March 26, 2009

Desperately Seeking LEGOLAND?

(Wordless Wednesday - the rest of the story)
Are you wishing you lived a little closer to a LEGOLAND? Or maybe you do and just don't want to pay the $85 admission price? Well, Do I ever a have a solution for you!
It is simple really. Just invite Lauren to live with you! Yup. Your Living room can be magically transformed to a mini LegoLand in no time!
Lauren LOVES Legos. Not just any Legos, but the hard to find, very expensive kits made for adults. She is currently building the Lego Town Plan and wants to do the Eiffel Tower next!

She gets pretty serious about her building, seperating pieces, laying it all out and then she gets down to building business
She has been known to work for 2 hours without a break!
She has made a gas pump island

To go with the Car Wash she built

A Central Park Bench with fountain

A fire truck (the doors work!)

A squad car (to pull me over when I don't wait 7 seconds at a stop sign)

A movie theater (this one is awesome)

And a....well - this is a? Hmmm. What do you call this?

Oh, I know - this is a "I have to make something for Hailey so she will leave my stuff alone!" (notice Rock is still in play here too)


Laura said...

I seriously think that one of the multiple intelligences is LEGO SMARTS.
Some kids just got it.

BrandyEllen said...

how awesome!! I need more legos they are so much fun!!

Becky said...

I had no idea she was part of the Lego craze. Nice work! Happy to see Rock is doing well.

Anonymous said...

ooo very fun. I use to build all of those kits as well :-) I have never had the chance to go to legoland though.. I bet she had a blast :-)

The Fritz Facts said...

Boo just built the Coast Guard Airplane, one of the houses and a Indiana Jones trap thing. She loves her lego's too. We just had reward night, and that is what she wanted, to get new lego's from Lego Land at the mall.

Michele said...

Wow. Your girl is quite the builder! My youngest used to be obsessed with Legos, which was fine except for YOUCH! they hurt something fierce when you step on them in the middle of the night LOL

(I came over from Candi's blog. I always see your comments and wanted to say hi!)

Bonnie said...

I didn't realize Lauren was so into Legos. Those are really cool ones too. I wish I had a tenth of her brain power and focus! You may have given me an idea for the Easter Bunny.
I love the picture stories.. I'm going to try and do it for flashback Friday tomorrow.

jen@odbt said...

WOW! I can't wait to show this to my son. She is doing an amazing job. Where do you store all the built-out models? That's what I struggle with.

jenjen said...

Wow - all of those things are so cool. What a great hobby. She sounds like a very creative girl!


Alicia said...

My nephew LOVES LOVES Legos. His entire room is wall-to-wall Legos. He doesn't even have anywhere to step! He won't let anyone into his room for fear that someone might step on something in the 'city' and break it! That is so cool that Lauren has such a great hobby. Note to self: remember Legos for next gift.

Jen said...

My boys would love to come over to your house to play...they love LEGOs. My oldest got a book from the school library that had a photo from Legoland and they ask about it ALL the time. When can we go? When can we go?

Allison said...

That is truly impressive! Go Lauren.

Kim H. said...

Okay, she is amazing! I cannot wait to see what she ends up doing for a living -- you know of course we'll still be friends then, right?

I also didn't know they made "adult" Lego sets. The Eiffel tower sounds AWESOME!!! Does she keep them all put together? You'll have to tell me all about Legoland -- we booked a vacation for our family (you know two weeks after we move -- yes, we're insane) and we're going to Disneyland in California. My girlfriend that used to live in the OC said we totally need to go to Legoland.

But way to go Lauren! :)

And I love the rock. :)

Courtney said...

legos are awesome! I turn 8 all over again when the legos come out!

Candi said...

My younger boys love Legos too. They have tons but my complaint is they put them together and then we don't have anywhere to put them. They get half taken apart and then never played with again. Pieces go missing, directions books missing,etc. I keep picturing someday I will just toss them all into a 30 gallon rubbermaid container and toss it in the attic for my grandkids. LOL! How do you keep them all organized?