May 15, 2009

What's wrong with my cat?

Did I get your attention?

We don't have a cat.

But when Justin Matott visited Lauren's school on Friday he told the funniest story about his childhood cat it even had Hailey "pee your pants" laughing. I don't dare re-tell the story for fear of Agent retaliation or worse but I will tell you that when his CAT books is published it is going to be a MUST READ!

And I will also tell you that Lauren spent half the evening reenacting parts of his presentation and the book she is reading right now GO ASK MOM - it was so fun to see all the excitement! It went a little like this


i don't know


i don't know...we will have to ask dad when he gets home.

There was so much more to this, but like I said...I don't dare divulge...

I had never met Justin only worked with him online and I have to say he was just as wonderful in person. He really hit a home run with his Anti Bullying message in our middle school and those kids were walking the halls and the playground still talking about him and what all he said. They were telling all the teachers and I am willing to bet their parents tonight as well!

Justin was kind enough to visit our school as a favor to me, in doing so I learned of some of the many things he does for kids, schools and more. If you are interested in having him visit your school you can find out more on his website - in the coming weeks we will post video on his BLOG from his visit as well!

Lauren also did her school play today (purple bearded pirate) but I am still working on that post! Hopefully tomorrow!

And don't forget the contest - Justin is antsy to read the poems...get cracking would ya! remember this is NOT just for kids - anyone can enter!


sarah said...

How totally fun! I can't wait to talk to him. Our schedules are conflicting a little right now but I will try to call him from the set on Monday. Should be plenty down time.

Becky said...

Justin was a hoot! He had the entire audience, preschool through middle school to adults, entranced with the story about his cat! The 3s are having a great time writing gross poems!

Anonymous said...

aww such a wonderful thing for Justin to do! Glad the kids enjoyed his visit! His books sound like so much fun!

I am a TERRIBLE poem writer! :-P

Amber said...

This made me laugh. Out loud! I'm Justin's new greatest fan. :-)

jen@odbt said...

How cool and what an appropriate message these days esp. in middle school. It's great to hear that the kids are still talking about it - he certainly made an impact.

Grams said...

Justin made the Grams in the audience laugh too!

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

Hey, Terra. I'm testing my new Blogger profile. Can you reply to this?

Bonnie said...

As you know the boys loved him when he visited their school. If he comes back next year I'm going to sit in!

Glad Hailey and the other kids enjoyed him!