March 23, 2009

Monday Monday


It is Monday and a good friend of mine is having surgery today and in less than 3 weeks another good friend of mine is having surgery. SO, I am in tummy churned, can't take my mind off my friends mode.

Bonnie has blogged openly about her surgery and has a great attitude. If you click over and read the post I linked to you should also go read her more recent posts about her impending surgery. It should be a simple procedure and she should be home tonight! Resting comfortably on the couch while her lovely boys and amazing husband dote on her for a few days!!! Bonnie, My thoughts are with you and your family today! Please shoot me a message when you are feeling well!

And to my other good friend...who only randomly reads my blog...I am glad you got it scheduled and please let me know if I can do ANYTHING when the time comes.

***UPDATE*** I heard from Bonnie's wonderful husband Mark and the surgery went well. Bonnie was in recovery at the time and he was going to get to see her soon! Thanks for all your well wishes!


Lindsay said...

ooo had my gall bladder out about 8 weeks after I had Sammy.. had complications and was back in the hospital a week later with jaundice.. I hope Bonnie's goes smoothly :-)

Courtney said...

sent prayers Bonnie's way today!

jenjen said...

Oh, I hope everything goes well with your friends. And speaking of friends, my next door neighbor's daughter (who's best friends with my daughter) had surgery on Tuesday to take out a tumor in her brain. On Thursday they found out it is stage 3 brain cancer. So - if you could pray for her - I would really appreciate it. I figure if I can get the word out I should. Her name is Savannah and she is 7.

Thanks Terra! Your header is so cute - very Spring!


jen@odbt said...

Glad to hear Bonnie is out of surgery. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I am glad Bonnie's went well! Thank you for posting the update!

Paige said...

Just an FYI, I'm reading it.