December 24, 2008

On the last day before Christmas

We are finally is Christmas Eve. Holy moly! I started the Christmas countdown 11 days ago...I did it for me. Yes I did. I did the countdown to keep me blogging because I knew without motivation and / or purpose I would likely go days without posting during this busy time. I originally wanted to do more of a Partridge in a Pear Tree type of a thing but I just couldn't figure that out. It has been super fun though, and reading all the comments has been a treat!

On this Christmas Eve I want to start by updating a couple things...

First Grandma is doing well, she copes well with being alone as my grandfather passed away 27 years ago - she is in good spirits and has enjoyed the things my mom and I have brought her this past week. It is still shameful the way HC handled the situation so late in the game but Grandma is good and I thank you all for the well wishes.

Second, I got the sketchers - they magically appeared in the mail and they fit. I got the gray/black pair...they were a KIDS SHOE...Yes a kids shoe - this would not be my first time buying kids shoes for my self. The best part about it is kid shoe prices...don't ask me how they can sell me a kids shoe in my size for $35 but if I were to buy the same shoe in womans in would be $70...

We started baking a bit early this year and made Playdough Cookies first...they never made it to the blog and since I am playing catch up here they are! I got the recipe from here...and it was FUNTASTICLY Fun!

And lastly a Hailey update...SHE FORGOT HOW TO SLEEP! Remember Busted? Well ever since then I swear to you she forgot how to sleep. Up and down all night long, up before the birds in the morning...OMG it is awful. I can only hope it will settle down after Christmas the anxiety really has a grip on her toddler brain!

Ok, that said...I am done. yes, you heard me I am DONE. All the presents are wrapped - Christmas can come. Yesterday we baked and today we will frost... and get ready for our trip to Beaver Creek to see Grams, Gramps, Uncle Brad and Aunt Anna for Christmas (we will leave mid-day on Christmas) and I could not be happier! Hopefully now I can just sit back and enjoy quality time with my family (or put in ear plugs and tune out all the whining, fighting, begging etc). But I am done and Christmas can come and that is great! I have NEVER been done 24 hours early!

I leave you today with ALL happy thoughts towards the merriest, happiest Holidays you can possible have!

oh, and this is where we are all going tomorrow! Christmas day...I CAN'T WAIT (and I am serious, I wish I was there when all the snow was falling!!)



Laura said...

Merry Christmas Terra!!!!
Great snow pictures. Great as long as I'm inside. :)

Becky said...

I'm so happy for you that you are done! Regardless of the holiday or occasion, I always need one more day. Have a super Christmas in the mountains with your family!!

Grams said...

Love those shoes! Looking forward to all of you being here in the snow with us!

The Bailey Family said...

I love your slippers -!

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog over Christmas –you have a beautiful family!! I can’t wait to read about The Emerson Christmas!