March 1, 2009

Hide 'Em & Find 'Em Eggs

I can not wait to get my hands on some of these! Available in March at Walmart, RiteAid and Target! They look super fun and will add a great new twist the "easter egg hunt" nothing beats being taunted the whole time your hunting!
Hide 'Em & Find 'Em Eggs™ puts a twist on the standard egg hunt game. Featuring advanced electronics and a surprise inside, it is great fun for kids and families!
Hide the eggs to start the egg hunt fun. The eggs then begin talking, laughing, and making noises as you try to find them. Open them up to see the cute bunny or baby chick say, "You found me!"
The eggs come in 6 colors: violet, pink, green, yellow, orange and blue and have 5 different speech lines and 3 different sound effects including: "I'm hiding," and "I'm over here!"
Featuring Auto shutoff after 30 minutes and a Try-Me feature for retailers. Batteries included.
Credit where Credit is Due: Thanks mom for telling me about these - and I am planning a trip to Walmart tomorrow!


Becky said...

Those are just too cute. I'll have to pick some up for Maynerd.

whoopsadasie said...

Those are too cute. If I am one of those bloggers...I will fix it right now!!

Kim H. said...

Those are super cute! Molly -- and probably my big kids too -- would love them! I'll look for them the next time I'm at wallyworld.

gigi said...

Woe, these are awesome! Can't wait to find them.

Hi, I'm Gigi, I'm over from Suzie's website. Glad I found ya. Come over and visit sometime :)