January 23, 2009


I AM SO EXCITED. Thanks to Parenting Magazine and the amazing advertising power of PBS I just found that The Electric Company is making a comeback. I could dance, I could jump up and down, I could probably pee my pants with excitement. I loved this show so much as a kid that I bought a soundtrack type CD when Lauren was little (and the one for School House Rocks too!!)
AND NOW...My kids get to enjoy the Electric Company "Recharged" so they say! It is not starting on my local PBS station until Feb 2nd So I got to set my DVR record the you know what out of it and watch my children love the show the way I did cringe and run away from the TV because their mom is such a dork!

Oh and by the way, to the folks over at Parenting Magazine (just in case you happen to reading - though I know you are not) You know all those silly little cards that all magazines insert, that most of us rip out and throw away before we even start reading?
How about trying something super useful with those cards? Add one of your very own...but instead of asking me to buy more, buy for a friend, buy something different make it a pull out card with all the WEB SITES you mentioned in that issue and the page number they correspond to! That would be SUPER helpful.
I wouldn't have to keep a list and lose it, fold corners to have them unfold, waste tons of stickies...and since I would be searching your magazine for my SUPER COOL WWW Card...I might actually glance at the others to make sure I don't miss it on my way through.

Just a thought.


Jenni Jiggety said...

That was my FAVORITE show when I was little! How cool that it is coming back!

Courtney said...

awesome news! Loved that show!

oh and great suggestion for the mags... I would find that totally useful.

thanks for all the support. you are the best. Now I need to catch up on your postings. My reader is overflowing :)

whoopsadasie said...

OHHH I LOVED that show!! I can't wait..I will be checking my local PBS and find out when it starts here!

Great idea for Parents Magazine... Hopefully they were reading!!

Lindsay said...

I never watched that growing up.. but I keep seeing them mention it on PBS.. I will have to give it a shot!

I am with you on those rip out cards.. I throw them all away but one and use it as a bookmark :-P

Grams said...

Saw on TV that it was coming back and thought of you and Brad. It was a great show!!!

BrandyEllen said...

Never even heard of that show. I am 27 when did it play? I used to watch PBS as a child all the time and now my kids watch PBS sprout and Noggin.

Thanks for this post!