December 18, 2008

On the 7th Day before Christmas

Yesterday we got to enjoy a politically correct Holiday program at Lauren's School. The 1st through 5th graders were performing! They did a lot of singing and little acting and it was cute!

I love her Christmas shirt! Grandma scored it at small local store and I wish I had one!!!
Moving on:
Everyone in blogger land, at least everyone I know, has been busy getting ready for the holidays and many have posted beautiful pictures of their homes all decked out! One mom, Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer, who's blog I pop onto every now and then, was a bit more honest and posted a reality I thought I would share a little of my reality with everyone too! The truth is Christmas takes over our house! I try to keep the clutter to a minimum (by making a conscience effort to clean it up every other day only to make new clutter 5 minutes later) but Christmas
definitely takes over.
A pile of junk that must be cleaned up, last year I set my dining room table with my Christmas dishes to avoid this mess -this year I can't keep it clear long enough to do that. Oh well.
These are the gift bags for Lauren's classmates, hanging out on the floor next to the cluttered dining room table. I used to go to stores and buy lots of little junk for the kids (toys, candies etc) by the time I did that and got bags to put them etc I was actually spending a fair amount of money on these holiday goody bags. Then I got smart last year and contacted my friend that sells Usborne books and gave her my budget and bada bing bada boom - I am spending less money and the kids are getting books!!!
This is what you will trip over when you get to the bottom of our basement stairs...
These are gift bags ready to deliver to friends around town...Hey, STOP IT, No peeking! And yes they are sitting on top of the Air Hockey table.
This is our pool table. Anyone wanna play? You can line your quarters up on the side and we will get with you in January (ok, maybe February)

This scary scene is what takes over Grandma Mary's bedroom after Thanksgiving...these won't be opened till I am ready to wrap the girls gifts and though I REALLY look forward to that, I also dread the sorting, figuring part if you know what I mean.

So that is it, a little dose of Christmas Clutter for everyone to revel in.


Kim H. said...


Even your "clutter" is organized. :) I'm so impressed. And I think the idea of the book for your daughter's friends is a great idea. My oldest is 14 and we're trying to figure out something reasonable (cause she's got a laundry list of people she wants to give to) but yet, something meaningful.

And your girls are just beautiful! :)

Merry Christmas!

LenaLoo said...

Yeah, my house looks like a tornado hit, and what do I do? Stay up ALL NIGHT to work on my blog!

Krape Family said...

Did you seriously post this at 3AM??? I was up at 3am last night, but only because Maddox got out of bed.
I LOVE the school Christmas program. The boys have theirs tonight.
I assume "those who don't want to be mentioned" is gearing up for the game this weekend. It is going to be cold!!!

Allison said...

Love the's fun to watch how much or how little each child participates. Max participated more this year...too bad all my pics have the girl in front of him picking her nose the whole time :( Ick!

I have a few cluttered piles like that, too...that is why a lot of my "home tour" pics were close ups to avoid getting them in the shot!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Nice job on your video production!!!

I have the clutter as well. Only I won't take pictures of it due to the fact that it may alert the board of health to the fact that my children are living in Christmasy-squallor.