August 14, 2008

The Birthday that Finally Came!!!

WOW, what a wait for Hailey. By Wednesday she was bursting with anticipation, wanting cake and presents. We made cookies to take to her class at school and that was fun, a little distraction from the wait.

Well, her birthday came and went and I think she had a great day! She really seemed so happy! She was a little shy during the gift opening process but she enjoyed EVERYTHING she got and tried hard to play with it all before bedtime.

Make sure you have your sound on when you play the movies below

Here we start with Hailey and all the bling, the cell phones, purses, jewelry, diva shoes, dress up clothes, REAL dress up clothes and more. She was in HEAVEN with all this stuff. Kept checking her cell phone in between opening gifts (no it is not real) she just loves this stuff! THANK YOU GRANDMA MARY!

Moving on to Golf. Hailey is so proud to have her own clubs in a real bag. She played in the yard for 20 minutes or more and wanted to go back out at 8:00 (we said no, it was bed time) but she absolutely loves to swing the club (and hit the ball!) Thank you Grams and Gramps!

And to sum it all up....the whole Birthday start to finish (minus most of the photos featured above) It truly was a great day for Hailey...hope you are enjoying the videos (don't forget the sound)

Be sure to check back soon because I have a couple more posts from this week to get up..We went to a "pick your own" Farm, Lauren built a coggy doggy... Posts....Coming Soon.

August 7, 2008

The Latest

Today Lauren and I had a great shopping spree courtesy of Grandma Mary's Birthday Present to Lauren! Shopping Spree in a box! Tons of gift cards to various stores. She had a blast - here is the Thank Slideshow we sent Grandma Mary!

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Last week Lauren had a mini show at the end of her ballet intensive at The International Ballet School - here is a picture:

Wow, I had a lot of blogging to catch up we move to the TWO WHEELER! That is right. Lauren is on TWO WHEELS now! YAHOO. Thanks to Scott (Alicia's Hubby) telling us the trick they used with Cailey - take the pedals off. That is right the pedals. Let her walk her bike around and coast for a while (4 days for Lauren) pop those pedals back on and GO. No chasing, no holding on to the seat and running with her, no yelling NO TEARS! YAHOO. GO LAUREN!

Next: ART CLASS. Our beloved Ms. Monteith has been practicing her Art Journaling with Cailey and Lauren this summer. They have done some neat things! Becky is so Creative! The girls have fun, learn and walk away with beautiful creations! FUN FUN FOR ALL!

AND: FINALLY ( I think ) Cailey and ben came over Tuesday night so Scott could take Alicia out for her birthday! (GO SCOTT) here are some pictures of the playing: