March 17, 2009

What I learned this week

What I learned this week - Hosted by Musings of a Housewife

What did I learn this week? I have been thinking about this post for days. And, Frankly, I don't know what to type.

I did learn a lot, like some certain things about a certain dance studio that I certainly don't like very much.

I also learned a bit about facebook and as my husbands friend calls it the "hamster wheel of the web".

I learned a thing or two about what my Grandfather has been up to in a letter I got from him, I also learned that he CAN write legibly just never has before now!

I learned that at least one of my friends has scheduled their surgery

I re-learned how to write a limerick and had fun with it.

I seem to be learning that after February, March is VERY long month that may never actually end.

I learned that you can be on Amoxicillan for more than a week and still run a low grade fever (or at least Hailey can)

And last but not least (I am sure) just today I learned that it is possible to sleep past 5am and not get up til 6:30 and actually have to rush about your morning a bit. (bummer)


Lori said...

Hello! Your friend is right about Facebook - I get on there and often just spin my wheels for too long. And I'm with you on March - is it EVER going to end? Hope that you have a great day. :)

Anonymous said...

OOO I so long for when March ends! Hopefully everyone is feeling better.

Wendy said...

Facebook is pretty crazy. I don't really understand much of it, but I did get to kick my sister's butt in Scrabble on it! Yup, Scrabble. There's one thing good to say about Facebook.

The Fritz Facts said...

I hate March too, it goes on forever!

jen@odbt said...

The only good about getting through March is that spring will finally be here. I tried to write a limerick and it was hard. Did you win the contest?

Hairline Fracture said...

You've reinforced my feeling about Facebook--I haven't joined because I'm sure I'd run on the hamster wheel for too long.

I'm impressed that you normally get up at 5 am.

whoopsadasie said...

Boy it HAS been a busy week for you!

Oh, I kinda like March. It's the month I got married in.

You get up early too!

I sent you an invite to be my friend on facebook!

Musings of a Housewife said...

March is DEFINITELY the longest month of the year. KILLS me every time. Hang in there! Meanwhile, I love what you did to your header. Very festive! :-)

Jenni Jiggety said...

You've learned a lot! Time to relax and have some green beer!

jenjen said...

I know FB is a time sucker. I'm sorry Hailey is still sick. I hope the drugs kick in soon!

Have a lucky day!


The Blonde Duck said...

Everyone wants me to do facebook...but I don't want people from HS to find me!

Bonnie said...

I agree with you about March. It seems like such a long month. We are having a pretty pre-Spring here though.

Cheryl Lage said...

My husband uses that same hamster wheel blogging, Facebook, email...and surprise! I just went on Twitter.

Suppose he's right.... ;)