October 16, 2008

Volcanic E-what?

The volcano that wasn't really. It always makes me laugh when smart people act really stupid (sorry). The cheap $10 kit from USToys was molded on Monday and set to explode on Thursday night. We got all ready, set up the table - and discovered we needed Club Soda! I suppose I just figured it was going to "blow" without much assistance.

Helmets on, Mounted Bikes, Dad took them for a bike ride while I set out to purchase club soda - "Hey, Dad - Walgreens will have it won't they?" Of course, he says - it is just Club Soda...Well, Walgreens does NOT sell Club Soda - so I headed to the grocery store, bought the soda and went home to create a volcanic explosion...


The girls panicked - wouldn't even sit close (smart people acting dumb) they actually thought it was going to spew hot molten lava all over the place. Question for the kids "Do you really think I would be doing this in the kitchen if it was going to spew hot molten lava all over the place?" Apparently they did.

They kept their distance, we filled with soda, added tablets and watched it



BUBBLE. Yes it bubbled for about a minute

Rinse, Lather, Repeat -

and you have the least exciting volvanic eruption that has ever occured.

Lesson Learned: Next time buy the expensive kit or at least do a little research first.


Laura said...

I don't know why but I have always been fascinated by those volcano projects.

ivoryfrog said...

Hi Terra
Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!
My fruit soaked in brandy has now become a HUGE christmas cake. I mean it, this this is massive! It took 6 hours in the oven to cook! We left it overnight to cool in its tin and I will be unwrapping it and taking pics at some point today with any luck.

I found your blog throuh the comments on a post about comments oven at "Musings of a housewife."

This volcano set up looks interesting. The ones I have seen before use bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) mixed with vinegar to make the erruption work. Although it still doesn't "errupt" it basically just foams over the
top like yours did anyways. :-)

Take care

L'il Dog Foo said...

Call me crazy, but add a few sprinkles and it looks wonderfully edible! (wondering how many carbs)