May 22, 2009

Heading for the Hills

The girls and I are heading for the hills today. After I spill a few tears at Hailey's preschool moving up ceremony. My father is out of the country on business and "he who rather not be named" is staying home so it will just be a girls weekend! Grams, Lauren, Hailey and I! It should be a wonderful, easy weekend!

Their is a "crud" going around Lauren's school. Slightly resembling H1N1 - HIGH fevers and DEEP who can't lift their heads off their pillows, kids who have been sick for 8 or more days straight, teachers with Pneumonia...the hallways are filled with lost voices and coughs and kids who don't look like they should be at school. I am just hoping we can avoid this one so Hailey stays well for her surgery on Tuesday.

Anita at A wife, A woman, A mom is starting a new weekly series called The Things I do for ME! Stop by and check it out...we could all use a little ME time!

Jen over at Tater Tots and Jello is talking about things spinning out of control...and since I totally concur...

I hope some more of you can find a little time this weekend to enter the contest! You can read a chapter excerpt on Justins Blog and it just might motivate you! Lauren is half done with Go Ask Mom and she is telling stories from it every day! She is loving it!

Ok, now that I have chased you all away - into bloggy land for some good reads - I am going to get us all ready to cry, drive and relax!

Have a great weekend!


Amber said...

I hope YOU have a great weekend! We were going to do the Georgetown Railroad tomorrow but may bail because of crummy conditions.

Kim H. said...

Okay, you may shed a few tears -- but save some for a few years when your baby goes off to high school. You'll blink and it'll be here! :)

Have a great weekend with Grams and the girls and I hope you put your feet up (A LOT) and snuggle up with your babies and some good books!

Thinkin' of ya!

Allison said...

Have fun this weekend. I did cry a little at Max's a couple of weeks ago, but also smiled a lot, too!

Anita said...

Have a wonderful weekend, and I hope everyone stays well.
Thanks for the are oh so sweet!
I've got to get my hands on that book for Nick!!!

The Fritz Facts said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and relax!!! Get some rest and take some much needed mommy time.


Bonnie said...

I hope the "moving up" celebration goes well. How many Kleenex's did you need?

Have a wonderful weekend in the beautiful mountains! Should be fun with just the girls.

jen@odbt said...

Enjoy girls weekend! I hope the crud stays far far away.

Becky said...

Crud? What crud? (cough - hack)

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is still feeling well! I hope you have a great relaxing weekend!