December 29, 2008

Hailey's turn

Yesterday I highlighted Lauren's Christmas - today Hailey gets a turn. In case you missed it, I did a post for Christmas Eve, if you want, you can see most of our pictures in this Christmas movie and now on to Hailey...

She had Christmas in her eyes and on her brain for weeks, months even. She was so anxious she could hardly stand it...It finally came and she was very excited. Santa brought her all that she asked for and a couple extras - Santa did not know she wanted a frog (thank goodness) because Santa did not bring that!Of course the Barre...This was the only thing Hailey ever "told" Santa she wanted, the only thing she put on her real list...and yes, as you know they got it!

Hailey had been asking off and on for a couple months if she could have radio for her room. A little uneasy about how we felt about it, we got one, we also got hera Baby Mozart CD and that will be her night time music...during the day she can rock out with Hannah or the Jonas Brothers or whatever tickles her fancy!
Hailey did not ask for this Tinker Bell Music Box but she is always admiring all the pretty boxes and things on Lauren's shelves so I thought it was time for her to have a little something special of her own too. I think she liked it.
Christmas would not be complete without some clothes and shoes for our little diva - in this case the pink sparkly Converse were a must! She loved them...
the outfit she got she also loved and changed into it before she was done opening gifts - too bad Santa brought it in about a size too big...oh well - still cute!
This is Hailey with her Golden Bear...Still have to wait to hear the story on this one...but it is beautiful and looks so precious on her!

Hailey and Lauren both got these amazing fairy sets from Grams...Lauren's is in a leaf bassinet and Hailey's is more like carriage. The are adorable, well made and have proven to be SUPER fun for both girls!Hailey's even came with a flower and she thinks that is the cats meow!

Here is Hailey with her very own Lego set! You can't tell here but she was thrilled to have her own, and since it is an anniversary year it came with a golden brick...she picked that one out immediately and has used it in all her creations thus far.
Hailey with Her big and little sister Only Hearts Club dolls (if you aren't familiar go check them out both girls love these and they are WAY better than Barbie!

And lastly, just a cute picture of Hailey sitting on daddy's lap!

We are still in Beaver Creek, Daddy went home this afternoon but not before a trip to the skating rink:

We will join Daddy back in Denver on New Years Eve...Until then, he gets a quiet house and we get to enjoy the beautiful mountains!!!


Becky said...

Such wonderful memories these girls are going to have of magical Christmas times.

Bonnie said...

I love seeing all the girlie stuff. I'm so out of touch with it. I never realized how much Hailey looks like you. In a couple of those pics I really see you!

Bonnie said...

ps. also love the skating pictures. We have skated at that same rink a couple of times. girls look so cute in their snow suits!

Allison said...

Great recap on both girls! Looks like a fabulous Christmas was had by all!

PS When I first saw the last pic of Hailey at the skating rink, I thought she was knee deep in melted ice...but just eyes playing tricks on me!

I'm glad to be back and catch up with everyone's holiday stories!

Jenni Jiggety said...

She got some GREAT gifties!!!

Courtney said...

so much fun. I so want to go ice-skating. loved the recaps. great shots!

enjoy the rest of your time with your girls in the mountains.

The Bailey Family said...

Lauren and Hailey had a wonderful Christmas. I loved all the pictures. Those girls are just lovely...seeing them gets me excited for the next few years with Lila!!

Shannon ( said...

What a great idea highlighting both of the girls separately! I'm loving the pink shoes!

Alicia said...

I love the pink Converse! I bought myself a brown pair this week ~ but you better believe I would have gotten myself the pink sparkly kind if I thought I could get away with it...and if I could find them in my size :o)