March 15, 2009

is it just me?

I am going to whine now, so if you wish - you can click away.

1. Is it me? It has to be. I expect places that I trust with my children's care, instruction etc. to give her the utmost of respect at all times - I am paying them after all. I have my many frustrations with her school, but that set aside today I am disappointed with dance. And, dare I say, angry enough that she may not be able to do Peter Pan. Before you flip your lids, please know that Lauren was angrier than I, smarter than they and equally dumbfounded by the current state of affairs.

On Saturday she went for her 4.5 hours of ballet - 3 were for rehearsals - those three were spent sitting on her butt watching others learn their parts. I am disgusted in ME for not being there, THEM for letting 8 year old kids sit around for 3 hours and THEM for going on the major defensive when I tried to let them know that something had gone wrong - All I wanted was for them to know so they could fix it for next week. But, NOOOO, they had to fly off all snotty and get up in my face. BIG SIGH. Gonna try to take the high road and see how this week goes...but this is the not the first time I have done this with them, their priorities are not in the right place, they do not see the families as customers rather they have let it be known that they feel we should be honored to have a dancer with them. Well, NEWS FLASH - I am not honored.

2. I am tired, tired - tired. Always stinking tired. Even when I sleep well I am tired, my eyes burn, my brain quits and I am tired. That coupled with about 1000 other things I really need to see a Dr. I even "resolved it" back in January - but do you think I have done it. NAH. I sit and google my issues come up with best and worst case scenarios - go to bed vowing to call the Doc..but I don't. I might, but I probably won't. As my friend Alicia put it so well about herself a while back "I am either suffering some life threatening disease or going through a very early menopause"

3. I still have a bedroom full of stuff that I need to get rid of, Ebay?, Garage Sale?, Good Will? will someone please make it all happen for me?

Ok, I am done whining now. I am going to go eat me some more of these
(the Caramels are to die for)

Oh and as of post time I did not know who had made the finals but guess what? I made it!!! - voting resumes today for the finals of the Limerick Chick contest. Stop by today (Monday) if you have time and vote for your favorite!


Candi said...

Oh the joys of child activities, also known as child politics. We have dealt with this sort of thing with football and baseball. Well not exactly, but you know what I mean. I hope you work things out!

I could have wrote #2 & #3. Ugh! Maybe we are simply tired because we have a huge pile of crap to deal with and really don't want to! We have a church rummage sale coming up and I am seriously debating dropping it all off there. But then I think...I could make a few hundred dollars to buy the kids new clothes or whatever. If I could PAY someone to price everything and do the garage sale for me, that would be great. LOL!

Laura said...

Take two caramels and call your doctor.
I don't know how old you are but perimenopause stuff can start happening in the late 30's.
Fun right?

Bonnie said...

#1 GO to the doctor. I want to talk more about this with you.
#2 What the heck are they thinking making an 8yr old sit around for 3 hours! I know worse goes on but as parents I guess we have to weigh it all out and make a decision.
#3 Get some rest somehow someway.. I'm worried about you. Your body needs rest,especially if something is going on.
#4 As far as the room full of stuff. When I feel overwhelmed with a task (like Alex's room) right now. I make a list, like #1 clean out his drawers, #2 clean out closet.. little steps and try do spend about 15-30 minutes a day if possible. It feels good to mark off the list even if it's a little at a time. At least your making progress and have a plan.
I hope this helps and doesn't sound to preachy.. talk more later

ps. did you know your comment sign in is back up?

jen@odbt said...

1) That is re-donkulous (when something is so ridiculously over the top) having girls sit around for hours on end doing nothing. As if their time is not worth anything.

2) Get yourself to the Doc - I'm the same way and wait but we need to learn that we have to take care of ourselves too.

3) Two words - Craigs List.

4) Voted for you! Congrats on making the top 3!

Jen said...

First congrats! Second, I can understand your frustration with dance...we actually are taking the spring off from dance in part so I don't have to deal with the craziness of recital. Not exactly the same thing, but I get frustrated by it. It was just too much for a three year old! Third, I was convinced after watching an Orpah show that I was in early 34...probably not! But I hear you on the tired, tired, tired. And finally your bedroom of stuff = our garage. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

ooo I would be upset as well. I hope this week goes better! I went over and voted :-)

whoopsadasie said...

#1 That is just so wrong on so many levels!

#2 Get to the doctor. Have them test your thyroid. It can cause all those things!

#3 I am having the same issues here..what to do with all this stuff! A yard sale "sounds" great..but don't want to go through all the work it takes!

#4 Already voted for you...of course!

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh dear. Sounds like a whirlwind of stuff to hit simultaneously.

Hoping St. Patty's Eve brings you some sleep, and relaxation. It's about to bring you another Limerick contest vote! :)

Peace. :)

The Fritz Facts said...

We should compare studio nightmares...I have plenty. The one Boo is at is great, minus one teacher/owner. And that has nothing at all to do with how she teaches now, but how she taught ME long ago. Am I still bitter, YES I AM.

I am glad you stood up, even if they flew off the handle. Are there other studios in your area for next year?

My living room is full of stuff, and it never goes away it seems. Thank goodness we are moving! Time to binge and purge.