December 16, 2008

On the 9th day before Christmas

On this, the 9th day before Christmas, I ask you...Which one of these is not like the other one? Remember that song from Sesame Street? I couldn't help but think about it after I took this picture. So....Here goes...What DO these items all have in common? That is the question?

The answer wont be given until after Christmas for various reasons. and Paige and Becky are not allowed to play along so as to not give the real answer away...but for everyone else - go ahead - venture a guess.

A childs open finger glove
An Pot Holder
and a saw?

Take a gander at it...see what you come up with...rediculous answers accepted too!

Ok - Looks like today is all about guessing!

Next: What does the Emerson Family have in Common with Jiggety Jigg?



These two blogs, these two familys both have - 6 foot tall - Giant - Singing - Dancing Santa's!

And for a limited time only (not really) you can see these two Christmas Wonders in a special Duet created, directed and Debued by Jenny over at Jiggity Jigg! (don't forget to comment when you visit!!)

So as you leave to go visit Jen - I leave you with these two young singing santas...


Grams said...

I will venture an absurd answer...injured fingers.

Allison said...

I was going to say cutting a tree down, even though I don't know what the pot holder would be for!

I like Grams answer, though!

Krape Family said...

Just checked out the video (and left a comment). So FUNNY. I loved it. My guess -- Ice Sculptures???

Terra said...

Hmmm. Obviously I am not giving the answer till the 26th but for now I will at least let you know that no-one was injured and yes all three of these items were used together for one purpose (and that purpose was not just for this picture)

My favorite guess so far is the ice sculptures! My mind never went there...wouldn't that be fun though!

Bonnie said...

I would say building your own Gingerbread house.

The Bailey Family said...

I have no idea...I like Bonnie's idea!