December 11, 2008

Calm down a little would ya?

So, when Hailey gets her haircut or visits a Dr. she is as cool as a cucumber. Quite the opposite of her big sister. I have decided that Hailey actually has the ability to completely shutdown and go into some creepy state of relaxation during these outings. Lauren on the other takes me and two nurses just to do the eye test at the Dr. Hailey, doesn't move or say a peep when being examined, lets them draw blood without flinching it is odd.

But the best is the hair salon. She loves it there. She goes into a trance like state while getting her hair washed and has since her first trip! Sits quiet and doesn't move for the whole hair cut and LOVES being under the dryer. This is double strange since Hailey is a VERY hyper little girl! Each time we go she gets her hair washed even if it is not time for a trim and all the other patrons stand around in awe watching the transformation.

It is kind of like going from this

To this

I only had my phone, and I, myself, was stuck under a dryer (covering my grays) so these pictures are rotten but enjoy anyway!


Shannon ( said...

She must be a girly-girl. I love the second picture where she is flipping through the magazine while under the dryer. Adorable!

Allison said...

Amazing...I hope Cate remains that way since she was so good the other day for her first haircut!

Becky said...

She is all sugar and spice.

Kim said...

The dryer picture really is just tooo adorable!!!

Laura said...

That last picture is especially precious.

brooke said...

Your girls look like super models and I love them at the salon--especially reading a magazine!Aren't girls so fun?!