March 20, 2009

Not for the Kiddos

Every year the Easter Bunny visits our house while we are sleeping. He is such a great bunny, he fills the girls baskets with candies, bubbles, a stuffed bunny, new crayons, sandbox toys, swim toys and playdough. The Easter Bunny always seems to know just what we need to kickstart late spring/early summer and brings those items right to us!

The one thing I had noticed is the Easter Bunny is always so annonymous. He nevers leaves a note or a letter or anything like that. Well I think this year might be different! My sources tell me the Easter Bunny is planning to leave notes in LOTS of Easter Baskets this year!

If you don't believe me or want to check it out forself click on Easter Bunny anywhere in this post and you can "see" for yourself!


Kim H. said...

Um, why are they playing polka music at that site? Just curious.

Great idea -- cause you know kiddos also dabble in handwriting analysis too.

Lindsay said...

hehe very fun! I have Sammy's basket and stuff I have been collecting hidden away. I sure hope he doesn't try and find stuff like I did as a kid :-P

Bonnie said...

Looks like a cute site. I'm wondering if the boys are a little old for it. I think Alex would enjoy it though.

jenjen said...

Oh, what a cute idea! I also heard something cute that I was thinking about doing -- leaving notes with a trail of easter candy. Each note would say something nice or good that the child has done. Then the notes and candy would lead to the Easter basket.

I thought it might be fun. Thanks for the sneaky Easter info! Have a great day!


whoopsadasie said...

How stinking cute is that! I printed some for all my grandbabies! Thanks for sharing!

Courtney said...

totally cute!