May 13, 2009

Word-ly Thinking

Today I am pleased to be blogging about author Justin Matott. I have previously mentioned that we own many of his books, that I recently had the opportunity to work on his blog and now I get to bring everyone a really fun contest!

Justin has written books for all ages (adults included) but his admittedly goofy self loves to write children’s books. In his latest series he is really focusing on an Anti-Bullying message. He does so in such a fun and lighthearted way kids can’t help but get the message. Please take a minute to read some reviews from kids on his book Go Ask Mom –

Justin is offering an incredible chance to not only win one his books that he will personalize and autograph BUT also the winner could could potentially have their poem published in book 4 AS one written by the main character, Gabriel!!!

Poem? You ask what poem?

Well, my friends that is the challenge for this contest and I know with all the creativity flowing in bloggy land you will ALL rise to this challenge! Enlist your kids, Enlist your Students…Bring it on!

The rules are simple – oh so simple – All you have to do is write a 4 to 8 line poem about a gross food combination...

My own example:

Eggs and pickles
taste buds don't tickle
they give me gas
when they're in my glass

And, don't I wish
there were no fish
in the kitchen sink
cuz, they're also in my drink

There is a little catch…fine print if you would – we are really hoping to reach a ton of readers with this contest – you see Justin Matott is very well known and highly respected in our region but his awesomeness has not spread nationwide as of yet and he REALLY wants to get in front of Ellen DeGeneres and hopefully get to guest interview on her show to help spread the word about Anti-Bullying.

I don’t know Ellen…Do you? I didn’t think so…

So what we are asking is that as a part of the contest you post your entry on Your Blog and link back to mine and to Justin’s then come back here and post the URL for your entry in the comments section.

By doing so we are hoping all of your readers will be enticed to come and join in the fun too…our goal? It is lofty! We want 200 entries – on 200 blogs all across the USofA!

The contest will run for 2 weeks and close on Wednesday May 27th at 10pm MST – Justin will hand pick the winner and we will announce the winner, feature them on all our blogs and send the prize on Friday May 29th!

So get thinking – I know you can do this – I can’t wait to read what you write…

There is NO limit to the number of entries you can post…so each of your children can write, you can write, your significant other can write, heck if your dog can write…let him in on it too!

(on a side note, if you are a teacher and want to get your students involved email me and we will tell what we thought of to help facilitate this)

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Laura said...

I will think on this.
Cute idea.
Good end of the year fun in the classroom.
Could they work in pairs?
Does age matter (since I teach middle school)?

Terra said...

there is NO age requirement - in fact the series is geared for grade 6 and up - however Justin has MANY books for the younger crowd as well and the winner can pick which book they want to have personalized!

Becky said...

Oh yes! My third graders and I want to play!

jen@odbt said...

Hmmm. I'm going to work on my poem. I'll probably send this to KK's 2nd grade teacher to see if this is an exercise he'd like to try with the class. Thanks!

Six Feet Under Blog said...

This is a cool idea!

sarah said...

How fun! We'll have to get our creative juices flowing here!

Lori said...

I'm getting the kids on this in the morning.

When I feed them oatmeal and hot dogs.

Anonymous said...

okay.. finally got something that didnt sound terrible!!

Courtney said...

hey Terra, my post about the contest is up! sorry it took so long. I am still thinking about my poem, so that TBA.

I will be spreading the word among my family as well.

Bringing awareness to an anti-bullying message is near to my heart!!

jen@odbt said...

here's our try at it: