December 23, 2008

On the 2nd day before Christmas

Some ideas are good, some are not so good. We do a lot of things around here that are not so good. Remember this Volcanic E-What? and perhaps the blue food dye incident...

This weekend alone we had a good idea as well as a bad idea...both came from this book

I gave Lauren the book last week and told her to pick 2 projects - 1 for her and Hailey and 1 just for her. She did, I got the supplies and this weekend we set out to accomplish the projects.

The first was just for Lauren she was going to draw her own Christmas cards. GOOD idea! I went to Micheals and got a package of blank cards and envelopes for $4.00, sharpened the colored pencils and opened to the page she selected and off she went...

Project # 2. Not such a good idea. It was making ornaments out of bread. Started out easy...use cookie cutters to cut shapes from bread, leave on cooling rack over night to harden, mix a little glue with paint and paint the shapes...this is where it all started to go wrong.

Little chunks of bread, Paint, 3 year old. There was more paint on her hands and in her hair then anywhere on the bread. Now don't get me wrong, Hailey can paint, does it often but holding little pieces and painting them - now that is a whole different Oprah.

Then, you have to sprinkle glitter on these pieces of painted bread and well...have you ever given a 3 year old a tube of glitter?


and the worst part? They aren't even pretty. In fact, they are pretty much ugly and well, they won't be making it onto our tree!

We did have another good idea though, we got some little nail stickers at Walgreens and made festive fingers...that was pretty ok

So there you have it - some ideas are good. Some Not so good.

I also updated the pictures of Hailey at her school caroling sessions so if you have time go check out the photos here . The last day of singing was also Pajama day - they were going to be reading the night before christmas and eating pancakes so they are all in their pj's it is cute. OH, and Hailey SANG on this the final day of caroling!!!

But here is my favorite for those who don't want to go back and review...


Becky said...

There's that beautiful singing girl we all know and love!

Grams said...

Lauren's cards are cute!

Kim said...

Thanks for the glitter bread warning.. :)

and you little girl is just too cute!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! :)

Bridget said...

I love doing Christmas crafts with my kids. But with two boys and one girl, the craft has to be really good to get my boys excited about it.

Laura said...

I LOVE ugly kid have to keep them forever and love them until they fall apart.
My mom had a hideous dough lion that I was on that tree every year until it practically disintegrated.
I also love the cards. I would love to receive a card made by one of my nieces, nephews, or friends' children.

the mama bird diaries said...

my girls would love those nail stickers!!

Kim H. said...

Love the card idea - I'm sure that would make any grandma, aunt or godmother cry.

Love the festive fingernails. I'm a foofy girl like that. When I used to get acrylic - you know when I had time and a job with a paycheck - I always loved to get french manicures with a little snowman or snowflake or Christmas tree during the holidays. So fun!

Merry Christmas!