May 23, 2009

Have you met my brother?

I have mentioned him before...he has even commented a time or two - Brad is my "baby" brother he is 5 years younger than me (bummer) but he is awesome.

He and his wife Anna recently bought a house, on top of a mountain (literally). It is simply beautiful up there and I am so jealous I threatened to put a shack somewhere on his property so I could live their too.

Brad has always been a GQ kind of guy - Armani, Polo - dressed to the T at every turn. He is also a gadget guy - Loves his "toys"

but I wonder if any of us know the REAL Brad?

Beacuse this weekend he had this delievered

and its tires are as big as Hailey

and it sits in his garage next to this

And it makes for great photo opps with the girls...

But something didn't seem right. HIM with TRACTOR?

So we did a little investigating and we found this cozy air cushioned seat inside the cab
and upon closer inspection one can find AC and HEAT controls as well...

You might say this is the GQ Tractor, the BMW of John Deer - whatever you want to call it - my brother owns a tractor and that makes me giggle - but in all fairness to him the GIANT snowblower attachment is going to be a MUST have in the Colorado Mountain winters!

However, I am left wondering if my dad is going to have tractor envy? Because this is his Mtn Property Tractor


jen@odbt said...

That's a suped-up tractor. Does he let you borrow his car? Enjoy your weekend - perhaps you should test drive the tractor?

Courtney said...

now that is a fabulous tractor. it's like pimp my tractor, all it needs is a dvd player :)

Missy said...

My husband's "dream" tractor! And my "dream" car! Great pictures of your girls.

Lindsay said...

wow a tractor with heat and ac! Didn't even know those existed :-).. the view they have is breath taking.

Wendy said...

Is the seat a massage chair, too? And other than the snow, did he have another reason to get a tractor?

Krape Family said...

OMG...Jack has a tractor, HA HA...BUT it is a 1940's John Deere. Runs well but old. He is going to try and sell it this summer (thank goodness).
Your bro has something to drive to the mountain and something to drive on the mountain.

Candi said...

I'm hearing that song in my head - She thinks my tractor is sexy...or something like that. I don't really listen to country music, lol.

What does he plan on doing with a tractor of that size?

Boys and their toys..