May 27, 2009

Pain. What Pain?

After a rocky start to the day with spitting instead of swallowing and choosing not to talk the rest of Hailey's day was really no different than any other day. I don't know if was pain management, the new Cool Temp Laser surgery that is supposed to result in less pain or perhaps Hailey is really just a strong cookie!

She said when she ate pudding the first couple bites hurt then it was easy eat (each time) she is loving "snow" from the snow cone machine and Gatorade - but she also ate Macaroni and cheese, a half a bagel, a slice of toast (with Jelly), rice and a Hershey kiss.

The most amazing part was the nap she took in my car (on our way to get Lauren from school). In months past people I was on the phone with could hear Hailey snore. Today - SILENCE. I am not kidding. It was so quiet I almost cried (again).

From what I read the "worst" could still be coming for her, but I am glad she had a good day - and I am glad we did the surgery because I can tell it is going to make a difference in her life.

Thanks again to everyone for all your kind words and well wishes!

Be sure to take a minute to check out Justin's Blog as you can win a free book just by sending him your address by Friday noon...AND he extended the contest deadline so please please please enter (he has some hints on his blog...check them out)


Krape Family said...

Glad to hear she is doing well.
I forgot to tell you that there is a store in Grand Lake that sells Justin's books and they had them sitting in the front window.

Allison said...

I am so glad it was a good day! And what a relief it is to know that it worked!

Bonnie said...

I'm so glad Hailey had good day. I would imaging she will be able to get much better sleep now, that alone could be life changing!
I have checked out some of Justin's books from the library and still waiting on some. I wanted to see which ones the boys really love before I buy them. They are all good so far!

jen@odbt said...

She's a tough cookie. I hope the rest of her recovery goes well. What a relief to hear (or not hear) that the surgery worked.

The Fritz Facts said...

I am so glad that she is doing so well. No snoring...that is the best news! Hope her recovery stays this smooth.

AnnaS said...

So glad the surgery is sounds like a huge success! Tell Hailey I said hi and feel better:)

Anonymous said...

ooo wonderful news on Hailey! I hope each day she continues to do well! Yay for no snoring!

Courtney said...

awesome news!!! the "silence" was definitely the best news!!! and now I can't get pudding out of my head. YUMMY!