April 17, 2009

Blackberry Makeover

My Blackberry is seriously way cooler this week than it was last week! You might remember when I posted passionately about VLINGO for Blackberry? The free application that lets you speak your emails, texts and more and really works?

Well, I am about to speak even MORE passionately about what "he who would rather not be named" can do for your Blackberry!

This is my pretty little phone

This is the back of my pretty little phone
And thanks to "he" I no longer have that Fugly background on my screen, and not just that - I mean you can get new wallpapers anywhere but he made me a whole new THEME and it matches my pretty little phone and I can fit more icons on my main screen!

SO my pretty pink paisleys that match my pretty little phone are on most of my screens, but since "he" is SO cool - just look at what is on my LOCK screen -

And if you want a pretty little theme to go with your pretty little phone he can make you one too! Drop me a note and I will put you in touch with "him" or you can go to Zimplifier.com and purchase a pre-made one like V.I.Pink or Simplicity or one similar to mine but without the owl Girl Pearl - available in various colors! For the storm users he has the "Perfect Storm" soon to be available in many colors too!
"He" thinks I am lame because I like the "L" shape but "he" can do so much more, he can make your icons scroll on your screen (so you don't have to hit the menu button)! How cool is that! You really have to check this stuff out! We are not talking about just pretty pictures here- "he" makes full on themes - better functionality for your Blackberry!
NOW I CALL ON YOU - PLEASE help me spread the word about Zimplifier.com and all the great themes for blackberry! If you would, mention it in one of your posts this week and link over to Zimplifier! If you do let me know - I might be able to talk "him" into offering you a discount for spreading the word!


jen@odbt said...

Looks pretty cool but I'm still stuck in the dark ages. Only a cell phone, no texting.

Paige said...

So cool! My friends are so innovative, glad to be your friend.

Jenni Jiggety said...

VERY cool!!!! My husband just bought a Blackberry...

Courtney said...

adorable! My blackberry is for work, so I wonder if they will let me gussy it up! I wish they had something like that for iphones (that's my personal cell) hmmm... there a million apps for the iphone, so I will need to investigate!

Bonnie said...

You KNOW I'm going to have to check this out!

One of the great thing about having you as a friend is that I don't have to think much, you and "he who would rather" come up with such awesome ideas!

I may have to talk to "he" about getting this done!

The Fritz Facts said...

How cool! I love the fun designs.