April 8, 2009

Watcha Gonna Do?

Laura this ones for you:

when the house is dark
and yet the bill has been paid
curse the power plant

Whatcha gonna do when the power goes out, just past bed time, sending two kids into a furry?

And "he" is joking that he didn't pay the bill

And one kid believes him?

And niether wants to go to bed, but good ole Xcel is estimating a return of service 2 hours from now?

Your gonna

light a candle
find the flashlights
curse yourself for NOT getting those 9 volts you posted about,
give the kids the flashlights
open their blinds (be thankful for the full moon)
send them off to bed
sit on the couch and listen to them come in and out of their rooms 5000 times.

Your gonna laugh when your 3 year tries to go potty in the dark - even clicking the light switch first

And your gonna think to yourself "I wonder how many lights I am going to have to turn OFF when the power comes on?)

Then, when the power finally returns your gonna get to reset all those clocks, turn off all those lights, check on your kids and hit the computer to blog about it!


jen@odbt said...

Oh I feel for you. Why does losing power freak kids out? That happened to us a couple of weeks ago right at bedtime. They would not leave my side.

The Fritz Facts said...

I hate losing power! It always freaks me out. We haven't for some time, but during a huge storm is the worst!

Candi said...

Ugh! We go through this at least 3 times a year in the spring whenever there are bad storms. The kids all sleep with their lights on super low (dimmer switches) and then bathroom light is left on too of course. It causes total chaos here as well. Not fun.
Glad you survived and it was only for a short period of time!

Lindsay said...

oo losing power that is now fun!! Glad it came back on before to long.. So.. how many lights were on?

jenjen said...

Oh - that is bad! I hate having to reset everything! I hope your hubby was home. Ours has gone out while mine has been on a trip and it is a little freaky!


whoopsadasie said...

Awww yes, we are soo spoiled to have electricity! I hate it when my goes out for like 30 seconds!