December 1, 2008

December First. Oh my. That is all I can say - The countdown begins today! Time to start the advent calendar, organize the gifts you have and figure what else you need, mail the Christmas cards, buy and put up the tree, wrap, wrap, make sure you have your teachers and household helpers taken care of, organize Christmas party for big sis school, plan trip to the mountains, wrap more – WHOAA – pull back the reigns, stop the presses – whatever it is we should do here…It is Nutcracker week! 7 solid days of Ballet began yesterday with a 4 hour rehearsal that ran so late I yanked my recovering sickling without telling anyone! Today just 1.5 hours – tomorrow 5 hours, Wed 4 hours, Thursday 2 shows, Friday 2 Shows Saturday 1 show and a DEEP breath to say wow, we made it! Amazing how ridiculously busy this can make a whole family not just the dancer! Wow.

Lauren we are so proud of you and can't wait to watch the show this week!!

We had a wonderful weekend with Grandma Mary in spite of all the ear infections etc.
Two sick girls and one very understanding Grandma!
We ventured off to the North Pole on Saturday in an antibiotic and Tylenol induced “feel good” drove 1.5 hours to be greeted by more snow and cold at the North Pole…tried to see Santa but the girls were SO NOT INTERESTED in talking to the stranger…we will have to try again at the mall soon. The girls rode a ton of rides – daddy and I had to participate on a couple with Hailey (too short to go alone) – Lauren dipped a candle at the hot wax station – well, the lady dipped a candle for Lauren who was too afraid of the hot wax to participate in this $3 activity! We froze our toes, posed by the North Pole itself and left approximately 60 minutes after we arrived! It was fun though! Just cold!
The girls just inside the park
Hailey on the spaceship ride
Lauren touching THE North Pole
Lauren on the teacup ride
Grandma surprised the girls with a movie to watch the day she had to go home!

We had many mega Wii bowling tournaments this weekend! Mary now holds the household record for 5 strikes in a row (and she did it 3 times!!!) I quit on a 235 had all strikes and spares that game and figured I would go out on a good note. Daddy and Mary both made it to pro status and claim the new ball you get messes up your game when you’re a pro! We had a fun…and could use a little flexal for the bowling shoulder! We are so glad Grandma Mary came to visit! Thanks for a great weekend and all the goodies you brought us!

Daddy got lights on the WHOLE house this year – so you can see them from all angles – we love the colored bulbs in straight lines along all the roof lines – looks awesome but with the unexpected snow we have giant ice sickles threatening to pull the lights down. UGH.
And Hailey, Little Hailey - What can I say...she has really been testing my patience (which I am almost out of and if you ask Lauren she will pry tell you I AM already out of) Hailey has been talking non stop and I am not exaggerating and she going to through a stage where NO means everything except NO, Stop means "keep doing that honey" and pretty much anything mommy says just can't be so she has to argue it to death and back again.
Hailey Doll, I love you but you are on track to spend a whole day on the second step...

Where is my time out timer?


Becky said...

You are an amazing mom! Lauren is bound to be a star! Where did Hailey's curls go?

Bonnie said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading about all you've been up to! Glad you all had a nice Thanksgiving with Grandma. We have never been to the North Pole but would love to go someday. Great pictures of the girls and Grandma... Hang in there with Hailey, my baby tested and is still testing my patience.. but it does get better.

Alicia said...

GET OUT OF MY HEAD! :o) We were talking about going to the North Pole on Saturday, too. We didn't because, apparently, we are way bigger wimps than guys are brave! My kids would have complained the WHOLE time about being cold. The girls look so much older all of a sudden ~ wonder what that's about. See you Friday!

Krape Family said...

You made the trek down to the North Pole. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate. Looks like the girls had fun.

Kim said...

Look at how amazing her hair is!! WOW..

It sounds like a fun time.. you were busy huh?? LOL..

Jenni Jiggety said...

Look at the HAIR on that Hailey! Wow!

the mommie of mommie blogs said...

okay, i love the nutcracker. I want to see pics. so exciting...

Paige said...

Wow, what a week you've had, now I understand why we have talked much the last few days. We are excited about the Nutcracker on Thursday, send Lauren our good wishes, oh and tell her to "break a leg."