May 19, 2009

Where am I and what am I doing?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? I do. But more importantly I have been asked that question a lot lately. Parent's at school, friends online, long lost friends and more. The real answer is I am here. I have a lot on my mind. Last week when Becky asked I said "I have been hiding", a couple days later another person asked and I told her "I have been hiding" and tonight on twitter Anita asked and I replied "I have been hiding". Then I laugh it off and say no no I have just been really busy. But the truth is, perhaps I am hiding. Hiding because I have put myself out there a lot lately and what if all doesn't go so well? Hiding because my house is a mess and I am too tired to care. Hiding because School is almost out for the summer and I hate that Lauren has to go back next year. Hiding because - well frankly I just prefer to hide sometimes.

So I will tell you now - this is what I have been doing. First and old great friend has finally lept into blogging ( I am so glad) and while I still have a few things on my list to do for her (like burning the feed so you can all subscribe) here she is Nikki - we were both pregnant with our first child at the same time - then she up and ditched me and moved to Iowa or was it Wisconsin either way...she had boys and I had girls... High Heels and Mud Puddles go on, visit her and leave her some comment love would ya?

As you know I also helped Justin Matott with his blog and in return he has the most amazing contest running right now and he also visited our school - it was fantastic. I am really hoping more of you get into the game and spread the word with us. The poems are fun and Justin is looking forward to spending a whole day reading the thousands of entries...OK a couple hours reading hundreds would be great!

I also have been working on a new header for Ms. Bookish - but it is not live yet so I will link to it later.

All the while, I got to teach my daughter how to do a research paper, how to edit her own rough draft and make it final since the teacher couldn't find the time. I have been playing taxi to and from Peter Pan rehearsals, making time for golf and stressing about Hailey's surgery. I keep trying to put off that stress till it gets a little closer but it creeps back in every time. Attending end of year events, figuring out summer schedules and well..doing dishes, laundry etc.

Oh I read a little too! New review on Tales tomorrow- stop by if you have time.

So I am going to stick my head back underground now, get through my list for the night and see what tomorrow brings!


Grams said...

Seems you have accomplished an awful lot for being "in hiding". I'm always so proud of you! It's okay to breath :) Because, soon you'll be doing golf, tennis, swimming, trips to mountains, and overall summer play - hmmmm is that what they call a summer break???? Love ya!

Pam said...

I hear you loud and clear. May and June seem to be crazy months with all the end of year stuff going on. I've been in hiding a bit myself lately. Darn real life interefering with my computer life. LOL!

Lindsay said...

I can't seem to get on my game either.. every time I do I feel like something comes along to turn it upside down again! Hang in there.. eventually you will make it through!!

Jen said...

Can I just say ME TOO?

I will have to check out your friend's blog...have to find out if it was Iowa or Wisconsin..LOL. (I'm from Iowa!)

The Fritz Facts said...

Hiding is what I have been doing. Poping my head out every now and then to see if the world is still standing, and digging right back in.

nikki said...

LOL Terra! I 'ditched you' for Wisconsin! Then I ditched everyone in Wisconsin for IOWA (I know - crazy!) - which is where I'll be prolly forever. :-) You'll get your head above water soon - it comes and goes in streaks!!!

Courtney said...

you certainly remain very active and get stuff done while in hiding. Hoping things calm down or at least become more fun soon.

praying for hailey's surgery and some comfort for mama!

Laura said...

I hide too.
I wish I could hide right now.

Bonnie said...

It's okay to want to hide sometimes.. life gets so crazy.
Love Nikki's blog. Let me know when I can subscribe. Did you do her template?

whoopsadasie said...

Well, if you call that are well hidden!! LOL! I have been in hiding too! Same reason!