December 7, 2008

It's over...

The Nutcracker is over for this year. It sure was fantastic! Lauren was so worn out come Saturday she fell asleep on the way to the theater before her last show...
However that didn't last long and before you knew it she had half her first costume on and was getting autographs from the other little ballerinas! I never did snap a photo in her other costume but when we get the video I will post snippets of it and that will be fun!
A big shout out to the wonderful people who came to watch on Saturday! Mark and Bonnie brought the boys Connor and Alex, all dressed up and ready to see their first ballet (see Bonnie's post) - they brought Lauren a beautiful bunch of Pink Roses and a goody bag to wish her the best!
And Lauren was kind enough to share a rose with Hailey. I guess sisters can be nice to each other every once in a while!!
I was lucky enough to seat near the Campbell's for most of the show and was totally impressed with the boys! Alex and Connor both sat still and watched the whole show - Alex with quite an intensity in his eyes! it was very neat for me to see! Since I had seen the show 6 times already I think I watched the boys more than the show!
Amelia and her mom, Beth, also came to watch on Saturday and blessed Lauren with a beautiful red rose as well! I took the cutest picture of Amelia and the rose before it was given to Lauren.
Again thanks to everyone who supported Lauren and came to see her dance. You have no idea how much that meant to her (and us) but mostly her. Many of you know Lauren to prefer not to be the center of attention or accept things from others but in this case she was in "her element" and she loved every minute of it! It warms my heart to know we have such wonderful, thoughtful friends!
How did I get so lucky? Actually, what I really want to know is if your all burnt out or gearing up for Peter Pan in June? (insert mommy giggle here)


Becky said...

I love the pic of Lauren sleeping in the car! I've done that myself on occasion - fortunately I wake up in time to step on the brakes.

This has been such a great experience for the L-Bird. And you have been such a great and dedicated mommy to support her every step of the way.

Three cheers for the wonderful Emersons!!

Beth said...

The show was great and we are ready for Peter Pan! Go Lauren!!

Bonnie said...

It was really special seeing Lauren for our first ballet. I am looking forward to Peter Pan..except for dressing up the boys again..haha I agree with Becky you are such a great dedicated Mom. The girls are lucky to have you.