November 29, 2008

Black Friday = Sick Friday

Oh my goodness. What a treat. We never go shopping on Black Friday, I am not sure there will ever be a sale so good that would get me out into that madness. We got up and prepared to take Hailey in to see the new Dr. Young to get that ear checked. When Lauren got up she laid on the couch like a lazy bum, refused breakfast and in general just seemed way off. I took her temperature but it was normal. So I sent her off to the shower and took Hailey to the Dr. Hailey's ear infection had in fact returned - a quick chat with Dr. Young, a prescription for the pink stuff, a brief mention that I might be back with my oldest daughter and we were off to Walgreens for the drugs.

In the meantime daddy sent me a message letting me know that Lauren had just been dozing in and out of sleep since her shower but that she claims to be fine, just tired. Now, I knew that just wasn't right and was starting to plan a course of action for her as well. Hailey and I got home and we chatted with Lauren who's temperature was still normal but looked like a ghost. We decided to trust Lauren and move on with our day - it was time to get ready to go to Build a Bear with Grandma.

Shoes on, Coats on, Everybody ready? Lauren? "I think I'm gonna throw up". So three head out the door for Build a Bear and two take the shoes off, the coats off and settle in with a bucket. She was sick but it was not stomach flu sick it was major nasal congestion sick...Called the Dr., took her in at 12:30 to find out that she too has a double ear infection, major congestion and all this time her temperature was rising and was now settling in at 102.5 - Oh my goodness. Another quick chat with the Dr., another trip to Walgreens for more Pink Medicine - you know the stuff. and we were home for the day!

Daddy, Grandma and Hailey brought Lauren home the moose she wanted from Build a Bear that was VERY Nice. We spent the afternoon checking on Lauren, putting up Christmas decorations and watching movies (Fred Clause and Wall-E). Lauren was up ALL night doing her classic "Ghost Walking" and Hailey has apparently slept all night.

We did have a WONDERFUL surprise though when at about 7pm, contrary to the DRY forecast, it started snowing, and not just a little either. We probably racked up a good 2 or 3 inches and it was beautiful with the Christmas lights on! The sad thing is the girls are going to want to run and jump and play in it but with 4 infected ears the answer is going to have to be no.

So, to recap -

2 Trips to see Dr. Young (who I have decided is probably not too bad but I still prefer my regular doc)
4 Infected Ears
2 Trips to see the nice people at Walgreens Pharmacy
4 Bottles of Pink, must be refrigerated, Medication
3 People went to Build a Bear
2 movies were watched
3 inches of snow to make me smile
Don't know what today will bring but it is sure to be better than yesterday!


Grams said...

Bah Humbug!

Becky said...

Oh no! What a way to spend the long weekend. I'm sad for all of you. But, you're right: the snow is BEAUTIFUL!

Get well wishes to the little girls and good mom pat on the back for you.

Allison said...

Oh, poor girls, but it sounds like you still got some "planned" fun stuff done! HOpe they feel better real soon.

Alicia said...

Oh, poor girls. I think something is starting at our house, too :o/ We were super happy for the snow because Ethan and Jackson, being from California, have never seen snow! That's so weird! I hope you all feel better soon.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

You design look so beautiful!!

Bonnie said...

I hope the girls and you are doing better! I love your new Christmas design!! Very festive.

Terra said...

Thanks for all the well wishes and comments on the design! It has been a crazy weekend -

The Bailey Family said...

I hope the girls feel better soon. It stinks to feel bad especially on a holiday.

LOVE your new blog design -!!

Jenni Jiggety said...

I am sorry the girls were sick! That stinks! But the snow is nice...I shouldn't say this because I will be cursing it in a few months but...I can't wait for it to snow here!

Krape Family said...

I love the new background!!! Sorry about the girls not feeling well. It is so stressful when the kids are sick.