March 25, 2009

Do they really mean it? ****UPDATED****

***UPDATE*** It is 5 am, we have NO snow but they have changed the warning to a blizzard warning - so.....

***UPDATE*** They just closed school.

No joke - this is one of the headlines from a local news station"

DENVER -- Grab your snow shovels! We're not kidding this time

Why do they say that? Because they have been teasing us since September and the snow never came, that's why.

Another online station says"

Denver will have its biggest snowfall of the season by far Thursday into Friday morning.

Metro Denver: 8 to 16 inches
Front Range Foothills: 16-22 inches
Douglas/Elbert Counties, Palmer Divide: 16-22 inches

We live in the Douglas/Elbert region!

We are FINALLY going to get snow. I should be dancing, I should be cheering I LOVE WINTER and old man winter passed us up this year...

Why am I not? Because we are supposed to drive to the mountains tomorrow for a week and I think our drive will either be treacherous or non-existent (ie: we have to wait out the storm and stay home)

I don't want to stay home, I want to leave. I am whining.

But to the snow I say BRING IT ON - I have been waiting for you.


Courtney said...

oh no -- it's spring!

oh and I just posted a whining post too. I gotta go to sleep.

good luck with the storm!

Anonymous said...

So we're supose to get 16-22 inces of snow! Over a foot! WOW! I can't beleive we are gonna leave right before it happens! WOW!

Lauren said...

Well, *technically* ANY snowfall will be "the biggest of the season so far" right? Ha! I mean, seriously...March is supposed to be our snowiest month, and we only have a week left of it??

Let's just hope it's not like that year we got FOUR FEET at once. We need it, but moderation would be nice, eh? ;)

Terra said...

TCP- I hear the plows already, Schools are closed all around me and I guess I might not get to leave today - BUMMER.

Anonymous said...

yikes.. any snow yet?

jen@odbt said...

Oh yikes! I can say that I am not envious at all! Hope you have all your bread and tp :)

Alicia said...

TAKE US WITH YOU TO THE MOUNTAINS!! We were actually considering going to the mountains this weekend, too. But, I think our plans have officially been cancelled.

Jen said...

I couldn't believe it when I heard the forecast for western Kansas...should hit here on Friday but we won't get as much. I don't know why I'm is March, its been beautiful, the trees/flowers are starting to bloom...of course, there is snow on the way! I should be used to this by now! :)