December 16, 2008

Hailey wants a camera and...

Hailey has a lot of things on her wish list. She wants a Ballet Barre first and foremost, and a microphone stand, and a camera, and radio for her room and a, and a and a...

Then today she pops off with this one in the car

"mom, do you remember when it was summer and you said I could get a butterfly scooter for Christmas?"

Ok, well, um. Yes. I do kind of remember that but honey I don't think they sell scooters when there is snow on the ground.

Yes, I LIED, LIED, LIED. Scooter wasn't on the list, didn't get bought, if we get her one we have to get both one and I don't want to get one because then they are going to want to ride them and I don't want to stand outside in 10 degree weather watching them. I lied.

The other thing she desperately wants is a camera, a real camera all of her own (shhhh Grandma Mary) but since she doesn't have one...I did let her use mine for a few minutes the other day. She did ok. Some of the pictures even turned out. I leave you with these:

How dirty does our carpet look?
OK, the coaster shot was so good, I used it elsewhere!

And the stockings picture is cute too.

Handy Manny!

Oh, I can see a couple little toes!

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Kim said...

First..thank you for the incredible comment!! It made my day.. and will make it again tomorrow.. Thanks again.

Second.. I would have totally said the same thing about the scooter!! :)

Love the little toes shot!!!