March 25, 2009

Tweet this?

Ok, So many, if not all, of you know I am so on the fence with Twitter. I get it, I am on it, I don't use it much...for personal reasons..."he who would rather not be named" sent me this today and I laughed, and laughed and laughed a little more.

It did not sway my tweety feelings either way, I am still on the twit fence but thought you might enjoy this too!

Even if you are a twitter fanatic I am sure you can find the tweety humor in it.

Tweet Twitter Twit Ya'll


Anonymous said...

That was so funny!! I like twitter at times.. I like to get to know a different side the everyday side of my blogging friends. However at times it completely pointless.. and a bad time waster.

Becky said...

I laughed and laughed. Just when I thought there were no more addictions I could subscribe to - along comes another!