March 14, 2009

Limerick Chick

****UPDATE**** Voting is open - head on over to vote on your favorite limerick!

Lori - at Weebles Wobblog is having a limerick contest! Anyone can play, any topic...swing on by and take part in the fun!

I have to preface this by saying I had to take a crash course in limerick writing because I couldn't remember the exact form...and in doing so I stumbled on a limerick about limericks explaining that the "clean" ones are I went for the gusto and I am SORRY (sort of):

There was a youngish mom of the blog
often she typed and wrote in a fog
exploiting her kin
much to their chagrin
for even the dead dog made the blog


Grams said...

Funny limerick - did you have to include the name of another blogger in the limerick to enter?

Kymberli said...

So funny! Your girls are adorable!

Kristin said...

Very cute...and I agree with Kym, your girls are gorgeous!

jen@odbt said...

Very clever - voted for you!

Courtney said...

well done, terra! I put my vote in!

Grams said...

Just remembered to vote!

whoopsadasie said...

I voted...for you, of course!

Beautiful Mess said...

I don't know why, but when I was making my rounds through the limerick gals, I totally skipped you! I was even on your blog this morning! I'm so sorry! I loved your limerick! Good luck, you clever lady.