she thought she would catch...Grandpa bought fishing poles and we went fishing. After we got the past the fear of the river, finding a safe place to stand, the fear of the fishing pole itself all was great! It was a beautiful day, we were close to home, the market was down 1000 points and we were hoping to catch dinner (NOT!).

If you can't see the video click here

We didn't catch anything (surprise - surprise) we couldn't even see fish in the pond...however, several hours later they could be spotted jumping in the pond so there are fish...we may try again tomorrow.

Moving on - the girls went to dinner with Grams and Gramps and Brad and Anna while I stayed home - took a shower, made a fishing movie, heard funny noises in the house and just had time to be...BUT before they went I wanted some pictures of the beautiful girls...(kind of a dry run for tomorrow when I try to get the "Christmas card" picture...Well, I think it is me...but I can NOT ever get them to cooperate...this is what happens when I want a good photo of the two girls together

Lauren could you focus on the camera please?

Ok, now that is just goofy

Hello, do you have anything to smile about?

Now what was that all about?

I did end up with these two pictures

But they were not exactly what I was looking for either...Oh well, wish me luck tomorrow!

October 8, 2008

Sisters sharing, How Sweet!

A quote from perhaps my favorite friend after I told her Lauren was starting to run a fever and her teacher was going to think I was liar (more in a minute) Becky says "Sisters sharing - how sweet!" this because Hailey was Sick all weekend...started with a fever. Sharing. HA! Thanks Beck, I needed that big smile that rolled across my aging face!

So anyway...this afternoon I made a fairly strong case for wanting to pull Lauren out of school a little early tomorrow so we could get up to the mountains before dark! Now, when (if) I call her in sick in the morning, her teacher is going to be thinking "yeah right, mom just wanted to get to the mountains before breakfast" ARGH. Thank goodness for Queen Becky who will relay the message in its entirety and let dear teacher know that mom is not a total flakey, irresponsible parent...just has really crappy luck when it comes to trips to the mountains (one of the children ALWAYS gets sick and I mean ALWAYS) Urgent Care in Avon has more of our money than their pediatrician does. It is nuts.

Lauren will cry if she can't go to school in the morning and that will be a big drag too...who cries when they can't go to school? Lauren. That’s who. We are going to wait and see how the night goes - the fever is just at 100.2 and well...it could just go away right?

Hmpf. I will update in the morning!

She is fever free! All Morning...Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to school we go! Usually I follow the 24 hour rule but I think in this case it is best to just let her go...

October 5, 2008

Train Wreck

Football Sunday? Love it. Ha. A whole day of football, mostly teams I don't care about...I like it when the games are close but that is about it. So I set out to keep us (the girlies) busy today...

First the girls painted pumpkins - you know the little ones they call gourds at the grocery store. They were cute. Do you think I would have thought to take pictures of this? NO...and I should have because that about the best part of the day...no fighting, no whining just pumpkins and paint! Cute.

Then we set up a bunch of the playmobil stuff out up in the playroom. Not all of it but a fair amount. They played for 15 minutes. Count em 15. It took longer to set it all out. Apparently today was NOT a playmobil day.

Next we browsed the net for some cute cake ideas. We were going to bake. Hmpf. We settled on this super cute train cake from Betty Crocker (Because no-ones bakes from scratch anymore do they?) we decided to adapt it a little to meet MY needs...and instead of using loaf pans we were going to use the multi mini loaf pan (don't know what you call it but it is like a muffin pan but has loaf shapes instead)

Bear with me...I could not find a good way to make this short...

We did very well in the beginning, both girls working together

Then came our first train wreck...The first batch...I guess we filled the loaf thingies a little too much...starting to look more like a cake a little less like train cars.

so we moved on...to batch number 2 - it went better. The girls had fun goofing off with the camera and the train cars blew up like Volkswagen Beatles but did not run together so bad...

BUT...all good things must come to an end...we went to the library (Lauren got the book she wanted!!) and then came home to frost our "fully cooled" train cars. I got them ready (trimmed, sliced and somewhat shaped like rectangles again) and began frosting my fingers, I mean the cars. The girls set up all kinds of candy on the table for decorating the cars...and KABOOM - Train Wreck.

One needed help with everything and I was still frosting my fingers ( I mean the cars) the other didn't want to help the poor little one because she had her own agenda (who Lauren, couldn't be! HA HA) Hailey whines, Lauren stomps, Hailey whines some more, Lauren stomps around some more...MOM throws the little snowman frosting Knife in the sink and says FORGET it...here is what we ended up with

And the best part, the proudest mommy moment of the day, the cats meow, the real pooper...When I was rinsing everything off and hit the garbage disposal button what do I hear? CRUNCH, KLANK, CRUNCHLE, KRANKLE...AHHHHHH. Turn it off...what is that?

Step 1. Cringe

Step 2. Tell Hubby your certain it is nothing bad

Step 3. Cringe

Step 4. Reach hand in garbage disposal

Step 5. Cringe, Gag, Wish you hadn't done step 4

Step 6. Pull out first handfull of busted snowman frosting knife

Step 7. Listen to those around you tell you that you shouldn't have thrown your little proud mommy moment tantrum...

Step 8. Let it go out the other ear

Step 9. Repeat steps 4 throuh 6 at least a dozen times

Step 10. Cringe, test disposal and MOVE ON

Belly Aches, Nutcrackers and Sunshine

Hailey, Hailey, Hailey...Poor little thing. She hasn't been feeling well since Friday. Hailey does not succumb to being sick very easily. She plugs right along as if all were fine until she hits a wall (usually when her fever gets high) - this little bug she has thrown her for a loop though. She continues to want to play and have fun but she keeps getting pains in her tum tum and occasionally complains that her eye hurts (the left one). Her symptoms are really just fever and congestion...but if she keeps complaining about these other two ailments we will have to see the Dr. tomorrow. She is sleeping well so I am sure she is fine! Yesterday while complaining of eye pain Lauren says "I wonder what is wrong with her eye? She doesn't have a black eye and I don't know what pink eye looks like but..." to which Hailey replies - "I don't have pink eye my eyes are blue" - I thought that was very cute!!!

Lauren got to try on one of her Nutcracker Costumes yesterday (and dance in it briefly) Of course this Mother of the year did not have her camera with her - thank goodness for my Blackberry! Poor Lauren though...she just can't ever get kids out of her space...she had up to 3 girls at any given moment trying to help her get her costume on after we got home she says "Chloe tried to help me get my pants on, my pants mom" "I told her I could do it but..." I don't know what it is about Lauren but kids just can't stay out of her space!

Six little Bon Bons and 1 costume lady!

Hmm...this looks interesting

Chloe lends a hand?

Looks good from the rear, Lauren turn around please!

Thank you! I wanted a front picture!

SO, maybe I need to wear my camera around my neck like a tourist and show up to each practice armed with a device that will actually capture a decent photo of my daughter gearing up for the nutcracker!! I don't know...maybe at dress rehearsals!

Anyway, when I went to remove these very blurry photos from the phone I stumbled upon some photos from our last trip to Beaver Creek that I forgot I took. The first two feature a little baby deer...cute!

And finally...I love this scenic shot...makes you wonder though...why when taking pictures with the phone do the ones of the good things like the deer and of course my daughter have to turn out so grainy and gross and yet this one is ready for a frame? Couldn't be operator error could it? Nahhhh.

Have a wonderful Sunday! Ours will be full of football, Basement organizing, Laundry and Spelling homework (oh and probably tummy aches and fevers too)

October 4, 2008

Mother of the Year Again

I will never win that award. I have many not so proud mommy moments that I could share but the latest is all I have for now...So Hailey went to school yesterday and came home with 102 fever. By 4pm it was up to 104 by 5pm she was in bed asleep at 8pm I roused her for more Tylenol at 3am I woke wondering how she was...got up, worked on the computer while listening to her breathing in the monitor - at 5am she is still sleeping and I am just flat out thankful, no longer wondering how she is just glad she is still asleep (12 hours later)!

I suppose at this point she must be fine and really catching up on her sleep - and I really am not ready to have a little one bless my day, not yet anyway...

October 2, 2008

Thursday and nothing else

Not much to talk about today but I am dieing to see how the email subscription works so I feel an overwhelming urge to post anyway!

Lauren has a half day today. I am picking her up at noon and we are playing hookie from one of the many rediculous field trips her class will be taking this year. She was invited to join an after school advanced French class this year. She can not attend because her ballet gets in the way but the teacher is fantastic and is letting Lauren participate on an independant basis. Hopefully after Nutcracker we can change her schedule a little bit and she can attend this class in January. I think she likes the independant work but there are also advantages to learning with a group!

Hailey is doing fantastic at school these days. She come almost full circle for the morning drop offs. She is still a little leary but has dropped the drama and we leave without hearing her scream! She is doing wonderful with writing her letters and numbers and frankly I am impressed. Lauren was a little bit ahead of her in this department at this age but not much and there focus is so different I am a little surprised Hailey is doing it. But she is and she is doing great.

Hailey is not doing so fantastic at sleeping - at least not last night. Honestly I think we need to track back to the poop story on this one. Ever since she had smurf poop she has been leary of pooping. And unfortunately she had smurf poop twice, once after the monster cookies at school and once after Grandma's birthday cake that had some blue icing on it. Well anyway, last night I headed off to bed at 8:30 (yes 8:30) only to still be awake at 11:00 because Miss. Hailey had to go potty, wouldn't go potty and didn't want to sleep. That was a big bummer. She did eventually doze off (they always do) and I read a little more of my book and dozed off myself!

and to end the post I add a picture of Lauren acting a bit goofy in a new outfit she had to try on! I LOVE the outfit...but am hoping to get a better picture of it when the weather finally cools down and she wears it to school!