April 4, 2009

Today I am helping out a bloggy friend while she is on Vacation! Filling her blog with thoughts of guests was a fantastic idea and I am honored to be one of those guests. PLEASE stop by Weebles Wobblog and share the love with her other guest! in the meantime...this is what I had to say:


I used to take for granted...My love for music - until I had to listen to my kids Cd's all day and into the night.

one of my favorite times of the week is the car trip from Laurens school to my house M,W,F when I am ALONE in my car with MY music as loud as it will go.

I used to take for granted...The time after dinner in my home…often spent with friends in the neighborhood, watching CSI with my husband or some other fancy of sorts…

Now I relish the moments after the girls are both in bed, quiet and I head to my own bed to curl up with my kindle and read…Friends what friends? Maybe next year.

I used to take for granted...waking up whenever my internal clock woke me, jumping in the shower and starting my day at my own pace...

Now I wake at the first sign of internal wakefulness be it 4 am or 6 am - rush to get my diet soda, potty without flushing (so as to not wake anyone) and jump on my computer to grab a few minutes of peace and quiet before the girls wake...if I am not in the shower by 6am - no shower for me but I won't get in before 6 because I risk waking said girls...So - I relish my time in Beaver Creek with family - where the days are slower and the nights are longer and more often than not I get quiet time with ME in the mornings and I long for the days when the Indians consistently sleep past 6am each and every day and I dread the days when I have to literally DRAG them out of bed by 9 because sleeping to late is never a good habit.

I used to take for granted
the fact that I could eat anything I wanted anytime I wanted and my clothes would always fit.

Now, after kid number 2, I still eat whatever I want – whenever I want and my clothes still fit – just not the same. Can you say EXCERSIZE anyone? Maybe Next year.

I used to take for granted…My own parents and the hard work and devotion they put into raising my brother and me.

Now I know that when you’re a kid you really have NO IDEA. And I am not sure it even sets in until your kids are school age and your commitment level changes to from being the doting loving at home mom to the mom that has to shower, present her children to the public each and every day, face challenges with schools, sports, friends and so much more right alongside your own children. It is the sleepless nights, the wondering if you are “doing it right” those are all things you just can’t get until you do it yourself. And the worst part about that is watching your own children “not get it” and knowing it will be 20 years before they do.

I have a feeling I could take this list and run it into the ground…the bottom line is I love being a wife, a mother and whatever else I may be, I would not trade it for the world – I try hard to appreciate all that I have now and have to look forward to all that lies ahead (I think).

Now if only I could muster up the energy to invite friends over more often, get my girls to love the Music that I love, sleep until I want them to wake up, exercise in my sleep and find the magic key that would make all kids truly appreciate everything that is done for them.

Maybe next year.


Anonymous said...

Great post. There is so much we take for granted until it is gone but in the same vain so much to appreciate in the present tense that we forget to see sometimes!

I know my family took for granted the laundry being done on time and socks folded. Now, they say, "Mom, you are BLOGGING AGAIN." I make them fold their own socks now!

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

You are so right. Every single point you made about then and now is applicable to me, too. I especially love the part when the kids are in bed and you get to curl up in bed with your Kindle.

I would LOVE a Kindle. Instead, I have a stack of books about 18" high on my bed side table.

Bonnie said...

I love this format. All so true. About the music. I missed that for a long time too but now they both bring their ipods and I listen to the radio or book on tape.. the only down part is we are all ignoring each other. Oh well I think we get enough together time outside the car.

Kim H. said...

Terra, this is a beautiful post. I loved it! But I know you, like me, wouldn't change your life as you know it. Even though things become different, kids put things in perspective and of course, deepen the respect we had for our parents when they raised us.

Hugs honey!

Bonnie said...

ps. Congrats on being a special guest. I bet you will get some new followers. This is a great post.

jen@odbt said...

Love this post. I'm sure I take a lot of things for granted and it's hard when you're going and going in your everyday to sometimes take perspective and appreciate life for what it is. Thanks for the reminder.

The Fritz Facts said...

Such a wonderful post. We take a lot for granted before kids, and they shine such light on things.

Grams said...

Well, Terra, as you know, my life is pretty much back to having 'me' time now - time for friends, time for my own 'stuff', etc. You know what I enjoy the most? Having the time to be a part of your busyness with the girls. Thanks for sharing them with Gramps and me! And, once again, as the song goes: "You're Gonna Miss This". I do.

Being a mom was the hardest job I ever had, the most rewarding and the one that made me grow as an individual person the very most! Now, stealing a word from Junie B. Jones - Being a Grams is the absolute 'BESTEST'! Watching you be a super mom with a capital "S" brings great joy to me. Hugs.

Candi said...

Wonderful post! I take a lot for granted myself. I am like you in that I totally look forward to my quiet time at night. I would go insane without it.

Sheri said...

Terra -- I can completely relate to your post. I have three boys who are 17 months and 14 minutes apart (the last two are twins).

For many years, I would joke about the entire house taking a deep breath once the boys were all in bed asleep...as I lay sprawled on the couch trying to muster enough strength to go to bed...after starting a load of laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, getting out diapers, outfits, and snacks for the next day...etc.

Now I can kiss my teenager and pre-teens goodnight and go to bed to enjoy quiet time and read a book or spend time with my husband.

Your post was great! Thank you.

I also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and making a comment. I love the tone of your blog and will check back often.

Anonymous said...

ooo very true! I didnt not understand what would be so hard when I was a kid! OOO the ability to wake up when you want and shower when you want.. I miss this!

whoopsadasie said...

Great post! I would have a laundry list myself! But just like Grams said..."you're gonna miss this"! I know it sure was an adjustment for me...but I love this stage in my life. I worked hard to get here!!

The Bailey Family said...

I've been listening to Baby Einstein CD's in my car for the 4-months...I'm not sick of them yet, and in fact I like them...for now, but she is only 7-monts old! I'm sure you said the same thing when you're girls were younger! You’re a great mom -!!