December 20, 2008

On the 5th day before Christmas

Before I get to today's countdown post I have to tell you about a conversation with Lauren. So Hailey hasn't been sleeping well all week (I feel like we have an infant again) and has recently discovered our big farce (if you missed it scroll down a post or two) and I was driving them to school making some sarcastic comment about how Hailey was up and down all night, calling my name - coming in mom and dads room and otherwise disturbing the balance of the universe...when Lauren says

"Well, mom you will laugh about this when you are 89, I guess you'll have to live to be 89 though"

Thanks Lauren for A. the reality check - it is not that bad in the grand scheme right? and B. the mortality check... like I needed that.

Back to Christmas:
Creating my own Christmas cards was one of the smartest stupidest ideas I ever had, and believe me I have had many! Don't get me wrong it was hard, time consuming, messy, painful FUN (when they were done). All inspired by the new blog design launched in September and my love for Owls...I thought it would be nifty!

So, I needed (and I mean NEEDED) to let you know, that before you carefully file away the cards in your favorite keepsake box throw them away with all the boxes, wrapping paper, ties and rotten left over food...please take into consideration the time spent on the cards (and then throw them out!)

First the little owl family was stamped, then I found out the ink smudged on the card stock so I had to "emboss" the stamps...with a heat gun and red glitter in the garage

Here they are drying...Daddy helped me carry them into the house a few at a time so as to not ruin the work done thus far

Then I added the branch stamp and the little jewels (this after agonizing over how to do the branch!) at one point we were actually snipping twigs from bushes and seeing if we could make that work. Once I settled on the stamp it was far too boring for me so I had to add the jewels.

and once they were all laid out like this I still thought they were a little I added the snowflakes

And from their the front of the card was born! The inside wasn't too bad, and didn't get photo documented but the bottom line is...this was the first and last handmade by Terra card you will ever see leave my house!


Becky said...

Lauren and her hysterical one liners! She has a very sophisticated sense of humor for her young age.

The cards are beautiful as well as cute. WOW! That was a lot of work. I treasure mine.

Grams said...

Well, "Martha" will be your new nickname! The cards were really special, Terra. Good job! Gotta love Lauren's wisdom!

Bonnie said...

I love that Lauren... so wise. She reminds me of my Connor sometimes. Wow, you put a lot of love into those cards. I love mine and would never throw it out!

Allison said...

Terra, great work!!! I love the owl stamps...too cute! I am sure everyone will appreciate your hard work, too!

Kim H. said...


I'm SUPER IMPRESSED. You are a crafty little beaver - and some day you'll have to re-post your story of why you love know, for us newbies. :)

Anyway, if I got your card, I would so keep it and cherish it. Simply adorable!

Be proud of all your efforts - and I'm sure everyone who receives them will know all the painstaking love that went in to them.

Merry Christmas!

Krape Family said...

Lauren's comment is very clever. I had similar sittuation a few months ago with Maddox, and Tyson said, "well, mom, taking care of kids is a tough thing to do".

I LOVED my card and am still impressed that you made them. Everyone who comes over and sees it, comments on it. Great work.