March 23, 2009

The Truth about Yanni - Yanni Voices New CD Release

Remember when I posted this Yanni Anyone? and my friend Alicia made fun of me? (can you see me sticking my tongue out at her?)

Truth is I love pretty much all music! We have Eminem CD's and Amy Grant CD's - Steve Miller and Steve Chapman, Greatful Dead and the Garth Brooks - you get the picture?

Anyway the new Yanni Voices CD comes out tomorrow for purchase at major retailers and yes the One2One network has enticed me to help let world know.

Click here to learn more about the special Yanni Voices PBS Event:
Click here to see a PBS Special Teaser Video:

And the truth about that is - I don't mind because I have listened to the previews and the music with voices is beautiful!

And even a bit more truth - I am waiting for the new CD to arrive so I can listen to the whole thing and tell you about too.

So I guess the bottom line truth is - there is more Yanni to come on this little blog 'O' mine - and if you want to play with us on June 24th (Alicia) you better be nice!!

PS As of post time Amazon has the Yanni Voices [CD/DVD] for pre-order for only $9.99!!


Alicia said...

I still stand by my previous comment ~ Yanni??? Really??? HEE HEE :o) :o)

Bonnie said...

T.. I have to say, I myself love Yanni. My FIL actually turned me on to him several years ago. I don't have much of a collection so I'm looking forward to getting this one for sure.

Thank you so much for your encouragement thru my ordeal. Where others may have minimized it as a small thing you understood that it's not small to the person going through it. As always you are the best at being insightful and caring.. ok that's enough sappy for now. It's only 3:35 am for crying out loud! But seriously, thank you for "being there".

BrandyEllen said...

I have never heard of Yanni before..will have to look it up later!


whoopsadasie said...

I have never heard of him either. I have to check that out...cause I ♥ me some Il Divo!!