January 8, 2009

Hailey's Word Book

Little Hailey...poor thing, always wants to do what her big sister does. Sometimes she can. Sometimes it just isn't possible.

Lauren's class at school made picture books and I had them home last night to laminate and bind.

So today Hailey "needed" her own picture book. She was SO proud after I punched the paper and tied the ribbons she carried her blank book around for half the day, and I let her do it.

The lazy mom in me thought about leaving it that way - I mean she was so happy, why fix what ain't broke right?

But my better judgement took over and this afternoon we started "Hailey's Word Book" She would say a word, I would write it and draw (ha) a small picture then she would write it and draw a small picture.

Sadly, my pictures are no better than hers...mine border on horrible...BUT - that is not the point. I am so proud of Hailey's writing! she is doing very well and it makes me smile just thinking about it!
FISH - the first word she picked...likely because Lauren got a fish for Christmas and we have had to tell Hailey she could not get her own pet till she was older...Hailey made a Paper Pet yesterday - How sad is that?
CAT - Word number two...and a blob with legs to go with it
DOG - I was proud of this G but have NO idea what she drew.

SQUARE - are you kidding me, that was the next word - UGH. At least I can draw one of those...Hailey's is a rectangle...but hey - she tried! MOON - I can handle that. I think. Full moon, crescent moon. Hailey's second moon was her first try at a crescent moon - she got better on her second try though!
HEART - I Love hearts. Usually when Hailey draws a heart it looks more like a slice of bread but she did OK tonight.
CAR - Easy word - IMPOSSIBLE for mom to draw. Hailey too apparently...the lollipop looking thing is a car key with all it's buttons. the colored in circles are wheels and the hollow circles are the doors...the rest - I have no idea.
And a future blogger among us. She had to use her knew camera to take pictures of her book too! How cute is that?

All the while, Lauren was busy doing her homework. She rarely has any - but tonight she had to do her spelling homework. Usually she does that on weekends but with the holiday break - we never thought about it!


Becky said...

The moons and hearts are great and that IS a fantastic G for a 3 year old. Beta fish and cars are hard for everyone, and the dog is obviously Maynerd having a seizure. Nice job both of you!!

Terra said...

OMG, I had no idea I would ever laugh out loud at the expense of poor adorable Maynerd, but I just did. Thanks Becky!!!!

Becky said...

There goes my dog mommy of the year award.

Brandy said...

That is a wonderful idea and she did so well with her spelling! Great children you have. I bet you are a very proud Mommy!

Bonnie said...

I love the word book. You come up with such great ideas for your kids. I wish I would have thought of some of those things when they were smaller. Hailey does great. I was impressed with the detail.. I'm sure she knows what she was drawing.

Laura said...

That is so adorable and she will love looking at it when she is older...and HER children will love looking at it.

Courtney said...

so sweet and definitely a keepsake :)