April 29, 2008

Supposed to be a lovely day

Wonder if we will get smacked with wind again? I shouldn't complain as some are getting hit with earthquakes and tornados - but I really don't like the wind! Anyway, hoping to get outside with Hailey some today! I also need to do some cleaning in the basement - namely clearing off the stairs - Everytime something needs to go down it seems to only make it halfway then the stairs get super cluttered! My own fault, Bummer.

Hailey stayed up late last night. She was in her bed but she was AWAKE. She was "reading" books, singing (at the top of her lungs) all songs started with 5, 6, 7, 8 .... it was pretty cute! She also tried to "WILL" her door open - "when I say OPEN you open" funny thing is it never opened - guess she does not have any special powers!

Lauren has a social studies test tomorrow - she is determined to get an A on it. She has a B+ in social studies and she does not like that....the problem is the tests are hard and as previously stated expect people to just blurt what was in the book - even if they get the concept they can get the answer wrong - to me concept is more important than a sentance from a text book.

Speaking of text books - I saw this on and EDUBLOG last week...now seems the perfect time to share:

The Need for Textbooks
I was troubleshooting a computer today right next to a poster with our tornado instructions on it. As I was waiting on a reboot I started reading it and this paragraph jumped out at me.
If there is not time to move rooms, students should assume the duck and cover position under tables or desks in the room. If tables or desks are not available, students should hold textbooks over their heads.Ahhh, now I finally understand the need for textbooks in K-12. Somehow, "duck and cover" and "hold[ing] textbooks over their heads" struck me as particularly appropriate descriptions of some of the issues facing education.

it sparked a pretty good comment section on the blog most completely agreeing with the statement - only 1 defending the use of text books. My favorite comment was the one that said - I have to ask, in what situation would desks and/or tables NOT be available or have those been cut from many budgets too?

Well, enough for now. Happy Tuesday All.

April 26, 2008

Nexstar Competition

Once again - the girls did GREAT! It was another long day - but so worth it for the girls! Lauren's groups (Petit Jazz and Petit Lyrical) both got First Place again and scored at the Gold level! YAHOO! here are a few pictures from the day (before we got scolded over the loud speaker for using cameras!) I also took a video (again B4 the scolding) - too tired to mess with it tonight but if it turned out I will add it to the post tomorrow. I also told Lauren I would take a pitcure of her with her Ribbons!

All made up and ready to leave!

Middle of the Jazz Dance!

On stage, waiting for awards!!!

Competition Day

Competition day is here. It has started off with a bang. Hailey is currently asleep on the couch (6am). She got up around 4:30 and pottied - this is unusual for her as she has not been waking to potty for several months now then at 5:15 she was in bed but asking to come downstairs. I went and got her because I had put her to bed early last night and figured she was pretty awake - therefore I did not want her to wake Lauren. Hailey said she had to throw up in the potty downstairs but she didn't -though she did hang there for a while. I guess she is still not feeling well. She has not been sick since Thursday - but I can't believe she is sleeping on the couch now! Plus we got up EARLY and I am not sleeping on the couch so...it is going to be a long day.

I figure I better bring extra clothes etc. to the competition in case she is still sick? Such a guessing game. Also Hailey is supposed to hang out with Grams and Gramps this afternoon and just show up at the comp in time for Laurens dances...but I can't really bring her to them if she is sick so if your reading this cross your fingers for a healthy day!

I think I hear Lauren coming down the stairs - ooops nope it is daddy! THANK GOODNESS. Don't need her getting up early too!

Well, I will do my best to shift my thoughts to Lauren and hoping she has a blast dancing today, staying positive about Hailey's health and staying awake through the awards ceremony!

Wish us all luck!

April 25, 2008

It's Friday

Big Weekend and week ahead! Lauren has her competition tomorrow! No School on Monday, Wrats and a Social Studies test next week, performance at the Wildlife Museum next Saturday, Hailey threw up in my car yesterday. Yup. Yeah. It is the third time in as many years she has done that and it is SO gross. I want to throw her car seat away...EWWW. They are so hard to clean. But she wasn't sick after that (said she was) but never got sick so don't know what is going on with her. Let's just Hope Lauren doesn't get sick before her competition!!!

We are approaching the end of the school year. In May we have a long weekend so their are only like 27 days of school left - the last week of May of Spirit week and the first week of June should prove to be a waste of time! SO hopefully some stuff will start to settle down a little for the summer! The girls don't have dance after June 21st they have a 6 week break - we will do a lot of swimming and Lauren will do some golf and tennis and hopefully we will all have a nice summer - and let's not forget mom and dad's big weekend away in August!

April 21, 2008

Starting another week

This will be a busy one! Lauren has a dance competition again this weekend. The Nexstar Competition. She dances at 3:30 and 4:00 and awards are at 6:30 - all times are approximate and she has to arrive 1 1/2 to 2 hours early ready to dance! It should be very fun! I hope they do well again this time. The Move Compettion was fun for all of them and a real confidence booster!

I jetted off to Dallas for a quick trip to speak at a fund raising auction for Heartlight on Saturday. Actually my dad and I both spoke. It went really well. I was a nervous nelly, and tried to talk my dad into buying me a guitar that the writer of El Shaddai actually wrote the song on (literally) no guitar for me - but a good experience for all and I am also glad it was over. It was nice to see some people I had not seen a while too!

A couple of months ago I sent a photo of Hailey and Lauren to a couple Talent agencies in town, just to see - I had been having many people tell me I should and I went for it. I never got a response so I dropped it. Then last week I took a picture of Hailey on her Spring Program day that I just loved (after the red eye and chocolate on her mouth were removed by a dear friend) - on a whim I picked the agency with the best reputation in town and sent the picture...

well, they asked for more pictures on Saturday. I sent three more this morning.

and I got an email back this afternoon that asked to call to set up a time to come in. It may not go anywhere but they are clearly showing interest this time. This is a real agency (we pay nothing) and if they decide to sign Hailey she could get to some print or tv work and I think she would love it!

Keep your fingers crossed that it works out for the best (whatever that may be).

On a side note, Todd and I get to go away for our anniversary this year! Mom and Dad (mostly Mom) are sending us to the Hyatt in Beaver Creek (where we got married) and off to dinner at Beanos Cabin (where we had our reception) and it should be wonderful. I am really looking forward to it. Lauren and Hailey will stay with Grams and Gramps and hopefully be on their best behavior! It is a long way off still, but I will be thinking about it daily (maybe not) until it gets here!

April 17, 2008

Hailey's Spring Program

What a fun night! Hailey had her spring program at preschool (at 6:30 ugh) but it was great! There was one little boy that just BOOGIED. He was cute, but Hailey brought tears to my eyes. She did so great and was adorable all the people standing around me were talking about her even the director of her school! They sang the Yellow Polka Dot Bikini song and she was adorable, acting all shy and doing the swimming dance motions from that era! It was great. My photo's however are not so great - did the best I could. enjoy.

April 16, 2008

Half way point

We have reached the halfway point of this week and are once again bracing for a spring storm! Watch out Douglas County is slated for 5 to 10 inches. That means, as usual we will get an inch or 10. Regardless it will make things messy and we will be pulling out the shovels yet again!

Hailey is still struggling with separating a bit. I know she got thrown off track during vacation because she had been fine before hand. She is so funny though because transfers her affections to the adult in charge in my absence. I suppose my feelings should be hurt, I am easily replaced in her eyes. She just glues herself to her teacher at school, today it was a substitute and Hailey still clung on like a suction cup. Don't get me wrong she participates and does all that she is supposed to do at school, just sticks to the teacher kind of obsessively.

I just wish she would not have transferred these issues to her dance classes too. We had never had any problems at dance till last week. She made it through a class last night due in large part to Ms. Lauren (owner) taking her under her wing and aiding her through the first 10 minutes of class THANK YOU LAUREN. So I am anxious to see how she does tomorrow!

Tomorrow evening her preschool is doing their spring program at 6:30. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Most of the kids are 6 months to a year older than Hailey but still, that is late for little kids! Anyway, she is excited that we are all coming to watch, Grams and Gramps too...Her group is supposed to wear cacky bottoms and yellow tops, wouldn't you know that in a closet full of absolutely adorable clothes we had nothing CACKY or YELLOW. UGH, off to the mall I ran today. It was hard too...I didn't want to buy crap, If I have to buy it I want her to wear it again but it was really hard to piece together something cute, Hailey's style, in those colors ...I did it, not real pleased with what I got but I did it.

Well, that is it for now I suppose - wish I had more exciting things to say - but I don't.

April 13, 2008

Weekend Almost Over

We have had a decent weekend. The girls went and played with Nicole and Heather yesterday and had a nice time. They are going to come over here and play this afternoon too.

I have been adding to the girls coin books and helping Lauren with her Webkinz trading card books. She has a lot of trading cards it is fun for her to see them all in one place. She also likes helping with the coin books so that is nice.

Hailey is struggling with seperating for school. The poor thing would rather come home and nap then go. She just cries in the car "I wanna go home with you mom" "I wanna take a nap mom" "I don't wanna go to school" She does fine when she is there and I am gone and she was not crying at drop off before Vacation so I know we will get past this too but it is SO HARD.

April 10, 2008

April Snow

Thursday April 10th right? Yeah I think so - woke to snow. They warned us, and it actually snowed. I would not call it "Major Spring Storm Hits Denver" as they did but it has been snowing all morning. Wet heavy snow, takes an hour to shovel the driveway snow, gonna be sore in the morning snow!

I did take Hailey out in it while I shoveled. She ate snow. Mmmmm. Lunch. I took a couple of pictures but she kept telling me she did not want her picture taken...so I just picked my favorite one to post.

The other thing I wanted to share was the Professor's Last Lecture. I had seen it before, but last night I watched the Primetime interview with Diane Sawyer, and I have even more respect for this man and the way he lives his life. It is a nice lecture, with a lot to say and learn. I have to admit the last statement he makes brings me to tears everytime I see it. If you have time please watch it. Turn it on and listen to it while your doing something else even. It is worth it. You might even find yourself rewinding to see more of it!


Are you a Tigger

or an Eeyore?

April 7, 2008

Reality Hits

We have almost successfully completed our first day back to reality. I had trouble waking both of the girls up this morning - none of us really wanted to be up. Once we got going it was pretty OK until Hailey realized she had to go to school today. OOPS. Wish I didn't have to tell her!

We headed out for school, Hailey in tote, crying all the way...Dropped her off still very sad but seemed to be OK...well, she has found a way to shift her separation anxiety from me to her Teacher Ms. Ruth - poor Ms. Ruth needed to use the restroom and Hailey was INSISTENT on going with her. Now I know Ms. Ruth can't let that happen for all kinds of reasons but poor Hailey. Ms Ruth told her "you will be OK, I will be right back" to which Hailey replied "I NOT OK" apparently loud enough for most of the school to hear. She did successfully use the restroom sans Hailey, but Hailey spent the rest of the morning in her lap! And Hailey is proud to tell you so. UGH.

While Hailey was at school I needed to go to the bank. In general we are very happy long time customers of WellsFargo. However, I think their locations stink and I have no idea why they did not consult me before building thier branches out here. I have to drive miles out of my way to go to the bank, on most occasions, and with a gas guzzler that is currently running about $300 per month for gas (shoot some car payments are less than that!!) it is not very fun to drive out of the way for anything! So, if your listening WellsFargo please build a branch closer to my home or at least on my daily routes to the girls schools!

This afternoon time flew by...Hailey fell asleep in the car and I successfully moved her to the couch still asleep (YEAH ME!!!). I got busy doing stuff, I knew I had plenty of time before I had to pick up Lauren! Hailey woke up around 2:00 and drank some juice while watching Little Bill. I told her when Little Bill was over we were going to leave to get Lauren...sometime thereafter the phone rang...I answered and spoke for about 10 minutes. Little Bill was still on when I hung up so I kept buzzing around trying to accomplish a little bit when I glanced at the clock and it was 2:38 OMG! Hailey get your shoes we have to go! Turns out Little Bill is on twice in a row. How rude.

Well , we made it to school with 2 minutes to spare! Phew.

Showers, Spaghetti and soon to bed here! Can't wait to crawl in myself...but tonight Lauren MUST practice her Book Report Presentation first!

April 6, 2008

Final day of spring Break…

if your looking for vacation pictures click here http://emersongirlsblog.blogspot.com/2008/04/finally-spring-break-post.html

I have to say I am starting to mourn spring break and it is not quite over yet. I have really enjoyed the girls this week, the vacation was so wonderful and we visited the zoo yesterday for several hours and had a fantastic time. It was so nice out and most of the animals were out and visible and we got some amazing pictures! We rode the train and the carousel, had lunch and stopped at the store on the way out. The girls bought some mini plastic animals and have been playing zoo at home. Lauren is even creating mini habitats tonight! SUPER. I suppose she should be working on her big book report presentation but what she is doing looks like much more fun so I am just letting her be!

So tomorrow morning we are back to the grindstone and I don’t want to. I want to sit here and whine about it for a while. It was just a nice week and I hate to see it end.

Here are some pictures of the girls at the Zoo and some the animals we saw! Enjoy.

April 5, 2008

Finally - a spring break post!

Call me lazy if you like...I wanted to post nearly every day, even took the time to upload the photos...just couldn't pull together a thought process long enough to actually post. Maybe it was ADD, maybe it was mommy brain...whatever it was I am here now so enjoy!

To start...we were off to Scottsdale courtesy of Grams and Gramps for a big family vacation! Brad and Anna came and we all had a great time. The girls were up before the lizards and off to the pool each day by 8:30 or 9:00. Yes you read that right. We stayed at the pool each day till at least 2pm sometimes closer to 3:00! Here are some pool photos from early in the trip (remember if you click on the slide show it will open it up larger for you!)

We were at the Four Seasons in Scottsdale and the property was amazing. It was so pretty and all the local vegetation seemed to be in full bloom! Besides some glitches with AC issues and a slightly limited menu for non-fish eaters it was all JUST PERFECT! Here are a few photos of the views around the property from our room and the pool.

What else? The girls and I went to breakfast each morning! That was fun. Daddy golfed a couple times, one of his favorite things was seeing all the golf balls literally embedded in cactus! Amazing! We learned a fair amount about cactus and the girls are fascinated by the Teddy Bear Cholla (Mexican Jumping Cactus) will actually grab on to you and just roll over and stay...hard to get off and apparently very, very painful...Grandpa knows!

Here are some more photos from the pool...one of the best parts was Hailey sleeping poolside each afternoon!

and on a final note...the girls were both great on the planes, Hailey even slept a little on the way home, used the restroom during turbulence (fun for mom), Hailey ate at least a cucumber a day on the trip...Lauren loved the eggs in the morning - guess mom doesn't make em as good :) Todd and I ventured off property for an evening at Greasewood Flats...quite an experience...And we saw a beautiful flower bloom on a cactus one evening - it only lasted 2 days but it was beautiful. These last few photos were taken from the blackberry so quality stinks but enjoy anyway!