May 27, 2008

Not better yet

Well, Hailey is not better yet. Today is day 5 of this ick for her. I feel so bad for her, even with cough syrup she is coughing a lot in the night, still has a fever above 102 most of the time and in general doesn't feel good. She is like the energizer bunny though and does not succumb to the sickies until / unless the fever gets really high (104) and even then she fights succumbing to it! We will be headed back to the Dr. this morning to get things checked out...with the antibiotics she should have been getting better by now

Lauren has a field trip downtown today...this will be the first time I didn't drive on a downtown field trip...and I am not liking it. I guess I have to let go sometime, I can't be in two places at once. I just hate sending her in a car full of kids downtown. I think though that she will be riding with her teacher (who can only put two kids in her car) so that is not so bad. She will have her phone with her too (I am convincing myself that she will use it in an emergency!)

With less than two weeks left of school I am really looking forward to next Friday (last day for the summer). These two weeks will proove to be a big fat waste...with spirit week, field day, 2 field trips, cleaning day and awards day I really don't see the point.

Oh well, I will post after we see the Dr (or later tonight)

May 25, 2008

Nice Weekend in spite of...

We had a nice weekend in the mountains. No photos to share. SORRY. Oh, the in spite of....

In spite of the drive up, in spite of Hailey's "Flaming" ear infection that came on with NO warning. Perfectly happy 2 year old playing, roller skating, looking forward to the hot tub...suddenly "my ear hurts" take a look at Hailey and she looks like heck, take the temp and it is the Dr. Oh the Dr. rocked. They come to the house! In less than 30 minutes from the initial phone call! Mixed the medicine right there on the couch and off he went! That was awesome.

She started the antibiotics and suddenly things started draining, she lost her voice, fever spiked into the high 104's and she developed a nasty cough. No sleep for us!

But...she is getting better, we did go bowling, we did puzzles, stamps, painting - basically everything except the hot tub! I actually think this may have happened as a result of the croup she had a couple weeks it never really went away...just hid for a while? Who knows. But we are not prone to ear infections around here honestly this is the first one we have had in the house since Lauren was about 9 months old...I had to google the do's and dont's of ear infections! Felt pretty dumb!

The drive home - uneventful!

May 23, 2008

And then...

We are up in Beaver Creek! Todd will be joining us on Saturday! The girls were very excited to get here and we had a very interesting drive doing so...

We left town at 1:20 it was WINDY – very WINDY and then as we headed west we hit a little rain and then we stopped for a restroom break in Downiville where it was still raining and then a little more west it was snowing in Georgetown and then about 3 miles later it started Hailing so I pulled over, immediately, under a bridge sat there for 20 plus minutes during which time a pick up truck pulled up behind us and almost slid into my back end and then we headed out after the hail turned to snow and passed all the carnage on the road (cars turned the wrong way on I-70, cars in ditches, front ends lost/back ends smashed) and continued on, very grateful we had stopped and then snow gave way to sleet for a while and then when we hit Copper Mtn we found ourselves in a WHITEOUT…ARGH so got through the white out went up Vail Pass in the rain, came down it in the rain and then we hit sleet again entering Beaver Creek and then we arrived safely at the house to find out that 6 tornados had trashed much of Weld County!

Had to end my pitty party.

It was amazing to watch the news coverage and listen to Hailey talk about the "Tomatoes" or "Tormatos" Lauren was a little creeped out by the whole thing and we had a quick discussion about tornado safety and ultimately turned the news off and went back to the Disney Channel till little eyes were closed tucked safely in their beds!

Lauren has a new toy (?) it is Bella's Mystery Pack and it has 52 cards of Mysteries to solve. Short stories that end with a "what do you think really happened" type of a question. They are really cute and get the brain thinking which, as we all know, is one of Lauren's favorite past times.

There are plans to roller skate today, plans to get in the hot tub for a "swim" and plans to hit the office supply store for some stamps and ink pads....There is also an 80% chance for snow (yes) and rain and thunder today so we will have to see how our plans go...we might have to roller skate in the garage and swim in the bathtub!

I forgot my camera (shame) so I am hoping to use Gramps (if all the necessary parts are here) and snap some pictures while we are up here...

May 22, 2008


NO SCHOOL TOMORROW YEAH! We are heading up to the mountains tonight. Schedules have interfered with our chances to get up there much this year and the girls miss it. They are very excited to be going. Lauren is counting the hours and Hailey went to bed JUMPING up and down (literally) because she is so excited. IT was a such a spontaneous burst of emotion that Lauren and I were both laughing at her!

Lauren aced that previously mentioned science test with a -0! She was very happy, apparently it was the hardest test of the year!!!

Hailey started wearing the "starter" roller skates this week and loves them...even tries jumping in them. I have a little video clip of this and will try to load it this weekend!

I am also past due on a blog about Diego Day at the museum and hope to get that up this weekend as well! Busy me!

Well, I need to pack unless I want to spend the weekend without clothes...we leave this afternoon and I have not packed a single thing!

May 19, 2008


Monday Monday...

Conference this morning. Nothing new to report. All is well and ready for 4th grade. No surprises!

Thank you Grandma Mary for your wonderful email about the blog. I love doing it and glad people are enjoying reading it!

Roads? Open Space? Apparently Douglas County is considering building a road behind our house. It is difficult to tell how serious they are at this point but quite obviously it is raising quite an uproar around the neighborhood. Emails are flying, meetings are planning and so much more. 2 meetings this week, one with HRCA and the other with HRMD. Funny thing is...we don't even live in Highlands Ranch, not only that but we are in unincorporated Douglas County but we get to fight the county anyway. Trying not make a mountain out of a mole hill...till the mole hill grows a bit. Their are 8 options being considered...this option is the most costly and quite frankly most ridiculous. But anyway, wish us luck.

What else? Most of Hailey's class is moving up on Friday. She is not. She just started in February and is a full year (++) younger than her classmates. The issue? She thinks she is moving up. Going to have to chat with the school on Wed! Poor Hailey.

Science test tomorrow. Another doozy. "Name 3 good conductors of electricity" the books says Metals such as copper and salt water. The question asks for 3? So the answer (from the horses mouth) is Other Metals, Copper and Salt Water. Now why on earth would you have to classify OTHER METALS and COPPER as separate answers. Lauren and I slaved over this one last night...she kept saying COPPER IS A METAL so metal is one answer and salt water is the another but what is the third? She was right (in my opinion)Can't wait to see what else is challenged on this test.

May 16, 2008

First Smile Box Post?

Will this work? We will see. If not, you won't see because I will take it down! This is just a tester post...if it works great things will in the days to come and I will owe Bonnie a HUGE Thank You for finding it...

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May 14, 2008

Mid Week

I feel like have a whole lot to say and yet so little to say. Nothing special going on this week. Lauren aced another math test. WAY TO GO LAUREN.... Thinking about doing some private dance lessons with her Academy teacher this work on posture and turn outs (hmph...I had to look that one up because I had no idea what a turn out was!!)

Hailey got her second of three costumes yesterday - and we are going to get new ballet slippers again today (yippee) oh and still hunting stirrup tights for 2 year olds in pink. Here is her in her Green Costume (this one is for the Do Re Me Fa So La Te Do song!)

Bed time has been improving...poor Hailey though...we had big storms the other night and I thought she fell asleep right when they started because she got quiet after the first major thunder - well, SHE DIDN'T she informed Lauren and I this morning that she was afraid in her bed when it stormed yesterday( everything that happened before today is yesterday!) I inquired and told her I thought she was sleeping to which she replied "I WAS HIDING UNNER MY COBERS" POOR HAILEY. She did not want to get in trouble for coming out of her room so she toughed it out....I am going for that mother of the year award again....

Oh Well, What are you gonna do?

On the way to school today Hailey had a notebook and a pencil and she told us she was going to write a story! Here is her story:

Once upon a time there was a little apple
He came and bounced right up to me
and I say Hi
and I didn't it my apple
Then she muttered some nonsense and moved on! She thought about taking her notebook into school with her then at the last minute she tossed back in her seat and said "I not gonna take it, it wont be fabulous"
So now I can add fabulous to the list of words like Actually, Probably and Certainly that she is loving to use (and in the right context too!!)

May 9, 2008

The weekend Arrives

Advance apology...most of these photos were taken with my phone...clarity leaves a lot to be desired but they were fun anyway! Or at least the story behind them was fun!!!

We had quite a week! After all my complaining about the bedtime blues...I spent one night in the hall placing Hailey back in her bed when she came out of her room and the second night she never came out (still took her 2 hours to fall asleep but...) and tonight she was asleep in less than 20 minutes but she had a LONG DAY today...more later.

Thursday we met Grandma at the mall...Hailey went into Nordstrom's wearing pink sandals, a pinkish tank dress and a princess crown and left the mall looking like this...

From Princess to hippie...not sure we heading the right direction. but she sure looked cute. (you can't see it but she was also barefoot at this point)

Then it was off to dance class where she refused to remove her do-rag...Had a blast dancing though...

Gotta throw in a cute picture of Lauren here. This was Wed. afternoon shortly before the girls lost the slide for a few days because they could not stop bickering about it. Poor deprived children!!!

Friday rolled around and we had a BUSY day. We started at dance where Hailey got her first of 3 costumes for the recital in June...she was in HEAVEN. I failed to get a single shot of her face smiling because she was so busy dancing...I think it was a full hour of dance...Enjoy...

After dance we headed off to Lauren's school for the Spring Concert...Grades 1-5. It was cute they did Jazz songs and a couple from High school Musical. I took the camera and the Flip Video...I left the battery for the camera on the floor in the office charging (DUH) so I only got video. Took a bunch...but here are a couple:

I took a picture of Lauren when we got home and put the battery in the camera!

Then we topped off the afternoon with some landscape removing...Todd using an Ax and a chainsaw to get rid of some pesky junipers...both of us covered in hives...I sprayed hairspray on my arms because they were so bad...stopped the itching immediately. Still have tons of hives but they no-longer itch!

Shortly thereafter...we were off to Chucky Cheese for a B-day party Lauren was invited too. Hailey and I tagged along but stayed away from the party. Lauren had a great time and liked being left alone with her friends (poor mommy) Hailey loved the car rides and INSISTED on being buckled on each fact one had a "broken" buckle and she refused to ride it! She cracks me up...

But wait there's more...after Chuck e Cheese Lauren was off to the neighbors for part of a slumber party! No slumber for her...too much to do in the morning but she got to party a little anyway! previously stated - Hailey crashed upon hitting the bed tonight...WONDER WHY???

Lauren just went to bed at 9:35 and will hopefully sleep in tomorrow...

Todd and Gary are shooting pool in the basement...I am watching Dateline NBC and BLOGGING...and soon heading to bed myself (ok, lets be honest...I am going to play games on the computer first!)

May 6, 2008

Losing the bed time battle

I will try to start by focusing on some of the positive! Little Miss Hailey has been sleeping through the night, in her undies, fully potty trained for quite some time now. As most of you know she potty trained really young, younger than her sister even. She followed suit to Lauren and refused diapers even at night. She would wake when she needed pee, therefore, sleep and I were not best friends for a long time. Several months ago she began sleeping all night 10 to 12 hours, staying dry and not using the potty till morning. GO HAILEY! Sleep and I got to know each other a little bit again and that was nice.

We have also been blessed with two girls that "put themselves" to sleep. It was often a hard battle but just as often it was not! We have never had them in our bed, nor have we ever slept with them (except the occasional really sick times)

Both girls have blessed us with the all to well known "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SLEEP" times...and Hailey is in one of those now...She is not napping, she is not falling asleep well and she is not sleeping in to make up for it...and we are talking about staying awake in her room for up to THREE hours - you all know drill...

1 Cup Typical Two Year Old
1 Heaping tablespoon of lack of sleep
a dash of mommy patience running out

put them all together and what do you have? A RECIPE FOR DISASTER!

SO....i know what I am "supposed" to do

I've read all the books

I've watched Super Nanny and Nanny 911

Consulted the Dr. Phil website briefly (only to turn away in disgust)

Dug deep

Called Mom


and yet here I 8:00 at night after at least a dozen trips back upstairs to Hailey's room - finding myself saying SHE IS WINNING. The game is on, it's the fourth quarter and the score is Hailey 12 mom 0. ARGH.

She can climb over the baby gate to leave her room - she is too young to simply say "Go back to bed" and expect that she will do so...SO SHE WINS -

The solution is out there...I think it has something to do with shutting down everything around me, sitting in front of her closed door and promptly, silently leading her back to bed over and over and over again...that will work. But I have to ask myself what if she REALLY DOES have to pee? What if she REALLY DOES have to poop...I can't have her start messing the bed now!!!

So....I can follow the "solution"...and make an exception for the potty right? Hmmm...let me count the trips to the potty. Tonight it was 4 (she did go poop by the way, for the 3rd time today) I swear she can pee and poop on demand.

Well, I suppose it worth a shot right...when all else fails - PUNT.

May 5, 2008

So big and so much more...

Poor Hailey, she wants to be big so bad. She is convinced she grows when she drinks milk (which she hates so we are talking about an ounce a day) - and each time she eats something she asks if it will make her bigger. Tonight it was Watermelon "Mom, Watermelon make me bigger?" Yes Hailey...followed by a big Hailey Thumbs Up!I find myself always struggling to not wish her life away as she does grow bigger. It has always been hard for me to remind myself that kids need to be kids, not only that, but they are allowed to be kids. My problem is always the "age appropriate" behavior. With both Lauren and Hailey we have been blessed with very bright little girls, mature daily behavior and so much more...however when they pop off and act their age it is a constant struggle to remember that it is OK! It may not be RIGHT but it is OK. I mean Hailey is not even three yet, by most standards she is still just a baby. Many her age can not speak in complete sentences let alone formulate the thought processes and care that Hailey demonstrates. However, when she screams bloody murder because I wont let her where her fancy spinny dress...that is NORMAL... Take a deep breath mom, stand back, hold your ground and say "not today Hailey" then explain "why" later when she is not upset...RIGHT...Well, I keep forgetting. I try to explain when she is sad and/or mad and unable to really listen. SHAME.

I know I shouldn't wish away the days, months and years. I know children grow up too fast. I know that each time I blink something else has changed. As Trace Adkins puts it "You're Gonna Miss This". I know I am going to miss it, I already miss so much, But I can't help but to find myself wishing it all away in spite of myself. On one hand I can't wait to use the restroom all by myself each and everytime I need to go, take a shower that doesn't end with "hang on let me at least get my towel first", eat dinner without wiping a spill or cringing as the catsup drips down the brand new white shirt, drop Hailey off at school and have her not be screaming - on the other hand I want to hold on tight and never let go, I want to listen to every song they sing with a full heart, I want to engrave every precious thing they say into my brain and never lose it, I want to cherish each and every day and moment and try to maintain my patience, I want to remember their age and every wonderful thing they each have to offer this family and this world. So for now all I can do is say "I'll try, I'll keep trying" And maybe Lauren will give ME a big thumbs up for doing so...

Sadly we lost my Uncle Glenn today. My family was not real close to theirs but it very sad none the less. I just saw him about 18 months ago, a healthy father of 3 and husband. Just a couple months ago he was diagnosed with Lymphoma and despite Dr's largest efforts his body was unable to resist and the cancer took over. My dad was just out to visit him on Saturday and he passed away earlier today. I feel so much sadness for the family, the kids and his wife, I feel a sense of relief for Glenn as the suffering has ended and he is in a better place, I feel a great loss for my grandfather (Glenn's dad) as he has lost a son and so much more for my own father who has lost his brother early in life. I wish all the best to the family and hope everyone can find peace in his departure and celebrate his life.

Far away here in Colorado I found myself having to explain things to Hailey in the best "2 year" fashion I could. I was in this position after I told Lauren what had happened and Hailey heard and inquired "Why you sad mommy, why Grandpa is sad?" - feeling on the spot but also feeling the need to say something right rather than hide it I said..."Hailey Grandpa's brother has died and has gone to heaven and his family won't see him anymore" so our little angel replies "Grandpa is sad acause he lost him brother and he won't be able to play with him anymore" to which my eyes filled with tears and pride at the same time. Such a little angel as I sit silent she says "Sorry mommy, Sorry Grandpa - it will be ok"

To Uncle Glenn, Grandma Slingerlend and family:
Today we mourn the loss of another family member,
today we remember all the good he did in life,
today we rejoice in the life he gave to Sara, Jon and Jim
today we cherish the love he had for Jan and others around him
Today we thank the lord for reuniting Glenn with his mother
and we thank you lord, that we are here today to remember and to say thank you.

I am also reminded of the first verse of a Michael W Smith song:

Packing up the dreams God planted
In the fertile soil of you
Cant believe the hopes hes granted
Means a chapter in your life is through
But well keep you close as always
It wont even seem youve gone
cause our hearts in big and small ways
Will keep the love that keeps us strong

Give extra hugs to everyone you love tonight...

May 4, 2008

Would someone please...


For those familiar with "Where's Waldo" lets play a game of "Where's Lauren and Hailey?"

Did you find them? UGH! What a mess!

Welcome back Uncle Albert! - for those of you that don't know, Uncle Albert is actually my Great Uncle - he lives in Michigan and has been without computer for a while! I got an email from him last night that he was up and running again and of course, immediately invited him to the blog! Anyway, This is for you Uncle Albert..."So Glad your back online...some bunny in Colorado Loves you!!!"

Also Welcome Grandma Mary as an official reader! Hope this keeps us chatting more!

And finally...some have asked if they could invite their friends and family to read...I am happy to oblige just email me their email addresses and I will send them an invite!

Happy Sunday to all!

May 3, 2008

What a week...

What a week...Glad it is over! Sunday starts the new week right?

Hailey got the pleasure of visiting the Dr. twice, once for Croup and once for just about nothing...except the decision that she can no longer take Decadron (sp?) - it makes her nutso! She is getting better, is very tired and really just beside herself...part of it is her age and part of it is still the medicine and part of it is being sick so all of it is tough on us!

Lauren had a performance today at the Wildlife Museum, that went well - her wonderful teacher and some neighbors joined the audience to cheer her on! They had a small dance floor to work with and that was new to the girls, especially the young ones but they handled it pretty well!

I made Peanut Butter Candy old family recipe. It is rich and yummy and will do nothing to assist with the pounds I insist I need to lose. Oh well. Life happens.

Let's see, what else...OH, Social Studies test this week! She got an A - missed two! GO LAUREN...but even better she did her spelling packet on Friday Morning at McDonald's before school...had not seen it all before that, had a few tough words like Question, opponant, spectator - but she insisted she did not need to be quizzed...ACED IT! 100% - go Lauren again!

I used the part of most of my brain cells trying to figure out the girls dance schedules for next year...even talked the studio into adding a class for Hailey. And now that I have it down to PERFECT for me...I am still waiting for the schedule for the OTHER studio to come out. Theirs comes out in a couple weeks and lets all cross our fingers that the Ballet class Lauren needs falls on the right day!!!

Well, I guess I am jumping around a lot and not really making a point I guess I will sign off...keep in touch.