December 3, 2008

I surrender:

Today went a little like this:

Get girls up
Attempt breakfast but the little one refused to eat
Take Hailey and an exhausted Lauren to school
Run around house doing tons of little projects (you know them well)
Pick Hailey up from school
Run to AT&T to replace less than 30 day old phone with malfunction
Run to Printers to pick up shirt order that had to be sorted and delivered tonight
Try to convince Hailey to eat lunch (fail)
Get home; attempt to set up new phone on the fly
Start sorting shirts
Notice Hailey going downhill FAST
In swoops Daddy to the rescue
Watch Hailey sleep on daddy for an hour while I worked
Finish phone (but notice it has an issue too)
Take Hailey’s Temp…102.8
Call Dr. (we have been on the pink stuff since Friday – so this CAN’T be right)
Get appointment
Daddy went to AT&T to return my phone again
Take Lauren’s phone with me to the Dr. with Hailey
Daddy picks up Lauren and gets her an early dinner (rehearsals at 4:45)
Find out new Fever is just a virus on top of the other s%^7

Rush home, get Lauren ready, load shirts in car, set up new phone again, Leave Hailey kicking and screaming, get Lauren to dance, verify pick up time has changed from 9pm to 7:30pm, go home, get Hailey to bed, Send Daddy to pick up Lauren only to get a call from Lauren 5 minutes later saying they are done and it is only 7:00 (glad she has a cell phone) Call daddy and tell him to kind of hustle, realize when he calls about a snack that I haven't eaten 1 tiny morsel since noon yesterday!

Sit down, open Word, Type Blog Post….And this was just the abbreviated version!

Thank goodness for daddy. Now I am going to eat.

UPDATE: Just as I was going to toss the frozen out of the box TGIFriday's Chicken Wings in the oven Daddy showed up with fresh ones from the New Wing Place down the street...was he reading my mind? It was wonderful! needed more sauce but we had Wingman sauce in the fridge so it was perfect. Daddy, did I thank you yet?


Grams said...

Dad gets the "Helper Dad" award today. That's for sure!!

Sunday, 6:00 a.m. is only 82 hours away :) But who is counting!
(Gramps figured the hours for me!!)

Becky said...

Yeah, but other than that, how was your day?

Paige said...

I got to it.
Sorry it was such a hummm, well, such a day I guess. May tomorrow be a better one.
Way to go Todd!

the mama bird diaries said...

Some days are just like that, aren't they? Thank goodness it's over.

Kim said...

Your so lucky your husband reads your mind.. can he teach mine to do that?? LOL

I am sorry..your day really got me tired too.. :)

Jennifer said...

OMG--I'm tired just reading about it--you must be exhausted!! I hope your little one feels better soon. Your girls are SO cute!

And yay for the chicken wings!!

Allison said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading it! Hope today is a little calmer!

Alicia said...

You can leave Hailey with me any day you need a break or need to spend time with Lauren! Ben would love the company and would love to show her the toy room!

Terra said...

Just a note to say, today is going much better than yesterday...with the exception of the snow (which I LOVE) which caused a LONG drive to the theater all is smooth! Hailey is listening to her mix stick, Lauren is resting before Opening Night and THANK YOU all for your kind words, giggles and more!

Grams said...

"Peace on Earth" a calm day......

magnet for the crazy said...

I hate days like that most of ours are like that and they stink!!! glad you had a calm day after it will give me hope for tomorrow! its been a whirlwind here also!

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Terra! Just came over from Catholic Teacher Musings and you poor thing! Call me crazy (and clearly wrong, I guess..) but I always worked under the delusion that if you were on meds for one thing, that surely, surely you were exempt from catching anything else. :(

So sorry to learn that's been proven false and that you had to be the one to find out! :(

Thank God for good husbands. Hope all is moving dramatically toward the better by now!

the mommie of mommie blogs said...

Terra, your husband rocks and so do you. what a day! glad to see that today is a better day. hope your little one is doing better.