May 25, 2009

Take a hike

Or at least a walk up the road.

Coming to the mountains really forces me to slow down and appreciate the beauty and wonder. I could live here, I really could.

I love the sound of the rushing River, especially in the spring when it is so heavy from the winter runoff.

The girls love to go for walks when we go to Beaver Creek - the road my parents house is chalk full of cool things to discover. Sometimes it is a brown bear looking for lunch, other times it is simply a marmot squealing to protect their young. There are Deer (complete with babies in the spring), Elk, birds, the occasional Owl or Wild Turkey...but more importantly to the girls this year is there is an abundant crop of

YUP. Dandelions! I am SO not kidding. These things are EVERYWHERE and they are huge - and quite frankly they are actually kind of pretty!

They are great for wishing on too!

and if your lucky you might even see a cute "sister" moment

But watch of them is sporting a TAIL!!


Paige said...

We stood and watched the power of the water running thru the canal above our house in Winter Park for awhile, it is a beautiful thing and amazing how much stength is there.

Kim H. said...

OHMYGOSH!!! The tail -- CRACKS ME UP!!! Boy, you guys are getting your money's worth with those pipecleaner-thingies.

And that third picture of Hailey blowing the dandelion is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Great post Terra -- and what wonderful memories you're giving your girls.


Anita said...

Those are great pictures of the beauty in nature..........well and the tail picture just cracks me up!
You live in a gorgeous part of the country. FL has beauty, but mostly it has heat and humidity...LOL!

Cheryl Lage said...

Dandelions are NOT weeds. I REFUSE to concede that attribution to the "experts." They're glorious cheerful flowers...easily collected without complaint by darling daughters. :)

Happy Memorial Day, Terra!

Pam said...

I have to agree with Cheryl. Life would be a lot easier and filled with more beauty if we just decided that dandelions were flowers. Who decided they were weeds to begin with? Why is that if something is easy to grow it's a weed and it takes a lot of effort then it's a valuable plant? To heck with them!

And tail - precious! LOVE it! THAT is picture that will be brought out in years to come.

jen@odbt said...

You got me with that last picture - too funny! I agree with the others...the pic of Hailey with the dandelion is precious. Frame it.

Krape Family said...

SO TRUE....I couldn't believe how many there were and how big.

Laura said...

These are adorable pictures.
The fact that you can spot bears thrills me.

Anonymous said...

aww looks like a wonderful place to unwind! I love the tail!! hehe

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...


Jen said...

Just beautiful...loved the photo of Hailey blowing the dandelion. And those dandelions were huge! My kids used to pick them and present them to me as gifts...and I thought it was great. They ARE pretty!