January 20, 2009

January or June?

January or June? That is my question. It has been unseasonably warm the last couple days and we have been out riding scooters and bikes in the afternoon. Today however, the girls seemed a bit confused.

Notice the snow in the background? The winter appropriate dress an the amazing footwear!

At least Lauren had pants and long sleeves on, but once again notice the foot wear?

And there you have it.

Parenting at it's best.

No one stopped them,

we just let them play;

it won't kill them right?


The Bailey Family said...

Definitely won’t kill them! Looks like they had lots of fun -!

Allison said...

Awesome! My kind of winter (I'm a TX girl)! And, no, it won't kill them.

Kim H. said...

Wow! Looks like we have more snow in Columbus, OH than you do in Denver!

And no, it won't kill them - and at least they're not fighting! :)

whoopsadasie said...

Too cute!

Naw...it won't kill them. They might get sick.

I'm just saying! LOL!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I am so jealous...SO very jealous!

Courtney said...

will not kill them, promise :)

meanwhile, I was scrapping ice this morning! totally jealous