May 5, 2009

She went all Veruca Salt on me

Did you hear it?

All that screaming?

Did you see it?

All that fussing, pushing, fighting?

Could you feel it?

All my humiliation, discomfort and annoyance?

Could you taste it?

The greed, the envy

And the smell?

Oh the smell of disgust.

That was Hailey and I at Big Lots Monday evening.

We were trying to kill a little time and though I have only been to Big Lots once before and didn't find it appealing -it is BIG and you can walk around it and kill time.

I found some much needed small clear plastic tubs for $1.00 each and small spiral pads for the girls.

Hailey found a Cinderella Pad.

I told Hailey we were getting the pack of 10 pads and not the Cinderella Pad.


She started to whine, but not just any whine - a loud, forceful whine. So I promptly told Hailey that we would not be getting ANY pads today because I was not feeling happy about he way she was acting. And I placed my pads back on the shelf.


We went straight to check out line with my tubs - Hailey was SCREAMING for her pads now.

We got in line behind 4 women (women that looked like they pry had raised some kids). Hailey was screaming, trying to get out of the cart - crying and otherwise causing quite a scene.

One lady turned to me and said "someone needs a nap"

Then Hailey started yelling "I want what I want and I want it now" she was crying, her nose was running and since she is sick she was also starting to sound a bit croupy.

I was HUMILIATED - Veruca Salt had nothing on Hailey at this moment.

Would you believe that not one of those women offered to let me go in front of them. I wasn't going to leave, I was sticking to my guns, Hailey was getting nothing and I was getting what was in my cart and she would just have to live with it.

I refuse to have "that kid" I couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth - where did that come from? I want what I want and I want it now? OMG.

When we finally got out of there - I buckled her in her car seat, stood by car and called my mom. We talked for 15 minutes (the car was on and the air was running - sorry o-zone) - by the time I was done we were both calmed down. Hailey was drawing and the incident was never mentioned again.

I WON! (at least this time)


Bonnie said...

Good for you! Alex had one of the biggest meltdowns of his life there when he was about Hailey's age. I've never been back.

Krape Family said...

Way to go. I had "that child" today at tennis, when Tyson threw a fit because it wasn't his turn to hit the ball. Screaming, arms up in the air and everything. I was so embarrassed. Needless to say, every single dvd we own went in the "toy dungeon" when we got home. So hard to be a parent sometimes.

Anonymous said...

ooo rough day!! I so far have avoided the tantrum in the public place.. but I know its coming.. an I am soooooo not looking forward to it!! I would have let you go in front of me..

Grams said...

That was a good win!

Hairline Fracture said...

You handled it very well! She didn't get her way by throwing a fit; that's all that matters. I would have let you go ahead of me, though.

jen@odbt said...

Good for you to stay firm. I love the title of your post.

Cheryl Lage said...

YES!!!! You suffered the tantrum, yet evem more important in the long run than this particular maternal "win", the long-term victory is in the knowledge that she just learned that acting that way WILL NOT GET HER WHAT SHE WANTS!

You rock, Terra. (You can't blame her for doubt she's beheld kids behaving that way and has seen their parents shrink in horror and acquiesce. Those parents will be subjected to it again and again until they figure out the only way to stop the Veruca Salt madness is to not treat that behavior to the desired result.)

Off soapbox. So proud of you. :)

Anita said...

You won this battle, fair and square. She did not get her way, and you even got what you wanted. I have just walked out of stores.......not pretty. I love that you were able to call you mom, and she could be there for you. My sister is always the one I call, because teen drama is not pretty either. Her standard answer....."a jury of my peers would never convict me".
The Varuca reference was priceless!!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Good for you! It is hard to stay strong!!!!

We have allllll been there...

Becky said...

Nice moves! I'm sure it had to be hard not to run out of there, but you stuck it out!

Kim H. said...

Oh honey, so have been there! I'm so proud of you for standing firm.

It's so easy to give in, but as we all know, it also gives them the power. And yes, in the moment, it's embarassing and yes, sometimes other people "forget" that that's what kids do. And I'm glad you have your Mom to decompress with and give you on the spot encouragement!

BTW, Big Lots makes me crazy. Just sayin'. Not that I haven't found a deal or two there, but it just makes me crazy. Can't explain it.

Pam said...

You deserve the Mommy Award of the Day. Good job, Mom!

Candi said...

Oh my! I HATE when that happens and it so has happened to me. Sadly my 6 year old son is better at these sort of tantrums than my 4 year old daughter. Kids...aren't they a blast!?

Courtney said...

Mama -- you handled that very well! I have taken notes.

Laura said...

I'm sorry for your meltdown mommy moment.
BUT..on a lighter note, one of my students ( a great boy but whines a lot) was in a whining mood when another of my students called him Veruca then she started singing...
"I want some donuts and fruitcake with no nuts..."
It was hysterical.

Paige said...

Can't believe I didn't hear about this one and I can't picture you walking thru Big Lots.

Jen said...

Good for you...that is the way to handle it. You would not believe how many times I've been behind the mothers at the checkout who cave...drives me crazy.

And I have not been to Big Lots in ages...used to go to one in Cincinnati but not sure if we have them here? Hmmm....